The Pedro stat that will concern Rangers fans

The Pedro stat that will concern Rangers fans

Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has started to divide Rangers fans down the middle every bit as much as Ally McCoist ended up doing. There is a school of thought where a significant proportion of the support want to give the Portuguese more time, support him, be faithful with him etc. Meanwhile the opposite branch have already decided he is not the man.

Ibrox Noise is in the latter group, and in truth, always has been. We could never understand why Rangers appointed Pedro, with alternatives like Tommy Wright, Derek McInnes and Nigel Pearson on the table. Sure, not quite Diego Simeone but surely more relevant and valid a choice than Pedro.

We do know Pedro’s appointment split the board down the middle. We know it went to a vote and one (unnamed) board member, it appears, had the final say with their decisive vote which secured Caixinha.

And that division in the board has filtered into the support.

But when we look at Pedro’s managerial career, and his results at Ibrox, Rangers fans really should not be in the slightest bit surprised at how 50/50 things have been – 50% has been Pedro’s score from the get go in management.

Actually, we are being a touch generous – Pedro had never managed a 50% win ratio until he joined Rangers.

Let us take a look at the numbers from his entire spell as manager:

União de Leiria reside in the third tier of Portuguese football. As manager Pedro managed a 25% win ratio.

Meanwhile, he moved onto a slightly better Portuguese team in the form of Nacional and in his defence, his win ratio shifted up to 42.86%.

It went up further at Santos Laguna in Mexico where much is made of the fact Pedro ‘won titles’. Unfortunately it is not as cut and dried as that. His Santos Laguna did win the overall title in 2015 but the league structure has a strange similarity to the SPL and its split and the league there is split from January onwards. And without confusing you all further, in the three years there, Pedro had a 44.63% win ratio.

Finally we go off to Qatar where Pedro was plucked by the board from midtable obscurity with a stunning 43.59% win ratio at Al-Gharafa.

So, in short, what was it in Pedro’s resume that made half the board convinced he was the right man for Rangers?

If we look at the alternatives; Derek McInnes, following a poor start to his time in management with lowly scores at Bristol and St Johnstone now has a 58.41% win ratio at Aberdeen. Tommy Wright, at modest St Johnstone, manages, in the past four years, a 44.10% win ratio. For a team expected to be bottom six it is not half bad.

And Pedro? His win ratio at Ibrox is 56.52%, the best he has ever managed.

Mr 50%. If we look at the last four results, two wins in four. The last four before that. Two wins in four.

This may, to his staunchest fans, sound like a smear campaign and ‘get behind the team ya &*^*&^’ etc. We are. We are very much behind Rangers.

We just cannot see any improvement under Pedro beyond where we are now simply because his entire management career to present date shows no evidence that he is capable of it.

The best football betting strategy here would be that we are likely to remain exactly as we are.

Tomorrow we will travel to McDiarmid Park. Maybe we shall win. Maybe we will not. But this regime is not one we are able to trust on any level.

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  1. Agree with Article, except taking on McInnes, Wright etc, I want Jurgen Klinsman at the helm, I can dream.
    However, Pedro didn't even improve our team when he first came to Rangers, which I found unusual as historically teams or players usually improve after a new managerial appointment, but our team got worse. He got rid of some dead wood, but not all. He made a fatal error not signing 3 quality centre halves to support/replace Alves.
    I gave Pedro till the Old Firm game to see any improvement, but we failed miserably. We held them, but could not attack.
    I do not foresee us improving in any given time, we are still catching up with the Sheep worshipers for goodness sake, let alone the beggars!!! And after spending 10 million and highest earning players in Scotland, we are 6 points behind both of them!! Unacceptable.
    Now Pedro has wound up St Johnstone comparing them to Morton. Who is going to shut this guy up at press conferences.
    I don't hold much hope tomorrow against St Johnstone, especially when we cant beat Morton in a closed door game. Pedro will be away before xmas, but it will be too late by then, season for winning the league is written off as far as I'm concerned unless some miracle occurs. We will be lucky to get third at this rate.

  2. The board brought him in knowing full well that a foreign manager would make the dim witted amongst us sit up and think “they’re goin fur 55!”

    Sadly a large number bought it, a large number that bought into Barton have bought into Bruno Alves and it all seems to be going the exact same way.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if McDiarmid Park becomes remembered for that time Rangers were feebly turned over.

  3. I am not sure about this site never anything positive ok so you dont like Padro but the truth is you have never given him a chance always picking faults. Get soe no hoper like McInnes or Wright like they would win anything. I am fed up hearing about Pedro doesn't understand the Scottish game. Whats to understand its rubbish.
    This forum has gone on and on about signing the dead wood from Hearts as someone else rightly stated if he was any good surely someone else would have made a bid for him after all the asking price wasnt much.
    You keep going on about getting Scottish players who? We have almost no money and play in a micky mouse league exactly who do you think that is anyway decent wants to come here?
    You need a reality check. We are where we are and given all that has gone in the past we are not doing that bad.
    You need to get over the fact that it will take time and patience to rebuild it is a step at a time and I believe we are going in the right direction yes slowly but better than going backwards.
    Give the guy a chance stop moaning about everything. Alves you complain exactly how many games has he actually played doesn't he and all the others deserve some time to get used to the changes they are faced with?
    All to easy to sit in your glass house and throw stones.
    I sugeest you give up on the negativity and try actually supporting the team

    • Andy, i have to agree with you.

