VOTE: whose side do you take? Kenny or Pedro?


It has been a huge talking point over the past few days; with Kenny Miller’s reported banishment from the first team to the youths, the writing appears to be on the wall for the formerly untouchable Rangers striker.

Every time manager Pedro Caixinha has banned a player from first-team training, they have ended up moving on, either permanently or on loan. Whatever you think of his methods, and we have said a great deal on that, dismissal from training with the seniors under this manager has left no room for return.

So if history does teach us anything, Kenny Miller will never again play for Rangers, certainly not under Pedro Caixinha.

So we are going to ask you guys directly – without any grey area of ‘we do not know what really happened’, whose side are you on?

Do you trust Pedro’s judgement in canning Miller to the lower reaches of the club, or do you think it is a bad move and Miller deserves a reprieve for his general contribution?

So yes, in true playground traditions; whose side do you take?

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  1. The player should never be bigger than the club. Pedro must keep all of his players happy and to be fair, he gave Kenny plenty of game time to make an impression but has failed miserably. My guess is Kenny questioned Pedros team selection which saw him on the bench against the beggars. Personally, I think it was long overdue with Kenny being subbed. And if he has taken the huff, then U20s might be a lesson he needs to learn from. But again, we are only assuming what has happened.

    • Pedro is the problem ! ! No man is bigger than the club .and that means the manager as well..kennys never had problems with any other manager ? ..
      Pedro can go any time.pedro has been here 5 mins and put his foot in his mouth ,every time he opens it. Man manager he is not ! !leguen comes to mind …watp

  2. Yes banish Kenny, he's been there a while and when Pedro came in it felt as though he was telling him how it works round Rangers, every boss needs to do things his way with the belief of the team/his people seems this is where it has broken

  3. I don’t think it’s incompatible to say that Kenny is absolutely right in his assessment of Pedro and resisting, in general terms, what Pedro is trying to do, while also holding the belief that Kenny needs to be dismissed from the club for his specific actions.

    Look, undermining the manager by going to the press or the blogs is unacceptable. End of story and is cause for dismissal. BUT… Pedro is, in fact, a fraud, a terrible manager who has done untold damage to the club, and who would be better back in Qatar.

  4. Pedro is a poor manager and should not have been given the job in the first place.

    He must interview well and obviously conned half of the board members – he is an arse, talks a lot of crap and is dragging Rangers down further than they deserve.

    The longer he goes on, the more damage he will do to the club, and who would be better back with smaller teams.

    My advice to Kenny Miller is. just wait for the next 6 weeks or so and I predict you will not have to leave Rangers – because Pedro will have to go first.

    • No Richard Kenny should never pull on a Rangers top again.
      What he did is inexcusable from any Rangers player? Manager's performance does not come into this, what he did was sacrilege.
      Not the Rangers way, I also think the board should back him 100% on the issue!
      Nobody is bigger than GLASGOW RANGERS end off!!!!

    • The manager is not bigger than the club either and should not be using his position to exact punishment or humiliate staff for his own personal reasons. The one thing that Pedro has been consistent with is his incompetence. Somebody needs to stand up to him and maybe it was KM. Mon the Gers

    • I think you are right Richard, Kenny should wait as Perdo will not last that's pretty clear now. He has over used his power here and it shows he is not a manager capable of accepting others views. This is probably why he gave the 'Scottish Rangers ' job to JJ as all the others would have told him what they think. Ultimatly performances will see the end of Pedro. He should not ask players opinions if he doesn't want to hear the truth.

      Robbie Wilson – As for 'it not being the Rangers way' and sacrilege I seem to remember Barry Ferguson doing the same thing. What ever has happened or was said I will back Miller because we all know what he has done for the club and how he is as passonate about it as we all are…he's a Rangers fan. We need to support our own rather than someone who in his career so far has done nothing, nothing at all.

    • Barry should have got the same result as Miller.
      If Barry had opened his mouth under Walter his feet wouldn't have touched the ground.
      As it should be for every single player at Rangers.

