The systemic failure which cost Rangers over two years

The systemic failure which cost Rangers over two years

So we have all had around 24 hours to digest the news that the Rangers board have finally indirectly owned up to their colossal failure earlier this year and given Pedro his marching orders.

We at Ibrox Noise opposed this appointment from the start, and we must say it was a feeling shared by a significant portion of the fanbase.

We wanted to be wrong, all of us – we needed to be, but when we sift through the wreckage of the various calamities furnished upon us by the Portuguese, it really looks like it is close to the worst Old Firm appointment in history.

There was simply no CV to this guy – no background clarity convincing us a genuinely random guy from Portugal and consigned to midtable mediocrity in Qatar was the right man to take charge of Rangers.

As we have covered a few times, Rangers’ board themselves were far from convinced. A near 50-50 split divided the suits, and just that one deciding vote clinched it.

A mention also must be made to ex-Rangers player Pedro Mendes, who was entirely complicit in this charade. All he saw was a chance for his client to manage a huge club and be paid well for the privilege.

If Pedro Mendes, having taken part in the claustrophobic goldfish bowl that is Glasgow and the Old Firm himself, truly believed his client was the right man to take over an ailing Rangers, a Rangers already in deep trouble and desperately trying to get out, then we must question his judgement.

In short, Mendes fed Caixinha to the lions and takes as much responsibility for it as half the board do for making the call.

But at the end of the day, we do not dislike Pedro. As Ibrox Noise’s own Greg Roots puts it, his only real crime was being ambitious.

The guy was completely out of his depth, in an alien land, and he felt the way to success was bringing his own fellas in – which, in fairness, often works. Look at Dick Advocaat bringing his Dutch mates. It worked.

But Advocaat was a UCL manager, a former Dutch NT manager – he also had major budget.

Pedro might have had a decent budget but he also did not have the calibre of experience to cope with what Rangers needed. Dick did.

Unfortunately that lack of experience and knowhow led to a man staring into the abyss like a rabbit in headlights. Doing all the wrong things, acting completely inappropriately and bringing disrepute on the club, sadly.

If Pedro Mendes was the one who brought him to Rangers’ board’s attention, then it would probably be wise to cut ties with our former Portuguese midfielder.

Pedro is not a bad man, far from it. He was just a shockingly ill-advised appointment at a time when Rangers need stability, not risk.

Now Rangers’ board has a huge chance to fix a two-year long mistake. Pedro was by no means the only managerial error – imagine the difference in Rangers had Tommy Wright, Steve Robinson, Sam Allardyce, Derek McInnes or the like taken over in the summer of 2015 instead of Mark Warburton.

We see how much work the Aberdeen and St Johnstone bosses to name just two have put in over the years and how Aberdeen sit comfortably in second while St Johnstone are an experienced top 6 to top 3 team these days.

But the ‘if only’ does not matter now.

Rangers must must must must MUST make the right appointment this time. They must listen to fans. Listen to club legends. Listen to everyone.

For Stewart Robertson to describe Pedro Caixinha as the ‘outstanding choice’ beggars the belief of our Managing Director’s judgement too.

Well, he has a chance to make amends. They all do.

And they really better had – Rangers’ future depends on it.

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  1. The good way to look is for all it’s cost the team time and another season, a lot of the board have put serious money in to pay for Pedro and his team, we paid compensation to get the guy, so it’s prob cost them more

  2. Where is all that 'serious funding' coming from Stuart? Paul Murray? Dave King? ….both don't have a pot to piss in, Alistair Johnson, another man with huge ego and no substance….Leatham & Park? ….just where is all this money going to come from is one question we need asking and more importantly, answering.

    Our board came in over 2yrs ago with the promise of riches and war chests the like of which we can only dream…what little they have put in has been squandered and wasted on shocking decisions and appointments on and off the field.

    Pedro was a man who saw his chance of greatness and went for it, you can never fault any man for than and he was a nice man in the completely wrong space, and that appointment is attributed to only those who wield power….once again they have shown they have no clue and no skill when it comes to the footballing side of things. Thanks to their shocking appointments and funding them, with a small but adequate budget, since they arrived we have seen the worst managers in our history at the club. 5yrs ago we had a chance to put a strategy and people in place to take us back to where we need to be, to some that was getting into the Prem, to some it will be only challenging our rivals and winning things, reality tells us where we really are….broken and once again ridiculed, throwing what little good money the fans put in via ST books after bad, again paying money for failure, a team not fit for purpose requiring a rebuilding exercise again and a stadium in serious need of maintenance….progress? I dont think much progress has been made the past 2 and a bit years….the season once again in tatters before we get to wear our false faces….I hear calls for this man, that man and these men to come in and transform us into beaters rather than the beaten we are at present. I await with eager excitement to see when the next Harry Potter arrives to wave his magic wand and transform us….reality can be such a cruel thing sadly.


    • 500k to get Pedro. £8milllion spent on transfers, losing 2million a year, yet we have no credit arrangements and no one will loan the club money. Where does it all come from if the board can’t afford it??

      I haven’t seen a single article in years where anyone has said there interested in buying the club

    • Stuart

      You are spot on and that's because they have the club stitched up like a kipper and the way it has been done we are a plc in name only….they have raped us and they dont even need to have money to do it….thanks to the backing of the fans NO ONE can invest in us….they can not buy into us in any way….thanks to the way our 'cartel' have set it up … there is no investment in anything its all keeping the lights on…and trying to put a team on the park, just look at the stadium for a start its looking very tacky. The Chairman is the face and the ambassador of any football club, with that one line …. I rest my argument.


  3. The next manager has arguably the toughest job in British football based upon the amount of expectation that he will face. McInness is odds on favourite and to be honest when you look at the list of possible candidates he is probably the safest bet however a quick look at his managerial career doesn't show anything other than another very average set of statistics with an overall win ratio of just over 46% and lets face it his record against Celtic is shocking. Compare that to Michel Preud'homme who has a win ratio of nearly 57% in I would suggest a much more competitive league. I,m not suggesting statistics should determine our next manager but McInnes doesn't look to be that impressive when you compare him to others.

  4. While there have been many negatives around the past few weeks, its only fair we applaud and mention the performance turned in by the team yesterday under quite difficult conditions.

    With a 'makeshift' defence we could have struggled big time but I thought Danny Wilson, despite being injured and out of favour, stepped in and solidified a defence that has been leaking like a basket in recent weeks, so with Pedro now gone, and him fit again, Wilson may just find himself playing a bit more under Murty.

    Kenny Miller again showed why he should never have been dropped and just how clueless Pedro was in his understanding of the game. Yes Miller infuriates the shit out of everyone when he drops into midfield and disappears and if he continues to do that then yes he should be dropped or substituted as all he does is fills a space thats better left….so get him high up alongside Morelos and we have a chance to score a few, but stress on him the importance of NOT falling back into the midfield. It also shows up those who were rumour mongering and discrediting Miller and also Wallace, shame on them and even more shame on those nasty so called Rangers fans who believed all the crap and took to social media with abuse towards him…. on who's say so? Level 5? People need to actually think whats going on and think whats being said and by who….smoke and mirrors is the name of the game down Ibrox way so people need to wise up and question everything.

    Well done to all the team yesterday and to Murty for once again bonding players into something akin to a football team and not 11 individuals chasing a ball.


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