Could former Scotland international be a stunning choice as Rangers manager?


Last time Rangers lost their manager, the results immediately following his departure were hardly inspiring. A scraped win in the cup over Morton then saw two depressing league losses on our travels, first at Dundee, then at Inverness.

Interim coach Graeme Murty appeared to be struggling but the following fixture finally saw not only his first league win but Rangers’ first over St Johnstone in three years since Lewis Macleod’s header won it at Ibrox back in 2014.

Since then Graeme Murty has not lost a single match as Rangers coach, including both spells, and has in fact managed a stunning 16 goals in five matches. He even managed Rangers’ only point in the league against Celtic for half a decade.

And now fans are starting to really notice the turnaround. There are mitigating circumstances; the morale has been lifted with both Pedro’s departure and Miller’s return, and players are now playing for their Ibrox futures in a way they may not have been before.

But the results are undeniable. Despite the early set back to a truly stunning Kyle Lafferty free kick, Rangers strolled it against Hearts with a fine comeback, then breezed past the formerly stubborn Thistle at a canter.

Rangers are actually in the best form they have been most of the year. While both matches under Murty had weaker spells, the superiority of his men was undoubted and the results completely merited.

It is the most stable, convincing, and downright good Rangers have looked this year.

And some fans want the continuity. They want Murty as permanent manager. The principle is why change what is not broken?

Somehow this 42 (nearly 43) year old former Scotland international is manifesting a real sense of belief in his players, and those players seem to want him permanently. Jason Holt has today confirmed he would be more than happy with Murty getting the gig:

“Yes, the boys have enjoyed working with him but it’s not up to me to decide that.”

It is probably not going to happen, but the longer the board fail to appoint anyone else, and the longer Murty keeps getting his team playing and winning like this, the stronger the case gets.

The man himself both wants and does not want the job. He has admitted it would be hard to turn down, but equally says he did not move north of the border to become Rangers manager.

We are pretty sure the increased salary might help a little…

But in all seriousness – would you guys want Murty installed permanently?

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  1. I have been saying for some time now, since BEFORE CAIXINHO WAS SACKED–that Murty is the right man for the job. He did a great job before, and he is once again doing an excellent job. There are lotsof patter merchants out there–but we have had enough of that. We want someone who can deliver results–and Murty has PROVEN he can do that. He also has a good rappore with both the first team squad AND the youth players, and has already proven that he WILL GIVE YOUTH A CHANCE. He is the man–and no big money compensation package is required to get him–just a salary increase. It is a no brainer.

  2. Murty has said time and time again he doesn't want the job in a full time basis!! But hey don't let facts get in the way of a good story huh

  3. Murty seems like nice guy. He gives his all and has brought the feel good factor back. However he is not the long term solution. The whole caretaker manager to full time manager thing rarely works. Think Shakespeare at Leicester, Di Matteo at Chelsea. Both great initially, but fell away. We simply cannot take another risk.

  4. Graham Murty is the man to be Rangers next manager. He is not a patter merchant–he just gets the job done–AND GETS RESULTS. He has done it before for Rangers, and he is doing it again. He has proven that he can do the job, and it will not take £ 1 million just to talk to him about it. Appoint Murty now–the players want him, and the majority of the fans want him. It is a no-brainer to appoint him.

  5. Murty is the obvious choice and the best one. He has PROVEN that he can do the job. He has done it before, and is doing a good job now. We are having our best results for a long time, and the time looks much more like a genuine team that has everyone trying hard and pulling together. He has more SCOTS in the team, including some youth players, and they are doing well. What more could anyone else do???

  6. The same short term thinking that would see Murty as the man for the job after two wins on the trot would see him sacked before the end of the season. 'Some fans' indeed.

  7. With the results and consistency Graeme and Jonatan have brought to the first team it would be a lack of good sense and prudence (folly) to appoint a stranger with the unknown consequences that decision may bring with it.
    We need a period of calm and a strong run of wins and better performances and we now have a manager who is delivering.
    It is ridiculously too early to judge Graeme one way or the other, but for his knowledge of the young lads and his impact on our first team he is the ideal short/midterm choice.
    With a good run in Nov/Dec and the addition of 2/3 players in January Graeme could well turn out to be the most astute signing for our club in years.
    Let's give our club and Graeme this chance before once again jumping out the plane without a parachute 'cos next time he may not be available.

  8. Absolutely right behind Mr Murty football is a results driven business and he is delivering. See how he does up to playing the sheep and if the results are good appoint him officially. I note some of the sheep are saying they would be more than happy to get rid of McInnes. We have been warned.

    • u made my point for me, something ped failed to do despite millions spent. murty 4 need to let the board know though! we want murty chants next game.

  9. Where's the sense in rushing things. Graeme Murty might be the right choice eventually but he's certainly doing the business right now. Leave him in place until January at least. It makes sense both financially and based on results. The gloom has lifted over Ibrox and I thank him for that. It feels like we're watching and talking about a real Rangers team, more so than we have in 5 years. I'd hate to see him poached by some other club who have more faith in his potential. It's a pleasure to listen to his media interviews. He will oversee some draws or losses but he'll learn from his mistakes. Mon the Gers

  10. I am unimpressed with the names being banded around presently for the permanent Manager position. I'm more inclined to s l o w down and wait until the right winner comes along. As for Musty,he is the reason I'm comfortable waiting. He talks like the new Rangers manager should talk given we now have a DOF who has taken on the recruitment and development aspect. The new manager will have to be, solely, a man manager and an expert tactician.

  11. One thing is for sure the players want to play for him yes there will be bumps along the way but some times it is better to have a team full of players that want to win every game for the manager it could be the best way forward,forget old heads with outdated ways of playing football they have had there time now bring in the young manager we have here and let him make his mark now Murty is our man.

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