Management race; Rangers on verge of having new favourite

Management race; Rangers on verge of having new favourite

As with recent momentum, having at one point being 1/7 for Rangers manager, as we suggested in recent days, Derek McInnes has now slipped wildly back to 6/4 to enter into odds against while ex-Rangers manager Alex McLeish has now entered serious territory with only a fraction longer than the Aberdeen chief, at 7/4.

As we brought you recently, the increased support for McLeish has materialised significantly over the past few days, and while many fans would be happy with this appointment, some would not.

This managerial race has been blown wide open and we are starting to get more than a touch concerned at the lack of apparent strategy shown by the board.

In short, their silence on this topic apart from one incredibly vague statement has been conspicuous, and we have noticed more than a few rumblings of discontent among the fanbase over their recent actions and indeed general running of the club.

Meanwhile McInnes’ case to become Rangers manager took yet another dent yesterday with a poor result at Pittodrie against his increasing nemesis Motherwell and the ex-St Johnstone boss reportedly sideswerved the post-match media duties entirely.

The top four candidates (at the time of writing) remain:

McInnes (6/4), McLeish (7/4), Murty (11/2), Frank de Boer (8/1)

It is anyone’s guess.

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  1. wasnt a McLeish fan last time around,need to move forward not backwards,is it going to be the cheap option again,rather than the best option,if board dont have (or arent prepared)to spend the money,then sell up to someone who will,6 mill for a whole team,whilst lower league English teams spend 3 times that for 1 player !!!

  2. McLeish Really?? O My God!!.
    Inherited Dicks team and destroyed it because of his terrible signings.

    7 defeats in a row to the unwashed.

    10 games in a row without a win (Another club record we don't want!)

    My God Rangers fans have very short memories, can U not remember thousands outside Ibrox demanding Murray sack him!???

    Personally I don't think the first 3 in the betting are any better than 2nd place managers.
    No for Me!!

    • Inherited Dick's team and destroyed it? I think you have a short memory also. Dick's team was on its arse, couldn't touch O'Neil's CE**IC, McLeish came in and breathed life into them. Kontermans thunderbolt? Turned Ricksen into brilliant performer and captain! Won several trophies! Terrible signings? Prso? Boumsong? 2 freebies!! Granted we went through a horrendous run of results under McLeish but give the guy credit where it's due instead of slating him. Im not overly convinced by any manager being linked right now but if you are commenting on our previous managers then give a more accurate fair account instead of accusing other rangers fans of having short memories! WATP PS I'd love another helicopter Sunday! (Who was manager that day?) ��������

    • Stevie.
      Never liked him last time and I know I won't like him if appointed.
      I think his tactics are poor.
      7 defeats in a row by the manky mob still hurts.
      But I would give my left hand for a chopper Sunday within the next 3 years.

    • Totally agree McLeish was an awful manager and has failed everywhere after a few months Should not even been on the list as he has already failed when there was more money about!!

    • i remember McLeish,last time around,just wasnt a fan at all,and to see his name in the frame this time around is a joke,please move forward not backwards !!!

    • Brian.

      Rangers' worsening financial state saw many of his top players leave in the summer of 2003. Celtic won the league comfortably in season 2003–04, and Rangers failed to win any trophies.[22] McLeish was consequently put under pressure from fans after his poor signings and a record run of seven consecutive Old Firm derby losses to Celtic.[23]

      05/06 Sep/Nov 10 games not one victory.

    • McLeish is the only person who will stop the rot immediately. We will win on Friday and we will at least win won and probably draw the Aberdeen matches. Finish 2nd, maybe win the Scottish Cup…and absolutely beat selic at least one this season…therefore ending their unbeaten run. All with the current squad more or less because he know the club, knows the fans, know what is required, know implicitly what to do for Rangers good in any given situation. Further no other bugger wants it by the looks of it….we need to stop the rot and he can do that.

      End of story..

  3. Whoever comes in has got a huge job to do on yesterdays evidence we are needing at least seven players to bring in to get second place let alone win the league there was no framework to the team and after getting two wins playing a four four two formation it was back to normal with Miller seemingly playing wherever he wanted to also was obvious after halftime that Hodson and windarse were doing nothing on our left flank and should have been subbed there were others too who are just not up the standard we require no progress again

  4. Don't believe Mcleish will move Rangers forward, if that's the appointment we've waited for a month for I'll cry!! Simple as that! Still think Del should get it and it's a gamble for us and him in him coming to Rangers. Something evident over the last couple of weeks is that Rangers fans can't agree on the colour of shite! Good luck THE BOARD!!

  5. We not only need a manager with vision we also need a board that can turn loss into profit to be reinvested on players we have to live within our means is are doomed again.

  6. This speculation does not help. It is the most important decision for many years and we are spending time discussing bookmaker's odds. Perhaps concentrating on the future of the club would be more beneficial. I am thinking of realistic ambitions and goals, youth development and recruitment.We can't change the short-term however we can influence the long-term.

  7. well its been a mad time these months,have to laugh at so called fans giving everyone 54 and followed the bears all my life,been good times and bad,been to european finals and many league wins and through all the shite i still follow on.I think fans today are to quick to abuse people,the game sat we cld have won 4 nil but didnt happen,murty is development manager{which i think is his best job}i also take my boy to the developmen games which are good and murty serves them well.sat was shite finishing and no left side of park{windass and hodson}should be booted out even though hodson is a right back so out of possition.if hardy was on with morallus then would be different.

  8. TBH I think how the fans can't agree on shite is because
    (A) we don't have the cash like old days to go out n get the big name like.
    (B) looking across the city at they're situation.
    (C) this is the biggest one , the board have majorly f***ed up the last two appointments n they ve threw away millions giving these useless managers free for all with money spent on al b nice here n say not GERS class players n this has cost and costing us big time.
    I believe there is unrest in that board room they can't agree on a manager and can't agree who it's up to to fund the next manager with a soft loan that y it's taking so long n that's y john gilligan threw the towel in that's my opinion. That's y caixinha was appointed cos the ones that put the money up got to choose ther man, king never had a say n wat is happening the now is same can't come to an agreement.

    • Agree with above statement board appears to be split believe the parks have major influences in recent appointments and are heavily backing with soft loans in more share power when it comes around, seems like boardroom politics can't be arsed with this again just want to see my team performing the Rangers way and with a bit of class again.

  9. If Mcleish gets the nod i am sure he will be sacked in six to eight months and even more money lost then it must be time up for king and the board,look let us take our time here lets just see where we end up with the man in charge just now and lets see what players will be moved out at end of season for the new manager to come in start of next season so he can put his stamp on the new team of his making with a few that will be left after the clear out,McLeish is no no i going see if there is any betting how long he will last fan ownership we could pay big wages to top players and bring our young lads on.

  10. Lots of good comments and opinions here. Perhaps the way forward is to take the long term view. Suffer the short-term pain for long-term gain. We can't magic a sudden success so we need to look and plan ahead. I suggest we should have done this 5 years ago rather than expecting instant success. We won't beat Celtic or any other team just by saying we are a bigger club or have a greater history….WE NEED TO BE REALISTIC AND DETERMINED. Let's work on a plan to do that.

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