Former Greek manager rises to Rangers manager favourites

Former Greek manager rises to Rangers manager favourites

Recently-quit Australia manager Ange Pestecoglou has now risen to serious numbers in the race to become Rangers manager.

Having been rank outsider, the former South Melbourne man has made his way to fifth favourite overall, buoyed more than a touch by his decision to resign from the Socceroos post.

Not regarded by many as a genuinely likely successor to Pedro Caixinha, the 52 year old former Brisbane Roar manager apparently resigned from Australia due to pressure, which makes him utterly perfect for the claustrophobic goldfish bowl at Ibrox.

It must be said though his CV makes for decent reading. He has won the NSL and A-League titles as well as a number of tournaments for Australia’s youth internationals, and while his stock is less lavish in Europe, he served a spell in Greece with Panachaiki where he managed to keep the side in the upper table. This was only their third division though.

But the man did get Australia to the world cup, when he then bizarrely called it a day.

As of the time of writing his odds are 10/1 but seemingly gaining momentum.

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  1. Yes he got them to the World Cup via a play off, having previously scraped past the Cook Islands, Tahiti and Skippy's All Star Kangaroo XI. His only claim to fame is he's the first anagram to become a football manager.

    It is a fcuking joke that this is going on so long. The Board are making a laughing stock of us.

  2. Not a hope in hell. He's had zero experience of managing a team playing in even the mediocre level of the Scottish Premiership. Managing in the A league or even managing the Socceroos in no way prepares you for managing Rangers, there's just no comparison.

    This one's a no started….. or we're buggered.

  3. The board have a dilemma here. The numbers wont stick with them next year, if they go for another unknown, or indeed if they go for a largely unpopular choice like McLeish or Wright (so frequently mentioned on here), that doesn't work out.
    I'm hoping they are ready to pull a rabbit out of the hat this week, or the grumblings will become more intense as it develops.
    They really need to go for McIness, or Smith if he would come back. Anyone else and it's a gamble that I wouldn't fancy. Hopefully they see this the same way as me and make the right call.
    We are a patient and loyal bunch, but there will be a cracking point for some, when moaning for ninety minutes turns into not going at all.
    They'll have me and my family whatever choice they make, but I fear some aren't as forgiving.

    • Every managerial appointment comes with a risk. Unless your appointing pep or Jose , klopp, wenger. Who would be a manager it's results driven profession so therefore who ever comes in its a risk.

    • Mcinnes is the biggest gamble and least successful manager we have been linked with! Why would we want to go with him?

  4. Macinnes seems to be happy up North according to his boss.

    So it is going to have to be some size of rabbit.

    I secretly hope it is (Bielsa? đŸ™‚ )just to shut some moaning fucks up and kick the know-it-all media right in the gruntles.

  5. He is not for us I would rather havexpensive Dick advacate back with barry Ferguson as his number 2 .

    • Ferguson? The bankrupt guy who has only had one management job with Clyde, and still managed to get sacked? On what basis would you give him a job, other than being a good player for rangers during his time? Do you have a single other reason?

    • When you said Barry Ferguson you totally invalidated your point. – The guy is a nothing in football management or coaching! He's psending all his time talking about people who might get him a job in Rangers. What he should do if he loves the club and wants to come back is go away and get proper experience to make himself useful to us. Our academy over the years has had too many ex players with not enough experience making a wage from us. Hence the shambles it's in…Wake up!

  6. No No No…And No!
    he will just be The Greek/Australian Version of Le Guen/Caixinha

    Does He Know Scotland? …No
    Does He Know Rangers? … No

    I Could Go On

  7. I seriously, like many, am growing weary of this shambles.

    We ARE a laughing stock. The product of a Board who APPEARS not to care less

    King said he WILL stop 10 in a row. Go and spend some fucking money and quick then or there is no chance.

    We are lacking in every position let alone have reserves for injuries, suspension, newly aquired bad behaviour and Rossitter.

    I am so fed up thinking "Oh well lets use this season preparing for next season"

    We are no nearer than we were 2 seasons ago

    When Warburton arrived it all looked so good, so promising.

    Tav was destroying defences as was Waldo. Waghorn was scoring for a giggle.

    But Tav n Waldo were telling the opposition, our defence is upnthe wrong end. Instead of the 4 -5 goal victories we started leaking goals.

    We have not impressed since.

    King either produces the Souness/Smith type rabbit next week or the AGM is a farce.

    Someone tell me what Club1872 do for us please?

  8. I thought our board wanted a manager who knows British and Scottish football, or was that just paper talk?

    Out of all the candidates, one at the other side of the world is now a big possibility. Surely not!

    Wished fans would stop banging on about Mcinnes. Bad mouths Rangers every time he speaks about us! He has unfinished business with Aberdeen. quite a lot of it since he's won one trophy out of a possible 12. LEave him to it. Vastly over rated, Thinks he is better than he is and should never even be mentioned in the same breath as Rangers football club. Terirble player, Poor manager who's team are bottlers..

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