Why THIS change by Pedro can help Rangers clinch second

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

With a first team featuring the following players, I think you have to play every player in his best position if you want to get the best out of them, and have any chance of finishing 2nd this season.

Foderingham or Alnwick in goals. Hodson, Tavernier, Wallace, Danny Wilson, Cardoso, Alves, Bates, John and McCrorie in defence. Holt, Dorrans, Jack, Rossiter, Kranjcar, Dalcio, Pena and Windass in midfield. Miller, Candeias, Herrera, Morelos, Nemane and Hardie as our forwards to choose from.

A match fit Kranjcar and Rossiter would be major assets to the team, but they would have to remain uninjured during a decent run in the first team, before becoming complete successes at Rangers.

I noticed against St Johnstone that Rangers were giving too many corners and free kicks away. Was this to practise more of them, as they were at last practising them at training for a few days running. Foderingham even came out for a couple of them – hooray!

Mainly because Tavernier is a poor defender and a dangerous player going forward – he would definitely be my right-wing-back and almost for the same reason I would play John as my left-wing-back. With both of these players working hard to attack as much as possible throughout the game, whilst staying aware of any danger developing against us.

With Cardoso playing behind Tavernier, it gives him more freedom to attack and get his dangerous crosses in more often than playing at right back. McCrorie or Wilson would back up John the same way on the left to create havoc from hopefully each wing.

I like Jack as a holding player and Dorrans has started to pass the ball about better and can always chip in with some goals. Pena is getting fitter and scored two great goals from running onto the balls that were fired in from the right wing – well done Carlos!

Candeias is doing a good job on the right and the goals will flow for Morelos again – soon I hope!

Primarily my team is in a 3-3-2-2 formation but as you can see the XI is adaptable to 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 depending how Pedro sees a match going:

                                              Cardoso   Alves (Captain), McCrorie (or Danny Wilson)
                      Tavernier                                 Jack                                                John
                                                  Dorrans                        Pena (or Miller)
                                                 Candeias                       Morelos

What do you think? Is there more to get out of this squad? Would you change the formation?


  1. For all morales hasn’t scored in a few he does a huge amount of work for those around him. He was also involved in the 3rd goal at the weekend

  2. Can't disagree with your selection Richard, especially with not starting 30 minute Windae. As an aside, currently watching Detby v Notts F and the commentary team are certainly bumming up wee Barrie McKay, almost certainly adding hundreds of thousands to his value. Hope there's a sell on clause in with the pittance we sold him for. Mon the Gers

    • Alec.
      McKay will be playing in the 1st division next year the way there playing.
      Humped again today 5 points above religation -6 goal difference.
      Bon Voyage!!

  3. Team played well Friday no need for big changes


    Alves. (C)




    Subs won't matter it will be 3-0 before they get on and Windass will start he's hypnotized Pedro.
    Won't a look at this Nemane 100m in 10.5 seconds, that alone will put any defence back 3 or 4 yards.

    • I agree, I would like to see Nemane get a run. But unless he gets more incriminating photos than Windass has, don't see it happening.
      I also like Pena in behind Morelos, but will hold my adulation until he delivers for longer.

    • Scots…
      Last half a hour at Hampden on a nice wide pitch would be a nice watch,
      But as U say the FBI couldn't oust Windass.
      As long as we have a double date at Hampden come next Sunday I'll be delighted me!!,

  4. dont care about barry mackay….he has left now and by the way Nottingham Forrest have LOST more games than won…as for Mackay he should have produced and NEVER did also his work rate was feeble…he has talent but DOESNT work hard enough,long as he stays like that..he wont be much of a loss…he is still a young player but it will interesting to see how much he can develop.

    • I don't care about McKay now either, other than the forlorn hope that there was a sell on clause in the transfer deal which may generate some cash for our club. I'd rather have Candeias any day of the week. He has a great work rate along with loads of talent, and a bargain for us at £700,000. Now if he had a left footed twin….! Mon the Gers

  5. Big holes in the left hand side in your 3:3:2:2, opposition would just have a game of shooty in with Wilson or McRorie down the left side, we just don't have the quality of defenders for this formation, we only have 1, Alves! Cardoso is rank rotten in the air!
    4:1:4:1 or 4:4:2 for me. I'd keep the same team who played against St Johnstone, minus Windass who should be replaced by Nemane. The team has a lot more fluency without Ryan Jack. Jason Holt to continue his start in the team.
    The semi final with be a difficult game, it will be an old fashion scrap and our players will need to be up for that fight.

  6. One player missing from your squad list is Wallace, our current club captain. Some people totally write him off, but the article enthuses about playing Tavernier further forward. Here is food for thought; how many defenders would cope with Wallace playing in front of John instead of Windass. Wallace has power, speed and for his size has terrific movement. He would give the left side a better balance and can also chase back and to be honest he isn’t the worst left back we ever had, but agree with most fans he does struggle at times. It is again just my opinion but is it something to try out and, he wouldn’t cost us a transfer fee.

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