Murty feeling the strain

Murty feeling the strain

For the first time over the past five or six days, it has started to become evident that Graeme Murty is feeling the pressure of being Rangers boss, and is not the right man to take the club forward to a gnome wood slot or indeed any other situation.

The 43-year old caretaker got a lot of praise and support, especially from Ibrox Noise, and he conducted himself exceptionally, managing to speak well and even get the team playing a bit. Two fine wins against Hearts and Partick respectively got a lot of backing and some fans even bought into him as a sincere candidate for the permanent job.

Unfortunately what has emerged over the past week following the Hamilton debacle has shown that he would struggle long term to take the strain that the job entails, and is absolutely not the right guy to lead the club.

This is not a smear campaign, incidentally, we have respect for Murty and the way he has helped give the team a bit of a rudder during the period where our board fumble in the dark looking for a manager. When we compare Murty’s two periods as caretaker, while not perfect, they far exceed the disgraceful era of Kenny MacDowall which was literally the worst management period in Rangers’ history.

However, we have to be honest, and Murty has now shown signs of stress and the wear and tear of being Rangers manager.

Post-Hamilton he made a dreadful error in singling out Ross McCrorie for criticism. Not only is he the manager who should back his players up, but he is also the youth coach who is the very guy who brought McCrorie through. This was the first clear sign he was the wrong man, for those who might have felt otherwise.

The second was yesterday’s press conference. First off he possibly let slip that he does want to be manager. After being so cagey up till now the mask fell off and without absolutely saying the words, he implied 99% that he does want the role. In short, it is hard to know if his being guarded before was his real stance of neutrality, or if he really wants the gig. It was all garbled and mixed messages.

And then he followed this up with further mixed messages about off-form striker Alfredo Morelos. After stating that it was essential to support Morelos when off form even more than we have when he is on form, he admitted he might drop him tonight.

A post on the site made a very valid comment – was the dropping of Alves Murty’s intent to make his own ‘mark’ on the side? And if he drops Morelos, would that be another?

It is true that we have advocated the same thing, but the way Murty has bigged him up with support implying he needs helped to then say he might drop him is confusing at best.

We reiterate – this is not an attack on Murty. We have time for the man, and we thank him for taking the reins when we needed our ship desperately steadied.

But if anyone felt he could take the job permanently, surely their thoughts have altered.

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  1. He let Miller go back to his play all over the park style and then has a go at his misfiring strikers when he really only had one playing throughout as a striker who in fairness should have had at least three goals how many attempts did Miller have and as for Windass enough said again we go into tonight's game wondering what to expect

  2. It sounds like an attack . The guys doing his best in what must be a very difficult position . Saturday's was a shocking result , but he didn't sign the players . The lads not ready for the manager's job on a full time basis yet , but maybe one day . Cut him some slack in the meantime .

    • Totally agree with BF comments love how he pushes the standards and won't accept second best, A LEADER!! Feel the board need to wake up and make pragmatic decisions, I believe we are Celtic in the 90's world series when we're going to hire Dr Jo!!

  3. Good article, the longer the board leave him in this position (out of his depth) the more fans will begin to turn on him, which is a shame. he could support Morelos on the park by playing someone other than Miller along side him.
    I think most of us knew he wouldn't be able to handle the pressure and this is now evident and as someone else said recently the Hamilton defeat was probably a blessing in disguise cos he may have actually been in line with a shout for the managers post. now with the defeat we can see him begin to creak under the strain.
    hopefully the board get the finger out and a manager in so Murty can go back to his day job.

  4. I agree with most of the comments and also Barry's inference that Rangers are lacking class in their dealings however there are no alternatives waiting in the wings with either cash or love of the Rangers lets be honest here please . I for one will be backing the board at the AGM with thanks for loans they have provided to keep Rangers in business, I will though however ensure they are held to account for the dreadful appointments of Caixinha and Warburton. I wish there was an alternative with real money and a vision .

  5. Not sure what the problem is with the comments around Morelos – just because a player is left out doesn't mean he is not supported by the coach. Quite the opposite – he's on a dreadful run and you can almost feel him tightening up when he gets into scoring areas. Murty might be thinking that he needs to remove him to give him a break. His link play is ok and he usually puts a shift in, but we need more than that from the main striker – wonder if it's worth another look at Herrera alongside him. TBH though, the squad looks a lot weaker than last season – thanks for that Pedro.

  6. Yes Murty must be feeling the strain,put in at the deep end and he can only do what he can,he is listening to the shouting about him,but its the board here not Murty.

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