Why Rangers should ditch THIS disappointment


For 20 minutes against Celtic we were borderline eating our words. And by ‘we’ I mean the site and 90% of the support, during which permanently-maligned winger Josh Windass was easily one of Rangers’ best players.

Not that the competition was overly strong, but James Taverner had a solid spell down the right and Ross McCrorie was doing very well in defence, thank you very much.

But normal service resumed as Windass faded out around 25 minutes and that was his lot.

If ever a player has failed to justify his shirt on repeated occasions, it is Windass. We are actually sick of discussing him here at Ibrox Noise – this is not the first time we have been critical of his contribution, after once upon a time believing we could actually build our team around him.

Time has proven that to be a complete impossibility – he has delivered around three 20-minute spells of flattering to deceive – the most impressive thing he did this whole season was hitting the post at Firhill on the opening day.

Some might say he is playing out of position, and even his manager concedes that like his fellow underperforming attacker Niko Kranjcar, Josh is having to cut in to get into a position where he can do damage. So we will cut him a sense of slack in that context.

But equally for 20 minutes, when he feels like it, he can look like he is playing with real purpose and venom – including being out on the wing. But then it appears he downs tools, says ‘enough is enough’ and thereafter Rangers have a complete passenger on our hands.

Some of you might wonder why we are doing this article when we have ‘more important things to worry about’ – well plenty of the comments and readers and fans at large have complained about Windass in concert with us, so it is an entirely valid topic.

But more crucially, how is this underperforming kid retaining the jersey? If we remember last season, between April and the end, Windass seemed a puzzlingly-frequent selection by the-then new manager, with little reason as to why. His displays did not merit it, and they continue to fail to, so why exactly do we see him and not Nemane getting a chance?

Even Dalcio, as abysmal as he was back in the day, merits being given something akin to an opportunity – Windass’ form does not justify his untouchability at present, and while it is not the biggest problem on our hands, it is one which continues to contribute towards the larger picture.

And it needs fixed.


  1. Does it not come back to Pedro not being a good enough manager of Rangers.

    I want 3 centre backs at the back and 2 wing-backs playing, then we don't need a left winger if we use Declan John on the left.

  2. Agreed, he needs a spell on the subs bench and give Nemane a shot. I also think Jack and Dorrans partnership isn't working either. Goals are leaking through like a tap out of water and the midfield is partly to blame, they do not close down quick enough and are well out of position when the ball is in the danger area.
    Defence is really struggling too. As a whole, I'm not looking forward in playing the top 5 teams as I feel we will truly toil. Big wow, we beat Hamilton! How about beating Shellic!!
    For Pedro to say Pena is only 60% fit for Scottish football, then why sign him in the first place. I mean, our game ain't exactly Brazilian or German standard!!

    • Jack and Dorrans only look poor because they are constantly let down by our wide players where possession is lost and they are forced to move over and recover it. Also the wide players don't defend well which puts extra pressure on our midfield two. I would love to see how far Jack and Dorrans run during our games, but would guess it's a lot further than most midfielders in the league.

      Solution is to either put a 3rd midfielder in to lighten the load or buy better wide players.

  3. 100% correct but while your at it why not call it like it is with Tavernier, Fodderingham as well, both occasionally very good but most games are terrible, all the Warburton signings are English third division players and all the good will and training in the world wont make them otherwise.

  4. Said on here a good few times and i'll say it again.I would have jason holt in for josh windass all day long!Wee holty brings energy,zip and speed to us going forward!Not to mention he is always looking for the ball and NEVER HIDES!

  5. Richard fillingham,i also would like us to play the 3-5-2 at times mate!Declan john is a very good natural left wingback!I watched him playing superbly well for cardiff,a couple of years back!A 3-5-2 system would imho suit the players we have!Really could be the making of pedro and the team!If he finds the correct system to suit!Just look at what conte did at chelsea,by trying 3 different systems and then he found the correct one to suit the players at his disposal!!Why not try it?

  6. i dont understand why windass plays and nemane does not play hes a outright left winger and as thats his natural position he deserves more of a start than windass he was obviously brung in by mark allan maybe pedro didn't want him thats why he doesn't play we talked about warburton having his favourites but pedro is the same

  7. Seems obvious to me. Windass plays well for 30 mins max so keep him on the bench and bring him on after an hour if required. But don't start with him! Mon the Gers

  8. It is highly likely that Windass gets a game because Pedro does not have a fucking clue. Why else would he continually play him, we are a mid table team after spending 8 million quid, only a clueless manager would be in a position like that. Can you imagine if Aberdeen spent 8 million, they would be unbeaten the rest of the season with that other mob. Unbelievable!!!

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