We just cannot understand this about Pedro


It is like a broken record here at Ibrox Noise towers. We are almost sorry to keep banging on about this topic constantly, but we remain consistently at a loss to understand it.

If Rangers fans have argued non-stop this season about Pedro, formation, players, Kenny Miller and even the board we have been united almost to a Bear, Bearette and child over the continued untouchability of Josh Windass.

The less effective this lad is, the more guaranteed he seems to be to play. We have to go back to the opening 25 minutes against Celtic for the last time he looked even remotely half decent. Then back to the opening 25 minutes V Hibs for the last time before that.

Notice a pattern?

If there is one thing almost all Rangers fans have in common, it is a complete perplexion (is that even a word) over how the 23-year old attacker consistently takes up the left flank, consistently fails to deliver anything of note, then takes it up next match.

No attempt by Pedro has been made in recent weeks to change it – no restoration of Myles Beerman to the left back slot to give him another shot while Declan John takes up the left. No Declan John at LB and Aaron Nemane deployed down the side.

No, we concede it is a problem area, but the solution to that problem is not Josh Windass. Yet the worse and less effective he gets, the more happy his manager seems to be with him.

Speaking in August Pedro said:

“Josh is a nice boy and a very good player, with huge potential. We just need to work with him on the mental side in order for him to have more self confidence and to believe more in himself. We’re looking for him to have a more regular state of play and we want more from him. He played more in the wide area and I think it suits him better changing the pattern of playing wide and helping inside, playing between the lines and more connections with the strikers and central midfielders. That is what Josh can give to us and he is doing really well and is going to help us definitely and will make sure that the team and squad is more competitive by having more options for us.”

Caixinha simply will not see what everyone else does with Windass, which is a player who simply is not good enough. Candeias on the other side might not be Brian Laudrup either but he is justifying his place through hard work and mostly solid performances.

But Windass fails to convince anyone bar Pedro.

Answers on a post card folks.


  1. UR asking an impossible question here, God himself couldn't enlighten U🔥
    Watch he will have a blinder on Sunday & we will back here in a month with same same!!!!

  2. You are the people who bad mouthed Pedro after the Motherwell game when you raved about Windass? Pedro urged caution about Windass and you bad mouthed Pedro for not being wholesome in his praise! The problem is we have no natural left sided player: When Wallace is fit Pedro can push John forward and that will Be goodbye Windass: Meanwhile he must encourage the guy: Maybe Walker was earmarked for that slot: Wait and see:

  3. got to agree think we are missing out especially longer game goes on windass offers nothing we have got players desperate for a game think the team is looking a lot stronger now windass is the weak link .pedro needs to drop him give declon john his place when wallace our captains fit

  4. It is now becoming obvious that Aaron Nemane was not Pedro's idea. We never really hear anything about our Director of Football.

    Windass may have been promised a run in the team, if he listened to Pedro about working on his defending skills, as he has been working harder to improve.

    • Richard Nemanes always on the bench and on for a minute at the end.
      Don't understand any part of that. He's a flying machine, I want a look don't care who sanctioned the move!!

  5. "we just need to work with him on the mental side in order for him to have more self confidence and believe more in himself…"- Pedro has explained it, he said the boy has potential, he's never said he's the finished article! Continuous articles slagging the boy off or the boo boy treatment will definitely not help his confidence. While he's playing then support and encourage him- the fact he has these 30 mins spells where he looks unplayable proves there's a player in there. Let Pedro do his stuff just like he's doing with Pena! – the dogs are barking but the caravan keeps moving! 😉 WATP

    • Meantime we play with 10 men for 60 mins until we see if Windass fulfills this potential? I don't know any other player that would get away with that!

    • Jimbo spot on.
      OK if were giving him time and the manager seeing something were not fine play him but soon as he's playing gash or goes AWOL he must get the hook.
      Niko & Josh are both passengers on the left.
      We defo need to address this sooner rather than later.

    • Just aswell the other 10 players perform for the entire 90 minutes of every game then eh?? 🤔 It's no wonder we rarely bring through many young players with this lack of patience and support.How can he reach his potential if we don't give him the chance? He needs a run of games- that's Pedro showing confidence in him- we need to do same! I suppose he's not the 1st when you remember the "support" Charlie Adam, Craig Moore, Ian Ferguson, Alex cleland, Bob Malcolm, Namouchi to name a few received. Hope he goes out and smashes Motherwell on Sunday! WATP

  6. Jimbo spot on. He's had his chances. As did Halliday

    Incidently I have great concern about Wallace returning unless he has been working on defensive skills.

    Every time we have a transfer window I sit and hope that the next is better.

    David please spend real money for the players identified and stop gambling with the theory players want to wait until we get freebies
    Some may catch on the thought of being shunned and receive better offers?

    I think Declan John is superb

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