      What I will say is the people as then who are and saying fuk all is the Board who made both decisions in appointing both.

  5. Any player telling tales to the Daily Rebel and other Rangers haters should be binned. Don't care who it is. End of discussion!

  6. Look it's hightime we face facts and get behind Pedro we have players at ibrox that obviously don't agree with the boards choice we tried a British manager we tried a known quantity and look what happened you obviously think getting rid of the manager is the answer to your prayers well I don't think so the players at the club need to take along hard look at them selves and their attitude to playing for the club they need to find the winning mentality and stop runnino scared and the true supporters should back their club to the hilt and senior player should stop trying to get the manager sacked pedrop should rely on his scotish players to help settle the newbies in to the scotish game and just maybe look at changing the formation depending on our opposition instead of playing the same way against every one as for Kenny miller if he has being leaking information about what's going on in the dressingroom he should be shown the door we have had disharmony in the club before we have had players not giving their all here is a radical ideal why don't we drop the first team and play the under twenties in their place a player should be playing for the badge not their wages packets as ninety% of footballers do look what's happened to Frank de boer at crystal palace they sacked him to early and Roy Hodgson has not being able to stabilise them as yet we could be in that position if we do as some folk want us to do their is no manager going to touch us who have any credibility we need to go with the unproven first team needs to take long hard look at them selves and be honest do they deserve to play every match giving less than 100%

  7. With or without Kenny miller we are still pish, so yes I stick with Miller as Pedro has to go. How many players need to be binned before people realise the manager is rotten! The fans need to get a grip and stop defending a guy who has not done 1 thing right since he came to the club, along with some of the worst results we have ever witnessed. Time has come end this failed experiment and get someone who has actual credibility and respected. Anyone who says get behind the manager should give reasons why as I cannot think of 1, yet I can think of plenty as to why he needs sacked

  8. Kenny Miller has shown over the years that he is a true-blue Rangers man,yes he has struggled a lot this year,so far…but how many of our players could say theyve had a great season so far..NOT ONE !!….Pedro has to realise that Kenny will ALWAYS try to do a job for us and should therefore still be given time and im NOT saying full matches,ALL the players should be accessed DURING games and if some are struggling badly they should be removed from the pitch..i hope your listening Pedro..whether their Scottish or Mexican you have to take them out,you could certainly start with PENA this guy is either not fit or the Scottish game is too fast for him, either way as manager you should correct this problem..

  9. The simple fact of the matter is anyone who leaks/ discloses private information about the club that should be kept internal deserves instant dismissal.
    I really don't care who it is and what position they hold,they are accountable for their actions and should know that the club is greater than any individual.
    As we do not know the appropriate facts of the matter we are all speculating with the perceived breakdown with Pedro and Kenny but to make matters worse we have a number of so called ex players and "Rangers men" who are all too quick to undermine the current manager for their own personal agenda which is as equally disdainful as "leaking "
    I personally would bar those individuals from entering Ibrox.
    The sooner we get back to supporting the club and the management team the better.
    Whilst I acknowledge people's individual views on the current management team the constant negativity only helps to fan the flames of the anti Rangers brigade within the press who thrive on the ensuing chaos.
    I'd personally much rather support all who are committed to Rangers and damn the rest as the alternative is a continual division and erosion of our loyal support. This is what the dark side wish to propagate.

    • So even when someone is trying to do the right thing for the club by 'whistle blowing' you think get rid…really. He doesn't think he's bigger than the club, he is trying to protect the club against someone who clearly doesn't understand what he's managing.

  10. Alan Dawson….I concur with all you say…..Laurence wtf……a true blue wouldn't have signed for the paedos…..let's get this straight…..DK has to start putting his money in…..but he won't……and as a consequence he's brought in a manager that's won eff all……there you are….no investment no decent manager….no decent players……King…there's the root problem..Hedgerow is just a folly

  11. A true blue rangers man wouldn't celebrate the way he did against us at parkhead. Dedicated professional, yes. Not sure at all about Pedro but you have to back the manager, hardly Barry v plg is it? Miller is a squad player at best and has been poor this season.

