Are Rangers fans happy with the board’s AGM display?


The Rangers AGM 2017 has been and gone and much rode on the content to say the least.

Ibrox Noise provided at least seven of the useful posers the board were accountable to, and it is safe to say reaction to the incumbents’ performance has been muted at best and sceptical at worst.

Some argue a real lack of clarity was delivered over any of the pressing issues, while others are unhappy that chairman Dave King not only failed to apologise over the Pedro Caixinha debacle, but in fact defended it and compared the current managerial hunt to the search for a new corporate CEO in one of his own companies.

But what about you guys? Did King, Allen and Robertson delivery any tangible answers you are happy with?

Did the 2017 AGM answer any of the questions we all wanted to see solved? Or was it yet more bluster from a board who seem incapable of delivering anything the fans want to see?

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  1. Disappointed in Kings statement that after everything said he made no personal thank you to the great work done by Graeme Murty. Not good enough. Also not even so much as a sorry we messed up in hiring Pedro. That was a stupid decision by the Board collectively. Again not good enough.

  2. I think Mr King's focus is on the longer term, that patience will be rewarded and that we have seen an end to knee jerk decisions.
    Millions will be spent on the ground and its surroundings to enhance the Ibrox experience for the fans. Money is available for players.
    Last night's performance could prove a tremendous psychological marker for both the club and fans alike.
    It is up to every player, director and fan to ensure it becomes a reality.

  3. Supreme arrogance. No proper explanation for the Warburton departure, no apology for the Caixinha appointment (a complete disaster), no gratitude to Murty for doing more than they have ever done for Rangers, no explanation for the delay in appointing a new manager (who will not be a South African Executive), no real detail of the Takeover Panel issue and its potential implications other than an attack on the Easdales, no substance on the way forward…..just be the best in Scotland and be successful in Europe before we can be self-sustaining financially. Most especially telling us not to be impatient as supporters because other non-supporting investors have a stake too and their interests may be different from ours. Over the years we have come to know the meaning of a charlatan…GET OUT NOW THE LOT OF YOU.

    • Don't think Pedro was a total disaster in any way.

      Pena ????
      All better than they replaced, add Moult & another 5 to that with a decent manager then let's see.

      The unwashed ain't as good as they thing, the rest of our leauge is poor including Us!!
      Totaly thrashed by decent teams soon as they play anyone decent.
      Won't take as much as everyone thinks to ebb the tide..

    • They may well be better than the players than they replaced, but thats not saying much is it – imo not one of these guys would command a place in septic's team. By 'decent' teams you mean PSG and Bayern? How do you think our lot would fare against those, when we couldn't beat a team of plumbers, or that mob for love nor money.

  4. Only time will tell it is going take longer than we all thought it would to get back to top of Scottish football are we talking three years or five or six etc we must see a end game where we can say we are the best in Scotland,but will our fans be happy if it takes us to ten in a row or more,i get the feeling that Selltic are watching our every move and when we put down big money they going double it or more we should bring forward our very own young super stars again you know the ones our own home grown talent the ones we talk about.

  5. No.
    Robertson & Dickson Should Go.

    We Need an Owner that is actually bothered about the Club
    We Need an Owner that actually has the Cash to take us back to where we should be…that isnt DK.

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