Are these six men the future of Rangers?


When Rangers’ new manager takes charge in due course, one of the first puzzles the man must solve is the merits of the current squad, and who is truly good enough to be considered a long term asset to the team.

While the new boss will likely get new life out of players we all gave up on, such situations are a lot less predictable, and as such, Ibrox Noise takes you through what we believe are the players we want to see our new boss build around.

He may well not, he may have his own ideas, and as we have alluded to, we will give him the space, support and time to compile that for himself.

But we are fans, and it is all about opinions, and these are the players we see playing a big role in Rangers’ future:

Ross McCrorie:

This is one for the future. A slightly disappointing display in Hamilton aside, McCrorie has been excellent. He has taken his chance well and looked as good as any SPL defender when given an opportunity to shine. He very much reminds us of a young Danny Wilson when he too broke through at Ibrox. We have high hopes for McCrorie and we would love to see him realise his potential and become a mainstay for years to come.

Danny Wilson:

A great leader, even if his displays sometimes are not impeccable. Generally Wilson has had a bit of a raw deal since returning to Ibrox; he never really stamped down on a first team slot and has been more of a fringe player – and yet when he is on his game he is a fine stopper and a defender we have a lot of time for. Even if the new manager does not see him as a first team regular, he is something above squad. Personally a Wilson McCrorie partnership has something about it.

Ryan Jack:

His temperament is questionable and his form has not been terrific, but this guy was a leader and role model at Pittodrie. We want to believe his Aberdeen form can be restored at Ibrox, and we think it can; it would probably help his case greatly if old boss McInnes was his manager again in Govan – we feel there is more to come from the defensive midfielder. A lot more.

Graham Dorrans:

Has shown glimpses of his best, but too often he has been quiet – we rate this lad highly, and we know that in his proper position, managed correctly he has a lot more to offer than what we have seen.

Alfredo Morelos:

Again, his recent form has been a bit rusty – struggling for goals and a bit of playacting too – but when he nails it he is an electric striker, with a tank of a frame and a clinical strike. He holds the ball up terrifically and he is a handful for defenders. With the right coaching the sky is the limit for this lad. One to keep.

Kenny Miller:

The guy is not one for the playing future, but few can reject his influence, leadership and general dignity as a Rangers player. Whatever role he plays at Ibrox, we want to see him as a significant part of the club going forward.

We should assert the fact we are not rejecting anyone, well, not in this article. While we have major doubts about Pena and Dalcio, for example, this piece only focuses on who we believe stands out for us in potentially being good enough for the Rangers we want. The new manager may well turn Pena into Messi and we would be delighted with that.

But that is…another story.


  1. Ross McCrorie:Possibly
    Danny Wilson: Fud
    Ryan Jack: Even bigger Fud
    Graham Dorrans: Lost for words
    Alfredo Morelos: El Buffalo definitely
    Kenny Miller: Would play him every game
    Bruno Alves: Jury is out
    Jordan Rossiter: Is he even still in Scotland ?
    Fábio Cardoso: Camel shit
    Lee Hodson: Main Stand seat warmer
    Pena: Stevie Wonder can see he is total shit and will never improve
    Herrera: Missing the sun and needs to go in January
    Foderingham: Should be in a circus
    Lee Wallace: Still on honeymoon
    Kranjčar: Applied for bus pass
    Dálcio…. Need l say more

    Definitely need 10M + to spend in the transfer window coming up

    • concur with above however, THERE IS NO WARCHEST. Pedros follys were paid for by Qatari money men schmoozed by el ped.
      the current squad has no value to take advantage of, so unless santa is a bluenose the January window will again be soft loan buys to appease the fans. if no money comes in the crowds will disappear if results go south

    • there is no money no £10m no star signing just inflated media spin to make it sound better than it is . how many would get in aberdeens team right now?
      one good result and everyone goes mad. ive read stuff about 2 new jan signings, a new manager and a chance of winning the league. couple of bad results and watch the crowds disappear. Qatari moiney paid for el peds signings , none of which will bring in any money to reinvest. the only sellable player is morelos and that would be around £1m at most.

  2. The partnership in central defence for me at the moment should be Alves & Wilson. Alves doesn't become a bad player overnight and can still be valuable in cementing the defence under a decent manager who knows how to organise. Wilson is simply a better defender every day of the week than Cardosa – and with McCrorie & Aiden Wilson as back up we should look to move Cardosa on in the January window. Where we are really short is middle to front including on the wings. Every day Pena is still there is a further waste of money. I'd like to see the new manager bring O'Halloran back and see if he can find some form between January and the end of the season, and let's re-assess then. Herrera should be on the same plane home as Pena. Really the Board should now show some leadership and be decisive, and seal the deal for McInnes now. Okay he might lack the thrill factor but he knows how to build a club back up from bottom to top. It will also weaken one of our two main rivals.

  3. Miller 38 future more like the past.
    Wilson back up at best he plays like he's 38 also.

    Our future ls in the new management team, they will get a kitty and after identifying what positions need upgrading themselves and Mark Allan does his bit and draws up a short list for these positional players.
    That's how it works with a DOF.
    Could do with a new manager in a few weeks to see what's workable and what's dead wood but ffs take your time and get it nailed on.

    Gents very negative on here. For me we have so so many better players than this time last year, I know there not playing as a team but 5 new strong players and a tactical manager.


    Pena 100% match fit with direction from a new manager, same with Dalcio Nemane and all the new recruits could be like new signings.
    Clean slate for the whole squad.
    We're not as bad as everyone thinks keep the faith .

  4. Qatari money hahaha. Have a day off lad. Morelos for a million. Thats what we paid for him ya sponge. Candieas is quality. Bruno with a good manager will be solid. Cardoso will be the same. Get john on a permanent deal. Pena could be a great player in time. Herrera hasnt had a real run in the team. El bufalo will start finding the net again. People are forgetting we are only 6 points behind the unwashed after 11 games. And we have played them, hibs, hearts twice. Not the worst. Not even a third of the way through the season. Calm doon bears

  5. OH HOW DELUDED THOU ART NIALL….. A million MAX for Morelos unless Chelsea see him as a replacement for their u 20's striker…..Qatari money DID pay for the Mexicans and Portugese signings. Candieas quality, oh right Barca are ready to swoop. Cardosa, on the radar of Real Madrid? Pena, great in time – for PSG?

  6. Some amusing comments especially like the Quatari comments lol !@ As you say only 6 points and if the rest would do their part we could make an attempt for sure with the right manager …Still not keen on McInnes..sorry

  7. Dross on tap is a fitting name hahaha. Source for this qatari money claim? And a decent one, not "my mates wife works in the accounts department" pish. Didnt think so….candeias is qualoty for scotland, morelos is 20, top scorer in scot prem and was bought for 1m on 3 year deal so his worth is double that minimum. Penas finishing shows there is an international player in there somewhere. Portuguese journos couldnt beleive cardoso wasnt going for 4m minimum and again he is only early 20s so i think he can get better with a tactically astute manager. Ps no idea who this cardosa u speak of is. NS

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