“How the Mighty Rangers made our lives”


Honestly, there has been a lack of feelgood factor around Ibrox of late. Sure, Graeme Murty got a wee bit of momentum against a shocking Hearts and a bottom of the table Partick, but the honeymoon wheels came off badly against Hamilton and Rangers fans have gone back to soul searching and praying we get the right manager and get him soon.

However, when yesterday’s Scottish Cup Fourth Round tie gave Rangers a trip to Highland League side Fraserburgh, it genuinely came as something of a feelgood story.

I am genuinely happy for this wee side to get the mighty Rangers on their own patch, and it shows that while Scotland is mostly toxic with regards us Ibrox men, at least there remains some genuine affection and respect for what the name means.

Their manager Mark Cowie admitted that Rangers were the tie they were praying for and they essentially lost the plot with glee when they pulled us out the hat.

He said:

“When our name came out the hat we were all collectively screaming at the TV for ball number 29. When it was pulled out and we knew we had Rangers, the roof came off. We knew that winning on Saturday gave us the opportunity to go in with the big guns; you just pray you’ll get a big tie. We’re all about history at this club. We’ve had some big games in the past but this goes right up there – something for everybody in the town and club to look forward to.”

It puts Scottish football romance and Rangers back on the map – and it genuinely has created a bit of buzz that part time players will get their moment in the global spotlight while facing the world famous Rangers.

Sure, our team is not as good as it should be, but the name is still the name – and we are truly made up for our opponents that they get a chance to take us on proudly in front of their own fans.

Aberdeen were yet to be drawn either, but it was the Rangers Fraserburgh wanted.

It is literally the match of these guys’ lives, and is that not what football should truly all be about?


  1. We created a massive buzz and pool of good feeling amongst lower league clubs on our journey.
    I would hope that our leaders are maintaining that relationship, as you never know when you might want a friend or a vote.
    Suspect they haven't bothered, though

  2. I feel some what that your kidding yourselves! The reason they jumped with glee is because they know how crap we are and they are in with a chance of winning! Just like our european opponents?!
    No club fears or respects Rangers anymore.
    All the teams are breaking ducks and records against us, eg, Hamilton hadn't won a league game at Ibrox sine 1926? Nor Aberdeen since 1992, European Progres had never won a european tie until they beat us, etc!!
    I didn't hear Fraserburgh shouting for a big game with shellic because they know fine the beggars would destroy them. They do however smell a big scalp in our team and they will get paid handsomely to do it. Just being realistic!
    I hope we assign a quality manager soon because Murty is just another Warburton in the making. I don't blame him as he is only the caretaker until the board makes a decision, but its Warburtons tactics he is using. We will suffer more if we don't get someone else assigned. Jurgen Klinsmans free, has always been my choice.

    • Hi Jim,

      Congratulations on winning Ibrox Noise's maiden 'Grumpiest Bear of the Day award'. Usually we reserve this accolade for ourselves but you've surpassed us today.


    • LMAO, that did cheer me up. I duly accept such an award, it will be the only award we will win all season, so I therefore thank Ibrox Noise for such an accolade. I'm also most pleased you didn't disagree with my comments 🙂

  3. Jimbo is right! Remember Berwick? Remember Progres? Get real boys, we are a troubled team. From what is going on from above it will affect the players no doubt. They are wondering about stability and we don’t have it. Confidence needed from top to bottom through the whole system!

    • I think we should have all our top team playing so they can play and enjoy a game together it is a game that could help the team.

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