Former Dutch champion emerges as new managerial contender for Rangers


With the last 24 hours, Ibrox Noise detailed how Rangers’ managerial search may have boiled down to Aberdeen chief Derek McInnes, former Newcastle manager Alan Pardew and ex-Man Utd boss David Moyes.

Within the past 18 hours, another new and surprising name has emerged to increase the intrigue of this managerial race, and make it anything but a foregone conclusion.

Aberdeen’s McInnes does still lead the race, but ex-FC Twente and England manager Steve McClaren has now joined the hunt, with many outlets offering less than 20/1 on the likelihood of the former Derby coach taking over in Govan.

Following Rangers’ excellent and convincing win today at Ibrox, interim coach Graeme Murty is gaining a cult following with more than a few fans actually advocating how we could do worse than the former Scotland international, but McClaren’s CV is definitely honourable in itself, with the Dutch title and the English League Cup to boast, as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience from a nomadic and varied managerial career.

It is not a surprise the former Newcastle boss has joined the list of candidates, and while his highest win percentage was in Holland with 62.9%, it was also as low as 22.6 as Newcastle chief.

McClaren has had an eclectic career in the hotseat, but he certainly was not expected to do much in the Eredivisie and would have been classed as a fish out of water, and yet he went onto win the title.

If he was appointed in Govan, maybe a similar impact could take place.

We shall see.


  1. I find what I’m going to say rather crazy but I’d want Murty at the helm over anybody else… The players are responding to him which is the most important detail out of them all… He come in when the Warburton project went tits up and done not to bad. Once again stepped into the breach and took the reins after Peds demise…
    What a call today by leaving Alves on the bench that shows he doesn’t shirk from big decisions – something a few in the past wouldn’t do even Walter! The longer his run goes the better the team and Rangers will become…The biggest bonus he’d crawl over broken glass for the job and no compensation either. What’s not to like?

    • it's no that crazy, when u look @ it. i would give him it tll end of the manager comes n changes things and f**k's up the rest of the season and wastes money in january time for projects just win fucking football matches simple!

    • I agree, don't mend that which is not broken. The players are responding and that is all you need to win matches. We need to win every week.

  2. WTF this is a no for me!! The wally with the brolly rings a bell, I've heard he's a great coach but as our new gaffer it's a no from me, Pardew no chance he's a mate of Ashley's how's this even getting suggested he got chased out if Newcastle, I heard on B#C they suggested Lennon should be linked but Rangers aren't open minded enough for that, they truly are taking the piss with this, as far as motes is concerned did he not used to play in the hoops also, feel we need some real candidates here the only one that sticks out to me is Mcinnes could do a great job with us IMO

  3. Is it april the first already? Steve McClaren for Rangers manager? Hes been sacked more times than hes had success. Hes piss poor. Full stop.

  4. Very checkered management career & a big ego. 45% win rate. Doesn't seem to hang around long then turns up again i.e. Twente & Derby. Rather him than Pardew or Moyes though.

  5. Beginning to think I'd get more sense out of reading a Chinese newspaper written in Arabic.
    For goodness sake give it to Graeme and Jonatan until Christmas, they bloody well deserve it on their own merit.
    If their performance warrants it get them on a 12 month rolling contract thereafter.

    • Absolutely. Agree with you, and Bawbag, and Scooby and heila. We shouldn't be splashing the cash if we don't need to. Have we learned nothing this past 5 years? Breathing space and Murty for me. At least we'll know that he'll take big decisions with the team at heart, no favouritism, and he'll learn from his mistakes. He's doing well now and will only get better. He'll get other offers now. Let's not be looking back with regrets. Mon the Gers.

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