  12. When Pedro came to the Gers Kenny Miller and Clint Hill were coming to the end of their contracts and wanting renewals. Both deserved extensions based on their performances last season. But Pedro the gypsy was reluctant, eventually binning Clint but keeping Kenny. He knew in his head that he had Alves and Cardoso coming along with Herrera and was wanting rid of the competition for their places. I'm saying that he was already showing favouritism from the moment he got the job. Now he's made an excuse to get rid of KM and we'll see more of Herrera. It's all conjecture of course but his thinking is as convoluted as his verbals. Why on earth should we get behind this manager? What has he shown?. He's never played at a decent level, coached at a decent level or held a job for a decent time. I said on Ibrox Noise when he was appointed that those of us expressing doubts about it shouldn't have to wait too long before we saw the back of him as we were his 10th club in 11 years. In any other walk of life if an employee was treated the way Pedro has treated Kenny, MOH and Forrester there would have been an outcry. I'm talking about humiliating senior players by sending them to play with the boys. He's not doing it for the sake of the team. He's doing it to protect himself from being exposed. Pedro is obviously extremely clever but he's not a Rangers class coach. He's a salesman with a brass neck and a rubbish CV. I agree with Richard. Kenny should sit it out because Ped is only a couple of defeats away from walking. Yes we've got some better individual players but they'd be even better and fitter with a different manager. Why doesn't he drop Windass? Is it to deflect criticism away from the players he brought here? I don't know if that's the case but I am certain that with him in charge we're far too easily beaten by mediocre teams. Apologies to the other teams who are performing better than us with lesser fan numbers and resources. So c'mon Pedro. Make it 11 out of 11. Leave now and let us build up some respect.
    Mon the Gers.

  13. Apologies for the error in my previous post. We are not Caixinha's 11th team in 11 years. We're the 11th where he's been manager or assistant manager since 2003. Still poor.

  14. Neither of them are of the class we have come to expect from our players & management, get rid of both of them. John Marr makes perfect sense! WATP,

  15. Ped is well in the wrong. By what’s been said he was unhappy with two things
    1st he accused all the Scottish players of not welcoming him or his players. We know this is wrong cause he’s already praised them for learning some Portuguese while his players aren’t learning much English

    2) he’s been angry that Miller was giving the captains arm band. But as vice captain shouldn’t he gain it any time he comes on the pitch if Wallace isn’t on it. If Pedro doesn’t want either of them as captain or vice captain he needs to change that publicly.

    We don’t know how Miller responded to that but I’d be surprised if he actually said anything more than what’s been said by the fans anyway. Pedro comes across a good talker but can’t deal with anyone that actually knows our club better

  16. Shame on those condemning Miller without even knowing the full facts.

    Probably the same fools that continue to shame the club signing sectarian songs.

    Is not about taking sides like children, it's about waiting to fund out the truth.

    I know several ex players, Miller is not the source of the leaks.

    • Totally agree. It is abhorrent that anyone shouts their big mouth off and prejudges not knowing the truth. People should hang their heads in shame. Kenny Miller has been exemplary for our club on and off the field and as a coach to our young players. Definitely deserves our support. There is no justification for doubting his integrity.

  17. Right am going to vex my feelings about someone I have known for a long time…..Kenny Miller…….he is a true pro and anytime i have spoke to him in recent years he was always gracious and at the same time played his cards close to his chest not giving any hints as to what he or his team were doing next. Also he was never a devious person even when he was a youth. So this Portuguese punter who is obviously in over his head at Ibrox….. is obviously attempting using his strong arm tactics to make a point and also trying to ingratiate himself to the rest of the players and those supporters that listen to him. …What has probably happened is that Kenny has told him a few truths he didn't like and he has reacted by throwing his toys oot the pram. So Kenny if he is forcing u out the door mate thanks for all your service, you are a great professional football player. Mr Pedro you are not!.

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