“Alex McLeish is on the verge of returning to Rangers”


SPFL sponsors Ladbrokes have made a strong claim this morning that former Rangers manager Alex McLeish is to return to Ibrox once again as manager.

Betting has been suspended on the 58 year old taking up the mantle in Govan and increasing speculation online claims this announcement is either imminent or will be made at Thursday’s AGM.

Ladbrokes’ spokesman David MacDonald said:

“Money talks and the bets we’ve seen suggest Alex Mcleish is on the verge of returning to Rangers.”

McLeish hit 1/3 at one point, still not quite as lofty as Derek McInnes’ 1/7, but with a bookie suspending bets it does point to a very strong possibility of the event taking place.

If it is to be McLeish we are a touch surprised given how he was overlooked last time, but we would wish him well and are pleased that the board may actually have been listening to advice this time.



  1. I think this is the right appointment personally. McInnes has achieved nothing compared to McLeish.

    McLeish knows the club and will get the best out of the players we have. He won't stand for them slacking and will give everything to make sure we get back to where we belong.

  2. If it is AML then it seems like a knee jerk reaction to me, the last 2 results have forced the boards hand i would say, i doubt he was anywhere near their first choice, now they are in a panic to stem the loses and have someone in place before the AGM, with all the first choices either being too expensive or simply getting fed up with the circus.
    Cant argue with what AML has done in the past and after the last couple of weeks i am even more glad now that its him (if its him).

    You see what the board have done, dragged things on so long we are now just simply glad to get a manager in place.

    • good point. its an utter mess. could have done this weeks ago really, so theres no logical reason to have waited this long, i feel administration is looming tbh

  3. I was reading the latest "noise" comments saying what needs to be seen to be done .I'm of the opinion too many cooks spoil the broth. We have a chairman don't we?. Dave King step up sort this mess out . If not give it to someone else who wants it. Lets get this show on the road.

  4. Should have been AML at least until end of season immediately after Warburton's dismissal – very sorry for Murty, AML now needed and, very glad it doesn't look like it's the Aberdeen manager!

  5. I hope its not true,doesnt anyone remember the protests to get rid of him last time around ffs,we want to move forward,not go backwards !!!

    • You could have said that about Walter returning and look what happened there . Three in a row and a Euro final ! Big Eck knows what's required and will be a success if given some financial backing from the board . Hardest task will be
      moving on the deadwood and getting money for them ! Best wishes big man .

    • Agreed. It doesn't show any forward plan to keep going back to guys from the past. I know Walter's second coming was supposed to be short term patch up job but worked out brilliant however not so sure Alex is in the same category.

      Stage one we need a manager who can beat all SPFL teams convincingly 9 games out of 10 and then stage two is to be competitive against Celtic.

      McInnes has already proved he can do Stage One, as he has done it with Aberdeen for years, so even if he comes in and we find he can only fire us this far at least we will be stronger than we are now and Derek can hand over to someone else to complete the journey if necessary.

  6. He will bring nothing to the table old ways old thinker not a chance, go spend the million on Aberdeen manager and do the job right from the start

  7. 7 trophies
    2 Last day Title Victories
    Helicopter Sunday

    Drove Sutton and Hardson bananas to this day because THEY thought TWICE they were champions aww aww Poor Lulu.

    Loves Rangers
    Has made valud poibts about what needs done where
    Was the FIRST VICTIM of the road to ruin. Made to offload without warning

    Alexander FUck Them All McLeish

    Come on home and help us out

  8. The Fans could improve the atmosphere too. Its very quiet even when the Gers are winning.

    Nacho Novo should be in charge of the Tannoy on match days.

    At least the Mexicans will feel at home.

    "Badges? You will kiss the fucking Badges'"

    Blazing Saddles 1690 The Return of the 7
    (Trophy winner)

  9. But is McLeish a four week secret? na its got to better than him what let down
    if it is he,but hey no matter what any one says it is the board who will decide there own fate by picking the next manager.

  10. Stop being stupid Brian Clark. AML would be a backwards step. 7 trophies with Dicks team. There is no money there to improve the team. It’s guys like you with your attitude that’s held this club back for years. BT,Walter came back and spent a lot of money to win the titles,Money we didn’t have and it cost us dearly.

  11. By the end of this week, and when the beggars play their game in hand, we will most likely be 12 points behind the sheep and 18 points behind the beggars. And it isn't even Christmas yet!!! We need a miracle as we are firmly in the gutter!
    Agree with Georgie Porgie. I've always wanted Jurgen Klinnsman at Ibrox, but may cost too much.

  12. on the contary,it's guys like brian(old school) bears no offenece intended who's attitude is what made ibrox park the fortress of noise it once was. todays fan can take it or leave it but not those of us who grew up watching frm 60's and onwards.the p.c. brigade ave allowed our rivals &haters to walk all over our club.

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