Why Rangers should find a role for THIS ex-star


With the recent news that ex-Ibrox stalwart Lee McCulloch is now out of a job, one wonders when the stories linking him with a return to Ibrox will begin.

The site was never the biggest fan of his as a player post-2012. He was an untouchable selection, with Ally then McCall always finding a place for him in the team come love nor money, and it was not on merit, given his form was average at best and diabolical at worst.

There was also the thorny issue of wage and many fans felt he was paid far too much and lumped him and McCoist together in a financially ignominious duo.

However, it must be said, off the pitch, he did conduct himself extremely well – he carried himself with dignity and represented Rangers with a lot of class – Einstein the lad might not be, but no one will criticise your intelligence if you visit sick kids in hospital in your own time outwith any official club trips.

And that is the kind of thing McCulloch did a lot. He did a great deal of behind-the-scenes work which went unknown and most of it off his own back, and even though he probably did not represent the club with distinction on the pitch in latter stages, off it you could not ask for more from him.

So while we were critical of him as a player over the final five years of his stay in Govan, it was less so as a person and on that level he did himself and the club rather proud.

Could Rangers do worse than bringing him back in some capacity? I think we could. Maybe not as a coach, not initially, but like Club Global Ambassador Richard Gough there are positions available in which club alumni can certainly represent Rangers in a capacity in which they are comfortable and in which they can contribute in ways that plays to their strengths. With Gough’s international proficiency his place as Global Ambassador plays to his – McCulloch did good charity work and perhaps some role can be found to do likewise.

Jig is a decent guy, and Rangers could do worse than restoring to the club a guy who understands Rangers pre and post-admin; he is pretty unique in that respect, both on and off the pitch.


  1. Decent player for us, and never hid his love for the club before he joined.

    He had his limits on the field, but he performed well under Smith and was just one of us living the dream.

    I would love to see him back home.

  2. The senior players should be helping the team gell not causing infighting by leaking what goes on behind closed doors and I'm sorry if you are caught flaunting the rules you deserve to be punished it's all about trust and if the trust gets broken their should be no way back no player is bigger than the club let Lee help the under twenties as for Kenny if he broke the rules he must pay no matter his standing in the club no player is bigger than the club

    • personally and knowing Kenny since he was a kid Iam not convinced he leaked anything to anyone as he has always kept a lid on all his football info….not committing or commenting to any stories about his clubs…. but…and this may well be the case, am sure he would not hold back telling Pedro what he thought of him and his tactics, so maybe this is why he has been shoved out team.

    • Totally agree with your statement kenny,s a true blue and i would be surprised if he leaked anything .he,s a ledgend and knows what is required of any rangers player ! ! !w a t p…

  3. As long as he stays away from the first and U20's teams, then I would not have an issue with Lee working at Ibrox.

  4. Was shameful that he got booed towards the end of his playing time at the club. Wasn't his fault that the team was awful.

    Gave everything he had, can't ask any more.

  5. Prity tough on him. He was a good player before for us. Just his legs gave way. He always tried but that was more poor mismanagement that anything else. Around good guy and will speak his mind. Don’t think ped would want him aroun cause of it

  6. If Lee wants a job in management, I think he needs to learn as an apprentice somewhere, much like Ryan Giggs did at ManU after his playing career was over.

    I don’t know whether Pedro would take him (my guess would be not), but it would perhaps be a way for him to bridge the divide with the domestic players by bringing Lee on board. If that’s not an option, sending him to work with Graeme Murty wouldn’t be a bad choice either.

  7. It would be nice but under the current management I can't see it. Pedro would think Jig and Kenny are cut from the same cloth and he clearly doesn't like Rangers men with an opinion.

  8. I would welcome Jog back in some capacity. I always felt we had better players in each position, but that is not Jig's fault. I suspect managers picked him because he would run through brick walls for the team, the manager and the club – a prized commodity.

    I thought his treatment by some was disgraceful. He gave everything for the club and stood by us. That is the line, stay or go. I will never forgive those who ran. I will forgive those who worked a way out, like Steve Davis, or those who owed us nothing because they were never Rangers fans, like Whittaker. There were internationalist who stayed, but went elsewhere on loan. I will never forget the Rangers men who deserted us. Lafferty, Naismith and more.

    But the heroes are those who stayed in our time of need. Who held this club together when all around people were trying to tear it apart and bury it. Those who didn't walk away. In years to come, people will remember that, not how much they got paid. Ally was overpaid for being a manager in the lower leagues. No argument there. But try and think what would have happened if he had done "walking away" – this site would not be written, or read -it would not exist.

    Ally stayed, Wallace stayed, Jig stayed. Never forget. And Miller came back, not for money, but out of loyalty. I don't see him leaking. He might go to the manager and disagree, but leaks? Doesn't seem like Miller, to me.

  9. Aye right you are lads!! bring him back on his old contract, you know the one where he got about 12K a week for struggling against part-timers. Yes he stayed, because no one else wanted him & the money (WHICH I'LL NEVER FORGET HIM & McCoist GOT PAID) was good, Wallace could have got another club & been 1st choice LB for the trannies HE didn't do walking away! the other 2!! Jeezuss Wept!!!!

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