Is it a three-horse race for Rangers’ manager?


Only 24 hours ago it looked a sure thing that Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes would be the new Rangers manager. Many sources appeared convinced by it, but events of the past 12 have seen former Manchester United manager David Moyes emerge as a surprise and serious contender alongside ex-Crystal Palace chief Alan Pardew.

Indeed, the latter two have seen their odds absolutely tumble and while McInnes remains the odds-on favourite, the emergence of Moyes in particular is a very curious development and the continuation of apparent interest in Pardew makes this management race more interesting by the minute.

While McInnes remains the overwhelming fans’ favourite, there is a sizeable chunk of the support simply not impressed with the possibility of his becoming manager, citing the fact he simply has not won anything and equally has not laid a glove on Celtic.

We could argue his lack of resources certainly do not help with the latter, and with the former, well, does the championship title a decade ago and Aberdeen’s league cup triumph not count?

Nevertheless we must admit the managerial race has been very predictable so far, with the McInnes, Smiths, McLeishes and other foreseeable names entering the hat, so for Moyes and Pardew to emerge as genuine targets at least livens the thing up a bit.

Moyes, outwith his patchy Everton days (with every other season being dreadful), has struggled with every club he has been at. The wildly wrong choice for Man Utd, the wildly wrong choice for Real Sociedad, and probably the wrong guy for Sunderland albeit that club is, with all due respect, an absolute shambles.

But then we have seen the new lease of life Rodgers has given Celtic domestically, and many could argue his Liverpool days ended up a disaster as well. So who knows.

As for Pardew, it is an odd one. He has had a decent management career, doing quite well at clubs like Southampton, West Ham, Crystal Palace, and Reading, but maybe not so much at Newcastle which is certainly comparable in size to Rangers.

We could probably do worse than he but then he is one who knows little of the SPL and Rangers so whether he is the right man we are less sure.

What we can say is at least we appear to be looking at a lot of options, and keeping our possibilities open.


  1. Moyes the man who has been sacked twice and walked away once because he was an abject failure NO WAY !! It has to be D.M.c.

  2. Pardew is a pal of Mike Ashley so avoid him like the plague and he knows feck all about SPL or Scottish Football. McInnes never had resources to take on Celtic, but he DID get an ordinary group and bring out the best in them and have them run through walls for him. It simply HAS to be McInnes. Anyone else is taking a massive risk.

    • I dont think Pardew/Ashley relationship ended well after Pardew leaving Newcastle. You could argue that Rodgers knew feck all about SPL. In the space of a month he had signed Sinclair for 3mil and Dembele for nothing, I hope Pardew might have some ideas. McInnes will go for Mclean and Moult which i am not overly against but it isn't exactly reaching for the stars is it

  3. Don't even think about Moyes! 35% win record at last 3 clubs and a lot of hot air!! A win record similar or worse to Pedro's before he was appointed. And Pardew, whit??!! Rodgers looks a different level to these guys so how can you possibly pose the question?!
    Although not entirely convinced that McInnes is big enough for the job he seems to be the sensible appointment at this stage.

  4. Moyes no no no
    If the board mess up for the 3rd time by not offering mcinness i dont think the fans would forgive..

  5. We could end up a lot worse if we go for the big names in this instance myself I would give the job to Murty, the one person we know will give his all.

  6. I really think we need more time and options before choosing our next manager. In the case of Derek McInnis, I suspect that if he came to us, then Aberdeen would replace him with Tommy Wright who might actually strengthen them! . And we would have given them £1.5 million to rub salt into the wound. It's second guessing of course but there's something niggling me about the choice of Mcinnes but i'd give him my full support should he get the job. Pardew and Moyes non starters in my humble opinion. Mon the Gers

  7. IMO the RANGERS job will be to big for McInnes.

    Moyes was doing a great job before moving to Man Utd but that appointment seems to have destroyed the poor man.

    If Pardew gets the job he would defo steady the ship and that's what we need right now.
    What I will say is FUK that 3 year deal malarkey give him a 12 month contract with a 3 year extension if both parties are happy. No matter who it is!

    If Pardew is the appointment methinks we might also inherit a new Chairman to boot!

  8. Moyes a massive no. McInnes would do but my opinion is that not only will Pardew straight away demand respect and application he will be able to attract a better quality of player. He will have contacts in England and i think he is the man to challenge Celtic. He obviously had a bad time at Palace but look at them now without him. Same must be said about Newcastle , He manages to get the best out of what he has. James MacArthur has been linked with us and Pardew could make that happen.

    • I would take Pardew. There is the argument that he doesn't know Scottish football but conversely what does McInnes know about English footballers when it comes to the transfer market.

    • If it were to mean us signing MacArthur then Pardew would be my choice out of those three, providing he has a Rangers man with a knowledge of Scottish football as his assistant. Alex Rae would be perfect for that role in my opinion. When Souness became our manager he had played his entire career outside Scotland and Walter Smith provided the local knowledge, with Souness having extensive contacts outwith Scotland. It worked then and it could work again. I'm concerned that if we get McInnes, Aberdeen will use the compensation they get from us to become stronger.

  9. Pardew now what has he won? Moyes what has he won? McInnes what has he won? now give the young manager the tools to win things he was a Rangers player he can tell us what it is going take to turn over Selltic he could shows us the way forward some thing that may still take years but he will stick to his game plan give him the job.

  10. The ONLY…manager,that i think would make us a lot harder to beat….would be Alex McLeish… for McInnes,how can you rate him…when in 5 YEARS he hasnt beaten the Scum…he did beat much lesser teams but idont rank him..his record speaks for itself. NOT good enough to get us where we should be…League Champions..

    • Other than your comment about Alex I agree with you but remember the squad he took over from Advocat was top class. They only stopped playing because most had grown tired of Advocat. I loved McLeish but his time is now gone when it comes to managing Rangers.

    • Mcleish was sacked after finishing 3rd in his last season, and that was with a far better team. He'd be a disaster

    • Aberdeen beat Celtic 2-1 on the 3rd of February 2016, with McInnes in charge. Do your homework before commenting.

  11. Would never accept a taig of a manager with Moyes, fans would disappear rapidly if he came, would like to see the appointment of Pardew now that Souness will never return to management, Look what big Brenda won before joining the ambulance chasers, zero, so l don't think Pardew would be too bad and wouldn't cost the £1.5 M either to get him

  12. You so called supporters of r.f.c. seem to have missed the obvious choice for new manager of our club…stuart mcall should be given a chance to expand on the short time he had before the board appointed warburton…ok i know the last 2 results were not good but stuart had given us back some dignity…i remember sitting in the stand during the hearts game with my son and it really felt so good again to be winning against a team we were not supposed to…he has spl experience.european very skilled in football tactics and man management…what more could we want?..oh! And i forgot he loves rangers just like us…

  13. Moyes:
    Everton – won nothing
    Man Utd – sacked
    Real Sociedad – sacked
    Sunderland – got them relegated

    In a nutshell don't rate him whatsoever.

    Imo, it has to be McInnes or McCall. Brenda has came in and got the best out of Delia's duds and McInnes/McCall can do likewise with ours although my preference is McInnes.

  14. Pardew won't take this job, it's ironically too small and too big! Too small in terms of finance and prestige and too big in terms of catching Celtic. Likewuse Walter be too scared to take it on and ruin his image, MacLeish couldn't manage a skint rangers so murty is the man

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