Why have we turned on Kenny Miller?


We have to admit we are a touch puzzled here at Ibrox Noise. Only two or three months ago we did a piece discussing how Kenny Miller was starting to divide fans a little, and that in itself was puzzling.

The article was misconstrued as an attack on Miller and we received a LOT of criticism for daring to point out one or two of Miller’s flaws. Indeed, frankly few articles we have published in the past six months received more ire, and the following are some examples of the angry and passionate defences Miller got back then:

Entirely unanimous support for Miller!
Fast-forward to the present day, and we run a poll asking whose side the fans take in the Miller Mayhem debacle – it was two thirds heavily supporting the manager, who only a week or so earlier was being lambasted by all and sundry among the support (not just us).

We really do have to wonder what has changed within the support over the past four or five days that now has the fans siding with Pedro, even starting hashtags to that effect, and condemning Miller without even knowing the truth of what happened behind the scenes.

Until Pedro dropped him, Miller, while admittedly out of form, had been viewed by the vast majority of the support as a real Rangers man – someone who had given up a cushy well-paid gig in Vancouver to come to the backwater dirge of League 2 and his club. Yes, he played for ‘them’ – and yes, that will never be forgiven, but equally since coming back few have done more for Rangers and represented us as well, or worked as hard.

Kenny Miller has made up for his mistake, in our view. And that is a view that was, prior to this soap opera, held by many.

So what changed?

Why do Rangers fans, without any evidence, believe Kenny Miller has been leaking inside information? Pedro stated before the League Cup quarter v Thistle that:

“Kenny Miller will be given a break. He will have a day off tomorrow to enjoy with the family. I want him to switch off from football.”

Reading between the lines it screams of being dropped via form issues. Just like Jason Holt. Do we really have evidence Miller has led some kind of uprising against Pedro?

We just do not understand the massive groundswell of support for the manager’s side when there is no reason for it.

It almost seems to us that Miller’s past mistake is now being used as an excuse to side against him, and without the facts present, that is dangerous ground.

We are not supporting any national publication, incidentally – we are well aware one of them is backing Miller big time and we are not endorsing that. This article is totally independent of their opinions and leanings, and we care not what anyone else thinks or does.

Caixinha has made countless errors since arriving in Govan. Miller is now the fourth player to be thrown out.

Yet while fans were outraged over Barrie McKay and Michael O’Halloran’s treatment, they seem to be in support of it happening to Miller.

And we cannot fathom why.


  1. Pedro, you have to REALISE that KENNY MILLER is a Rangers icon,you should learn from that,yes he has struggled so far this year( he is 37 now,cant expect too much from him in 90 minute games BUT dont think he wont do his best,to improve…
    the one you SHOULD be more concerned with is the VERY struggling PENA.

    • "Kenny Miller is a Rangers icon"….Richard Filligham ( we have a terrible habit of commenting on our own posts) Not for this Rangers man, he's a former beggar.

    • Carlos Peña is an attacking midfielder. Kenny Miller is a striker. There is no comparison. However if you want to go there, let's see who's really struggling…

      Carlos Peña has scored one league goal from 5 shots (3 on target) in just over 200 minutes played. Kenny Miller has scored none despite being one of the players afforded more game time than others.

      Peña has the excuse of uprooting his family from the other side of the globe and adapting to a completely different style of football. Miller has no excuse. He's past it and shouldn't have beeen given another new contract.

  2. It’s easy to put blame when things aren’t going right. And sadly it’s the Just rangers men that get it. I’ve just watched the highlights from the Leon game 10 years ago. The way a lot of fans treated McCulloch the other year obviously had forgot what he had done for us before and the same goes for Miller. Maybe we expect more from our own that those from the outside. Last season haliday and holt were both terrible. But haliday got it worse from everyone purely because he’s one of us. Maybe we expect more from our own, so when things go bad we blame them the most

  3. The same people on here will always defend your viewpoint, but this article isn’t really about Kenny Miller is it? it’s about the fact that people out there still want Pedro to succeed, and that’s annoying you that he has support.

    Personally, I hate seeing what is happening to Kenny. But if he’s not good enough to be on the pitch, then a guy as vocal as him was never going to roll over and accept being a sub or a squad player. Pedro probably sees his gripes and moans as having a negative effect on the group and is trying to calm the situation by sending him to the u20s to re-evaluate his role.

    Get behind the manager and give him the benefit of the doubt on this one… for a change!

  4. He played for Celtic….no icon no hero! Pena is not going to cut it here either I would install Jason holt he deserves a shot or play Herrera and el buffalo upfront together..

  5. Because people are tubes that believe any statement or rumour that comes out of Level 5 to the point of blind lunacy.

  6. Pena was trumpeted as a box to box player…aye he looks that alright… from milk tray tae f'n thorntons are the only boxes he's been advancing tae wae any pace. Get him, that f'n bampot Caixinha and most of the rest of his signings tae f'k asap,we're wasting time we don't have. As far as Kenny Miller is concerned a don't believe that he is anything other than a consummate professional and don't believe he has done anything wrong apart from maybe upsetting aforementioned bampots fragile ego. However, the real culprits in this omnishambles are the fkrs who hired first Warburton and now this f'n maniac!! while we're at it get that level 5 mob tae f'k as well as they're as culpable as anyone for the sham of a double mockery we currently find ourselves in.

  7. No matter what people have heard or think they know, the hard facts are that we do not know what the situation is with Miller. I believe that is how it should be, as it is between the manager and his player and no one else. Yes we would all like to know what is going on and you could argue as paying fans we should know. However, the manager has the right to manage and until that changes we have to believe that what he is doing is the best thing in his eyes for the club. Wild speculation and someone heard this or an unknown journalist who claims inside knowledge said the next thing is all tosh. We may never know what has happened and unfortunately that is all part of the footballing culture.

