There is still a problem at Rangers

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Pedro Caixinha has not picked Kenny Miller to play in the first team since it was alleged that he was the mole in the Rangers squad and personally, I don’t believe a word of it – utter nonsense and with no proof, into the bargain.

I would not be surprised if Graeme Murty didn’t have something to do with Miller being allowed back from training with the U20’s squad – back to where he belongs – with the first team. The first thing Graeme did was to make Miller the captain down at Brentford. That spoke volumes of what Murty thought of this nonsense and it also kept his credibility with the player and his agent.

Meanwhile club PR boss Jim Traynor is a very intelligent man who knows Miller extremely well and he is also knowledgeable about football matters. He also knows exactly how the newspapers work and I don’t see James just standing back and allowing this ludicrous situation to fester any further. I suspect he had a word with the board to put an end to the rubbish being spread without a shred of evidence.

I played football with James Traynor for the Herald newspaper team and he was a very talented centre forward who could read the game brilliantly and score all types of goals.

He was and is a brilliant writer and I always appreciated the honesty in his work. He speaks his mind, so you knew where you stood with him. He only wants the best for Rangers and this was even before he was under our employ.

Dave Baldwin, who is Miller’s agent, has scotched any suggestion that Kenny was the source of any leaks. Posting on social media on Tuesday morning, Baldwin wrote:

“The ‘inferral’ that Kenny is anything other than one of the best ‘professionals’ of the last 20 years is a joke.”

Baldwin is very unhappy with Pedro’s behaviour in this matter and shocked that Miller couldn’t even make the bench and yet, Dalcio did. Please notice that Baldwin at no time said Miller was not fit for Friday night’s excellent 0-3 win at McDiarmid Park, as we covered recently.

By not putting Miller on the bench, Pedro took a gamble that Rangers were going to win this must win 3-point-match.

This time his wager worked, but it was a petty way to behave. The saga is becoming quite a shambles and is only staining the progress we hope to be making.


  1. Sorry don't get this one! THE problem at Ibrox is media relations and as I understand it Traynor is in charge of that area. If this site is regularly calling people to task for not doing their job (individual players, Manager, DofF and the Chairman) it's simply not credible that James Traynor is given this positive review. I for one would rather see him out the door.

  2. Im sorry but even if he isnt a mole, which i personally dont think he is, he has been absolutely shite this season. Seems his age is catching up with him. He has no touch. Breaks down play. Isnt very clever with passes anymore. Isnt scoring. So why would he be in the team? I myself love kenny. Couldnt give a fuck if he played for them, he plays for us now and has done the buisness in the past. But i think hes been dropped for having a go at pedro after the old firm defeat for not starting him. He came on and did zero so pedro was justified in not picking him. His agent is a little arsehole. Kenny should be man enough to accept he isnt good enough anymore and not rely on his agent to run his mouth on social media. If he is starting to act as if hes bigger than the club then get him to fuck!


  4. Millers Rangers career is over. His agent’s public outburst harm both Miller and the club. They are also designed to get Miller a move. Furthermore, there’s no way he’d be making these comments without Miller’s consent. Finally I’m glad the club are not responding to these outbursts. It does ya no good to play out such feudsin the Media. We are correct to maintain our silence.

    And let’s remember. There is NO player bigger than the club. Miller’s time is up. Goodbye 👍

  5. Go home Ibrox Noise, you're clearly drunk.

    The inferral of this article – and from Millers agent – is that Kenny should be in the team or on the bench regardless of his form or (alleged) behaviour.

    The fact is – and I've read a few comments on here saying the same thing – Kenny has been subpar so far this season, so leaving him out of the team against Saints was hardly 'a gamble' (your words).

    Ped loses a game and he's the worst manager ever. Ped wins a game and its because he took a gamble. How about actually backing the team and manager for a change, rather than looking for all the negatives?

    • I agree, although as far as Kenny is concerned, He`s a great player and his form may be off a bit, or could it be that he`s all over the park trying to help other positions, remember he helps Morales. No Kenny and Morales get less goals.He works harder for Rangers than most team members on or off the field.

  6. I think the treatment of Miller has been deplorable, if he was/is the mole fire him but don't ruin someones reputation by innuendo. He hasn't shown good form this year and should be dropped from the team but perhaps doing so and bringing him on as a sub would help that.

