Graeme Murty drops major hint about Rangers job


Rangers’ interim manager Graeme Murty has for the first time alluded to his desire to take the Rangers job permanently.

While previously admitting he would take it if offered, but adding it was not his original intention, he today dropped the biggest hint yet that he is ready to take the role full time.

He said:

“It would be good for all at the football club, that we have someone in place, whether that be me whether that be someone else.”

Murty has been deliberately rather guarded until now, but today he definitely let it slip, despite his vague utterances otherwise, that he does want the role and would clearly take it with enthusiasm if offered.

After the Hamilton result the interim coach is not the favourite of a lot of fans any more, with his popularity as choice diminishing dramatically, but he may still end up with the job.

We will see.


  1. I watched his press conference today and I thought he looked very edgy with his eyes quite stary looking like the pressure was now telling om him.

  2. Shareholders need to wise up and vote against the board. Why sack a manager if you have no clue who to replace him with?

    Pedro was never the right choice, but why not quietly make a shortlist and sound people out before sacking him? It's common sense. Our board don't have any.

  3. Murty is not the man to take Rangers forward and thank goodness neither is Derek Mc Innes . Lets hope the board do the right thing this time

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