      IN, we all know full well what Pedro's win ratio was and is, its been common knowledge for some time so why bring it up now (again). we all know tomorrows game will be a tough one, one we could win or won we could lose (that's usually what tough games are – win or lose), but why state the obvious?

      I am a fan of this site but the Pedro negativity is getting us know where. As you have said (several times)half the board voted the man in and half didn't want him. Pedro is here until the board (collectively) decide he is not the man and he has to go so until then why don't we give this one a rest?

      Its been an emotional roller coaster the last few years being a Gers fan but as much as i know we could get beat tomorrow i still cant wait for the game. i am still excited about the team news and still expect us to pick up that result, regardless of Pedro being the manager or not and this is what we should all be talking about.

      Its game night tomorrow, who will play, who will be on the bench, what will the formation be???
      Come on get in, i cant be the only one that's looking forward to tomorrow and hoping we get that away win??

    • There is a lot of HOPE when looking forward to tomorrow's game. And it has a distinguished ring to it of wishful thinking. Better that than the reality of us twiddling our thumbs and lacking coherent tactics and ambition.

    • We need at least 2 more transfer windows before were ready to challenge the unwashed.
      We are a quarter way through the season ffs, this is going to take time whether you like it or not.
      Our team is better than last season and with 3/4 more in January.
      Miller has been pure rotten this season and I prey he's not playing tomorrow nite.

    • im no pedro lover .but i too cant wait for games to come around .i think we are going to click give the guy until new year ive never seen a guy stick up for his team as much as pedro would love to see him lift a trophy this year the fans will go mental give your support to pedro and the team w.a.t.p

  4. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer on all of this. It comes down to the expectations and personalities of our fanbase. Some expect results straight away some just hope for improvement. Some want pedro out, some want some stability at ibrox etc etc. I love ibrox noise and I view it as a place to come to see what our fans are thinking. The author raises a discussion topic and we get to agree, disagree or abit of both. I really do love reading our fans opinions and we don't get a lot of trolls on here. The only negative I have as a poster is that it can come across as if the authors opinion is final and past posts were ibrox noise has been proven right is always mentioned. I am slightly feeling a disconnection between author and poster and maybe both sides need to understand the others opinions more. We have pedro for now so let's see what's happened during the international break tactics wise and hope for a result against St Johnstone. Good or bad we can discuss it further as a united fan Base on ibrox noise. the effort to run this site should be appreciated, we won't always agree but together WATP

  5. Martin, I, like yourself enjoy reading/posting all the different of opinions on how our team should be run. Your point regarding the authors opinion is final was spot on! I too sometimes feel a disconnection, especially when the author does not agree with my point!
    Unlike some fans, I do not attend games with enthusiasm, but more of hope and pray we win and not give away easy points. Walking away from Ibrox against fibs and tarts in our first two games at Ibrox was very soul destroying and not surprisingly, fans round about me walking to the bus/cars were not jumping with joy either. But we will never desert out club, we will return the week after, just hurts like hell to watch our players not showing the urgency or pride for the jersey.

  6. This is an excellent site for us bears to voice our opinions, which of course will not influence the actual team selection or the outcome of the game. It's great to read other people's views about performances and team selections, and to argue our points. But no one is immune from criticism, not even the manager. Never having heard of him before I, like most of us I guess, googled him when he was appointed, and was left scratching my head. Sadly , as I've said previously on this site, we're looking forward to the games with hope rather than expectations, and that is down to the performance of the manager. Of course we'll be 100% behind the team tomorrow night and every other game but i'd still like to see the back of Pedro. He is what he is and that's half as good as what we need. Mon the Gers

  7. Pedro's a bit of a nutter, but he's probably showing more balls than most of the players, considering he's being absolutely hammered by the media and fellow managers all over the shop. Every little comment he makes is blown up by the media and used to wind up other managers.
    I just wish it wasn't Him versus everyone and occasionally our DoF or Board would weigh in and back the man.

    He may have lots of faults, but this is a rebuilding project and if he goes, we start rebuilding again. How many times can you re-start?

    The other thing being, who could possibly replace him on our budget and with the backing he's had?

    So I get behind him and the team and look forward to every game, albeit with a squeaky bum.

    This site is better than others where players are destroyed online, but there is a tendency to nail colours to the mast and damn the naysayers.

    If Ped does get the boot, there's going to be a lot of preening on here, which I for one am not looking forward to. Unnecessary and unhelpful.
    'Mon the Ped.

  8. Stats mean very little…win ratios etc… Who knows the team or the league and above all the standard of the opposition in that said league.
    Pedro has improved this team for sure and it is so early days in this new season. We need to be more patient here. I like Pedro and he is passionate about our club. Trust me, he will steer our ship away from the storm. Be honest, would you swop the current team for the one 12 months ago?
    Patience fellow Bears…

  9. Been a while since I commented …The OF game was poor…no impact no penetration on a simple system they use all the time…watch Bayern tear them apart on Wednesday !! and we always seem to have looked ordinary…Bad signings for lots of money…Manager seems he'll bent on continually talking annoying crap !@ Yes we are Rangers Yes we are Rangers Supporters but …

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