  7. I have to agree with most of the above. Kenny shouldn't expect to included because he's Kenny miller. When he is fit and his attitude is right (I had my doubts before all this happened) then there should be a place for him either in the squad or coaching and passing on his vast experience. I want it sorted but I'm behind Pedro and the club on this 1, I see improvement in the performance and team, keep it going this weekend! WATP

  8. idros call who he picks kenny miller hasnt been playing well so hes dropped pedro does not have to answer to millers agent hopefully windass will be next team is starting to take shape .everyone is out to get us celtic are not to lose there crown ,give our manager a bit respect

  9. Pedro at no point said Kenny was a leak – the Daily Record did. And considering the amount of apologies this paper has had to give to our Club in regards to false stories we can't go releasing statements every time the DR write a lie about us or a player.

    I don't think Kenny is a leak, if he was Pedro would have said and I for one don't feel Pedro has to respond to every non story papers write. But he has quoted "he's one of our own" as recently as Friday so Pedro clearly holds him in high regard what more do people want a full novel on how the sun shine's out his arse? Is it not hard to believe that Kenny has been dropped simply because he's been shite and Pena offers more? It's not a gamble when Kenny is dropped for our record Summer signing and when the boy's scoring goals and needs these games to get better. Totally with everyone else in saying Miller is not good enough this year.

    And it wasn't so long ago that the papers said Pedro lost the dressing room then we went and won 4-1 away to Hamilton. Stop aiming the fury at Pedro start looking outwards at the Papers and the Agent that has caused this disharmony.

    And well done Baldwin you've just killed your client's Rangers career (albeit Kenny would have been made well aware his Agent's intention about this outburts because if not it borders incompetence.)

    Pedro has clearly improved us from this time last year. We are 1 goal behind Celtic in goals scored and granted a few early bad results, get behind the team and the 11 that are playing and stop worrying about false paper propaganda that tries to make our Club look like a laughing stock the Media have played a blinder this is all they try to achieve. Sun/DR/BBC stop reading the pish they write..

  10. Disappointed in your statements what has Jim Traynor being a former team mate of yours and a good centre forward got to do with millers situation and as for taking a risk in not playing him against St Johnstone it would have been a bigger risk playing him he has been a good servant but his time is up

  11. This article is complete garbage. If you don't like Pedro just say, but don't patronise fellow Rangers fans with this "he took a gamble" nonsense! He used the same squad that ran out 4-1 winners the week before, without Miller. He has been poor this season and his form merits him being dropped regardless of anything else.

  12. It amazes me how quickly 'fans' turn on players that have done so much for the club over such a long period of time.

    Says more about them than it does about Miller. A lot more.

    I wish the club would stop being such a terrible employer. If Miller wasn't a good guy he could easily be taking club to court.

    Club accuses others of leaks yet has allowed leaks to media in a pathetic attempt to turn fans against Miller.

    Decent rangers fans see right through this – because it's hardly first time club has done this.

  13. If its written in a newspaper ESPECIALLY the Daily Rabble ( oh, i mean DAILY RECORD)
    doent believe these guys….they NEVER say anything positive about RANGERS. why??
    cause they love their Celtic Scum….

  14. I agree with E-Chef. We always disrespect players who have given us great service over the years. The fans should ALWAYS be behind our players with encouragement rather than slating them all the time.

  15. I would suggest that if The Noise guys don't have any stories or articles to write that are remotely interesting, accurate, progressive & not about the likes of "ma pal Jim pish" then they should do us all a favour and give it a miss & not to bore the arse off us

    And to camouflage this arse licking garbage exercise by bringing the Miller saga into it, just for the sake of it, does not disguise the fact that it is directed, for whatever reason, at one person only, namely Traynor, whose performance in his capacity in media relations thus far is ever so slightly better for Rangers than Whyte & Green managed to achieve

    Traynor & Rangers = Square peg in a round hole & is not working & will NEVER work & where the mischief making & consistent negative press coming out of Ibrox will continue, BY DESIGN, until we waken up & ban him from Ibrox.

    Am I paranoid or does the dawning suspicion that the Ibrox board room may have been taken over by a contingent of not so secret Septic minded people, with Septic interests at heart or are they just plain old fashioned nuggets who need to move aside and let real Rangers MEN in


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