Former Newcastle player’s odds tumble for Rangers manager

Former Newcastle player’s odds tumble for Rangers manager

The odds on Northern Ireland manager Michael O’Neill becoming new Rangers’ manager have been slashed to 18/1 over the past 24 hours following his men’s defeat at the hands of Switzerland.

The outcry over the Swiss penalty which may well have cost the Ulster Boys a place at Russia has continued on over the days which followed, and should the return leg see the home side prevail, NI’s manager may well consider his position.

O’Neill has been guarded over the vacancy at Ibrox, and has not ruled the job out – he has testified that he is NI manager and his job is to get them to the world cup – but at no point has he stated he is not interested in taking over in Govan.

Indeed, the ex-Dundee United, Newcastle and Wigan player has been one of the more revered names in the race to become Rangers’ new manager, with few seemingly opposing such an appointment.

And his impressive spell in charge of Northern Ireland has only increased his stock, particularly north of the border where Scottish football is especially familiar with the ex-St Johnstone man.

At 18/1 it is a decent punt, and should Norn Ireland (likely) fail to get to Russia, the prospect of him as manager may indeed increase further.

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  1. IMO O'Neil wouldn't be my pick unfortunately with the Board stalling on the appointment, this could be seen that they're waiting for NI to get knocked out and then appoint him, his background isn't too impressive and the Rangers hotseat would certainly see him in a position he's never been before. For me he's not a safe bet and not the right man for this moment in the clubs history.

  2. I’m puzzled by this stance towards MO and becoming the next Rangers Manager. Granted he’s done an amazing job with NI but that’s a different set up & style. I mean what’s his record at Club Management? Or is he popular just because he’s an Ulsterman?
    E – Chef stated this wk that those who wanted Murty in charge are stupid. I’d love to know his thoughts on this one as I’m still scratching my head at it..

    • I ment jumping on a bandwagon was stupid rather than every fan that wants murty is stupid.

      We need an experienced manager, someone who has good man management with a clear plan to improve the team. We have taken risks on the last two managers and it has not worked out well.

      Murty is a nice guy, who is doing a good job as caretaker but he simply doesn't have the experience we need. Wining a couple of games as caretaker doesn't change that.

      I think it's concerning nobody has been interviewed as international break was a good chance to bed someone in.

    • I meant at all the clamour for MO to be the next Rangers Manager. What’s your take on that? I know your stance on Murty but surely MO is bigger a risk than Murty yeh..

    • He's done a good job at NI but agree he would be a risk as has no experience in Scotland. Ticks some boxes but not them all.

      To be honest I don't think any of the candidates mentioned stand out. Can see positives with them all, but also clear negatives.

      Big question is do this board have the cash required not only to bring the right man in but give him the backing he needs to close the gap. I'm not so sure that's the case.

  3. I find it staggering and very worrying that Rangers haven't appointed yet. Once again they are turning the hunt for a manager into a media circus. Surely it came as no surprise to them that they had to sack Caixhina so they should have had his replacement all but signed up weeks ago and ready to reveal within days.

    • Dexter.
      Keep the faith mate, honestly there's no hurry, Murty will see off Hamilton on Saturday.
      Mark Allans working non stop to get the correct appointment.
      The Rangers blazer is very very heavy and we need a man with broad shoulders to fill it.
      WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Sorry but I disagree Robbie – all this dithering from the board is embarrassing, and if Mark Allen thinks Steve McLaren, Alan Pardew, or Gus Poyet should be let anywhere near Ibrox – then he can go as well. Go and get McInnes – sure not the most exciting choice – but steady and that's what we need right now.

    • Dexter.
      McInnes has openly admitted he doesn't know how to beat the unwashed, he also has a 59% strike rate, that just won't cut it with our club.
      Mark Allan hasn't said one word about the 3 you have mentioned it's all speculation or just plain old bullshit.
      Nobody knows his recommendations as yet not even the board!
      Keep the faith mate a announcement won't be to far away!! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • Totally agree with this, also what's with the application process is The Rangers managers job on indeed or something!!
      Not sure this board has what it takes to achieve what they want to down to sheer ability, Stuart Robertson I'm sure his background is Motherwell FC looks like that's our new level of doing business these days!

  4. Here Bawbag! Don't pay any attention to anything E-chef posts.The players have stated he's lifted the place and the mood is better so why jump in and appoint another tool?Murty will do for now as we must get this right.

  5. It's fine taking time to make the right choice, but the board are risking losing out on the right man if they take too long. The international break offered the perfect opportunity to bed in a manager.

    • E-chief mate.
      Mark Allan hasn't determined his recommendations as yet.
      IMO Murty isn't Rangers manager material (Not Yet)but he's doing a fantastic job until our new Manager is sourced, I'm also delighted at the way he's progressing our youth set up and hope he's there for many many years to come.
      Plenty time just get it nailed on.
      WATP 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

    • If the right man is not available is not available then don't pick the best of the rest. Wait til the perfect fit becomes available. By that I'm not implying O'Neill is the man.
      Mon the Gers

  6. Bthendan Thodgers has the measure of McInnes and patronises him after every defeat."He had a good go" "great manager"etc.Hugging and laughing too much.Not for me.

  7. Experience shows that a successful national manager doesn't necessarily make a successful club manager and vice versa.

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