Would this bookies’ favourite come to Ibrox?

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Ex-England manager Sam Allardyce, who just turned 63 this week, would in my opinion be a great shout as the new manager of Rangers. Just the right type of character to take the ‘Gers back to where we belong – he is priced at 12/1.

It might be the right challenge for him at his stage of life and help in some way to compensate for the sad way he was forced to resign from the perfect job it took him a long time to engineer for himself – the England manager job. He is technically the most successful England manager – ever – played one – won one!

I also like his Scottish family connection. Sam’s father was a police sergeant who is originally from Nairn and his mother is from Dumfries.

Sam is known as a successful motivator who has taken to modern technology and a newish statistics-centred approach to tactics and coaching over the past 6 to 8 years, and has been praised for his organisational and man-management skills.

He has a vast experience of managing Premier and Championship sides and one of his biggest assets is setting up teams with the right balance to achieve the best results.

I would suggest making Sam the overall manager of the first team squad on a contract until the summer of 2019, with Allardyce receiving a couple of days off per week to allow his two Rangers legends Barry Ferguson and Kenny Miller to assist him and teach them everything they need to know for the game of football management in general.

Sam’s first success was at Bolton Wanderers between 1999 to 2007, before Newcastle United offered him the job in 2007 – 2008. He spent a further two years at Blackburn Rovers from 2008 to 2010.

Allardyce took over London’s West Ham United from 2011 to 2015 before heading to the north east to save Sunderland from being relegated during the 2015 – 2016 season.

On 22 July ‘16, Allardyce signed a two-year contract to become manager of the England national team. He won his first and only game in charge on 4 September, as an Adam Lallana goal deep into injury-time was enough to beat Slovakia on the opening day of qualification for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Following allegations of malpractice, which Sam attributed to a dreadful mistake and misjudgement of trust on his part, Allardyce left the role by mutual consent on 27 September, having managed the team for just 67 days and one match.

On 23 Dec ‘16, Allardyce signed a two-and-a-half-year contract to become manager of Crystal Palace, a day after taking over from Alan Pardew. He strengthened in the January transfer window by spending around £30 million on Jeffrey Schlupp, Patrick van Aanholt, and Luka Milivojević. The “Eagles” confirmed their safety from relegation in the penultimate game of the 2016–17 season with a 4–0 victory over Hull City at Selhurst Park. Allardyce announced his departure from Crystal Palace on 23 May ‘17, saying he had no intention of seeking another job, in what was interpreted as a retirement announcement. However, on 19 July 2017, Allardyce said he would be open to an international management position, but not another club job.

Perhaps the challenge and history of Rangers and managing in Scotland would be a persuasive job opportunity to become the manager of the most successful club in the world. Only real winners need apply!

‘Big Sam’ would give Brendan Rodgers a run for his money given a bit of time and a few bob to spend.


  1. Good article. Good points. I honestly think Derik is the long term solution for our team. He will give stability. And he won't walk out on us in a few years time. Strength to strength.

  2. Why the hard-on about Barrie Ferguson. His managerial career to date has hardly set the heather on fire. We can and must do much better than him.

  3. I'm afraid we're living in dream land if we think big Sam will come to Rangers. My choice would be Derek McInnes but would he leave a team guaranteed to finish 2nd and also guaranteed European football next season to come to a disjointed Rangers team in disarray? I'm not sure.

  4. Definitely should be number 1 target! The club statement mentioned "style of football"- would Sam's style suit? As long as he wins is good enough for me! We certainly wouldn't get kicked off the park again! Big Sam's blue n white army…I can hear it already. 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. You'll be moaning about his football within weeks ffs. He's a relegation battle,game spoiling specialist.

    And he's a knob.

    • Sounds good but money they would want would want would take away from our playing staff get real we got the young manager already here now get rid of the shit in our team now and bring in the Scottish Lads.