  8. I for one have not turned my back on Miller. Unfortunately I think the Celtic connection has caused the fans to vote against him but i 100% agree that he has paid back for that mistake big time, When we needed a leader he was there. He has been our best performer for the last 3 years. I assumed he would go into the Rangers coaching staff at the end of the season , Which is the least he would deserve. WATP

  9. Many of the comments from supposed fans are embarrassing and actually say quite a lot about what kind of people they are.

    Nobody knows the true reasons for the fall out. Yet plenty are assuming Miller is the leaker. There is really nothing to back that up.

    If and I do say If, Miller was the leaker do these people really think he would be playing with the youth team? Really!? He would be suspended prior to a HR led disciplinary process.

    I have to say I despise this element in our support that turns on players at the first sign of trouble, yet give unflinching backing to a manager who has done nothing to earn it.

    Pedro has so far been a disaster, but I feel strongly that sacking him now would not be a smart move. However he has handled this poorly and thrown Miller to the worst people at the club to be tried by innuendo and gossip.

    A clear and unsavoury pattern is emerging where the club treats those it no longer wants in a truly shocking manner.

  10. Social media is the issue to many people jump on band wagons n can't think for themselves, nobody knows wat really hapined apart from the players n management team. In my eyes Miller has carried this team for the past cple of years he's been the one guy who'll stand up n be counted not hiding like most of the players in the past cple of years always gives his all n has GERS at heart.
    Then the guy has a drop in form n he's getting crucified n he still doesn't go into hiding , short memories. It isn't opinion most of the people who can't wait till he drops form or does something wrong are in the camp of he played for them like mo Johnston n will never let that go even tho this guys heart is with the GERS. In this instance I won't take sides till the truth comes out but wat I will say is I don't rate caixinha n think it's only around the corner till the team have another meltdown or crisis n I wud rather have a guy like Miller in around the squad who is the model pro n can pass on his experience n wat it means to play for this club and believe he should b giving a coaching job at the end of his playing career.

  11. The managers right to get shot of that cunt Miller how can you trust anybody who would team up with your enemy too many fans got short memories if your not with us your against us

    • This cunt as you say is a professional footballer from Edinburgh, not a born rangers fan. He got offered a chance at celtic after being dumped by rangers after one season. He went to England and got a chance to Come home to Scotland possibly win trophy's. He didn't owe us anything after one season and has since shown were his heart lies. Have a bit of respect m8.

  12. The fewer the facts, the stronger the opinion.

    …A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion.

    Had we not beaten Hamilton maybe it would've been #ImsackingPedro

    If we don't get the results and the 'Final' we need in the next 4/5 games I fear the worst for Pedro.

    Hopefully (after our 10 man Hamilton victory), we will see from 'The Famous Glasgow Rangers', supporters included, a more positive, persistent unity.

    My Personal opinion, for what it's worth!
    We are family, we were fortunate enough to be birthed into the Greatest of families, we will have our fall-outs as families do but, have we so quickly forgotten that 5 years ago it could have all ended.

    Truth is, there would no longer be a family to fall-out with and I for one am just grateful we're back in the top flight and going for 55…not really expecting it this year but with some positive persistence, who knows!

    WATP – Since 1872

    • " going for 55… not really expecting it this year…but…who knows ! " what are you on m8… If we don't get oor act together very soon …there's more chance of them gettin there before us.

  13. I've always liked Kenny, he has been a good player for us. I've always said, if he continued to contribute to our team, then great, however, he has not been playing well at all, therefore should be dropped accordingly. Your only as good as your next game. That goes for all our players! Or so you'd think!
    The manager reserves the right to pick whatever team he wants and he will be judged on his results, which will probably see him sacked by Xmas if the results continue as they are!
    As for the Pedro/Kenny fall out. We just don't know! But the manager reserves the right to include or exclude whoever he chooses, so just accept that and move on!

  14. I can’t believe that our supporters would take the side of a dreadful Rangers manager in Pedro Caixinha, over one of our most loyal and best players over the last 3 years.

    Hopefully our board members will step in and sort this sorry situation out. The Rangers fans deserve better behaviour than this from our current manager (but possibly he'll be gone before long).

    Kenny Miller, is known for giving Rangers his all in every match – even if he's playing badly, he never gives up.

    He usually scores goals and plays his heart out and is a true professional and one I greatly admire.

    Pedro turning on Kenny Miller demonstrates just how little he actually knows about the core element of Rangers Football Club. Throughout Kenny’s long illustrious Rangers career, he has been nothing short of a model professional in the Scottish game.

    It is obvious because he once played for the east enders, some of the support will NEVER forgive him. I think he now knows it was a big mistake to make.

    Kenny will definitely be disappointed with his own present form and knows that he has not done himself justice on the park this season.

  15. Miller is 37, his legs have gone, he is the past, not the future. There is no sentiment in football. It is all about winning, nothing else matters! This is not about whether Pena will make it at Rangers, it is about whether Miller is good enough and the answer is that he is not. He should not be in the team and he is not the only one.

  16. Agree completely with Martin Hamilton, Miller is a PROFESSIONAL, that means he sells his skills to the highest bidder and he is only one tackle away from a career ending injury. I don't know the answer to this but if you asked any manager he has worked with, my guess is that he is highly respected! I also believe that as he is getting older, he is looking at the next phase of his career and it involves coaching, more than can be said for Brother Pedro!

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