Two significant developments in management race


Two significant movements tonight in the Rangers management hunt have seen a change in the landscape regarding the potential appointment.

While Feyenoord’s Giovanni Van Bronkhorst formally ruled himself out of the running officially for the first time, St Johnstone’s Tommy Wright went from outsider at 25/1 to a stunning third favourite at 6/1.

The former had been fading from the picture anyway, but confirmed tonight that he is 100% focused on Feyenoord and while Rangers are a club close to his heart, it is only a job he would consider in the future.

He said:

“I have seen the media coverage (on Rangers) but I am fully focused at Feyenoord and I will be focusing on Feyenoord for the next years. I obviously had a great time in Scotland with Rangers, I think one of the best times I had abroad. But at the moment, for me, all that counts is Feyenoord. You can never tell, maybe in the future, because it is still a club in my heart.”

Meanwhile outsider Wright, a prominent name in the management race last time around, has been much lower-key this time, but tonight’s shift into third favourite from absolutely nowhere is as unexpected as it is welcome.

Wright is a long-term favourite of the site, and the compensation costs to St Johnstone would certainly not be the colossal £800,000 Aberdeen were reportedly demanding for their boss Derek McInnes.

Meanwhile the ex-Linfield man has regained some form at Saints, with an excellent win at Hibs halting a horrific run which saw no wins since the 23rd of September.

We will see what materialises from these latest developments.


  1. So Rangers rose from the ashes to beat celic because they hired the St Johnstone manager…its not going to happen and if it did I fear our board will have give up and we will be seeing 10, 12, 14 in a row.
    Lets get real…

  2. I personally think Wright would be a good appointment compared to the dross that’s being mentioned. Yes his side recently were in a bit of a slump but over the years at St.Johnstone he has done a terrific job with no money, he’s a good tactician( something we have been lacking badly in our last 3 managers) and man management skills are good, by all accounts and conducts himself very professionally. He must have something about him if N.Ireland are showing interest in him

  3. Wright,sounds good to me he knows the Scottish game inside out with more money and better players he will grow into a even better manager,he could be the man our Mr king and the rest of the board need some one who is not going cost that much to get hold of,managers nowadays cost 1 million then his own men come with him say another 1 million so 2 million a year is average,you must pay 4 million a year for a top men.

  4. Wright does have a track record in Scottish Football having beaten Aberdeen and of course Rangers and given the rotten mob a few good games, H would do a decent job I think and maybe might be a potential Wattie . Certainly a much better choice than Warburton and Caixinha who were absolutely awful and have set us back another year or two at least in the road back to the top where we belong . Yes I would give him a chance 2 year deal . What are the alternatives ??

  5. One of the few managers I would like to see get the Job is Tommy Wright

    …The Others are (in no order) …GVB, Billic, O'Neill and a few others

    He's Done Excellently at St Johnstone

    and has been previously mentioned …
    Can do great work with no budget, knows scottish football inside and out
    has taken points off Aberdeen and Celtic
    would be cheap to take from St Johnstone
    Is a Rangers Man
    Would Get MOH playing Like we all know he can.

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