  6. FDB or McInnes for me and Barry as number 2 to help motivate the players to know what it means to play for the red white and blue and become winners!
    Glad that circus is over even though I did try and defend him alot haha

  7. Big sams a gd shout don't think we cud go wrong way that but my preference wud b Harry redknapp and nephew frank lampard as assistant that was my choice before caixinha was appointed. He was on radio saying he wud take the Scotland job so he wud defo take the GERS as I'm sure him n Frank have a fondness for the GERS.

  8. Was buying it until the Barry Ferguson and Kenny Miller bit,and also it would be fine if we actually had a pot of gold !

  9. Unfortunately we couldn't afford big Sam and wherever he goes he takes a big back room team it would take mega money.

    Derek Mcinnes honestly guys you's must be having a laugh !! He couldn't even stop Deliea piss poor Celtic team winning league !! His record against Celtic is something like played 19 and lost 15, he is never Rangers class unless we are willing to settle for second in the coming years.

    We need a manager who has managed at the highest level i.e. Premiership.

    Alex Neil at Preston theres a name he has enough experience now to do well in Scotland, Moyes, Nigel Person there 3 realistic targets, Micheal O'Neil NI manager another one.

    We need a British manager preferably young with fresh ideas, we need to break away from wanting old mangers and ex players who have never experienced management at the top level just because the Rangers men !!

    Just my opinion..

  10. reading across diferent sites there seems to b a feeling of relief and excitement, walter returnng to bring respect back could be just the lift the whole place needs.The response of is return could ultimately carry us to 55.If we the fans beleive it will get through to the players, c'mon bears let's hear it.

  11. Derek has a 9% better win rate than Pedo ffs.
    Barry. his record as manager total gash and he's self centred and took the cream puff when JJ got the job.
    Kenny. He's not even got a CV ffs.
    Sam. Don't know if he's interested in day to day football but he would fit in well with a Good CV.
    De Boer would he be interested hes won titles so hes got a Good CV.

    There has been a good few more mentioned but are they handling the RANGERS appointment?? Let's get one thing clear here there can be no more fuk up by the BOARD they must get this spot on.

    Frank or Sam for me.

    The game tomorrow will be interesting.
    Please don't start Miller

  12. Why is there an assumption that we can afford all the names banded about?

    Why is there an assumption that anyone with precious tenures at the club will be an instant success?

    McLeish admitted he wouldn’t have won anything if it was not for the loans that got us into this mess.

    Ferguson is a terrible manager and just declared himself bankrupt in order to run away from HMRC.

    Derek McInnes will cost an up front lump sum, we are taking soft loans to keep the club ticking over and now, to sack Pedro.

    Please, please, please engage your brains before taking yet more flights of fancy.

  13. No thanks, let’s get someone who knows how to manage up here. The last thing we need is another English manager that thinks the spl will be a walk in the park and that English league one players are better

  14. We do not need old men that have done very little he is a good manager if you need off the bottom nothing more,look we need a good young manager with fresh ideas and some one we are not going jump down there throat when it goes ass up at times we need to wake the fuck up we are as good as sum we are behind four or five and well behind Selltic its going take much longer to get to the top if we keep sacking manager after manager we must let this next manager do it his way but lets judge him on his last year in charge not in the first year if we keep on going no one will touch the job,look we all want to run before we can walk the walk slow down now expect nothing and we will get there but get it fixed in our heads this is going take 3/4/5 years may be longer to get back to top of Scottish football we waste money by sackings we move forward together and be happy with what we have for now it will get much much better but first we need to let a manager finish the job he started not sack them in first 12 months etc.

  15. The only one with the know how to topple celtic is walter,unless we stop them now ibrox will be a revolving door as they strve for 10.It needs put to bed before we can restore our club as before, and the riches that come wth that. no time for experiments.

  16. Tommy Wright is the only man for the job, as there's no money and he has done wonder's for St Johnstone on a shoe string.

    • offloading most of peds signngs would be a good start i.e. dalcio pena cardoso herrera for starters come january.

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