Surprise contender appears in Rangers’ managerial hunt


A surprise name has emerged in the list of contenders to replace now-departed Pedro Caixinha.

In due course, Ibrox Noise will take you through all the main contenders to succeed the Portuguese, but one name has certainly stood out for the unexpected nature of the interest in him, but it is a name with pedigree, experience, and class at the highest levels.

Belgian Michel Preud’homme has surprisingly arisen in the list of potential new bosses, with some outlets pricing him as low as 12/1, having risen over the past 24 hours from 25.

You may not know him by name, but this former world class Belgian goalkeeper is instantly recognisable by face, such are his number of appearances in the Champions League both as player for Benfica and manager of Brugges, which is his current position.

While everyone reading this is likely screaming ‘not another foreigner’, we agree, it is a risky move, but we are just reporting Preud’homme is in the running, not that we endorse a move for him.

Nevertheless, his CV makes for impressive reading, but hey, so does Bruno Alves’; but if we try to avoid comparisons, MPH is not only an experienced veteran at every level of football, and was runner up of the Euros in ’80, but on an individual level won various accolades as goalkeeper.

As far as quality goes, the guy is not bad at as either player or manager.

Again, we are not advocating signing him up – the chances are remote, and Rangers’ board surely is not going to take another risk.

But at least the risk on him is based on standard chance, not his having the CV of Mr Average.

And we are being linked with quality managers which is always a plus.


  1. It's important they don't overthink this decision and try to be too clever. The obvious choice is McInnes, same as it was last year. It remains to be seen if he'd topple Celtic but nobody can doubt that he'd get us much closer and leave us in a stronger position if he did have to step aside in a couple years.

    Walter Smith wasn't the attractive option when he took over from Souey.

  2. Guaranteed safe pair of hands is needed at this juncture not another crazy left field appointment. DeBoers win recored at Ajax was one of the best in Europe (ignore Inter & Palace glitches), McInnes or Allardyce.

  3. or Paul le Guen, immensly qualified, and no Ferguson Boyd or Alan `whats is name`to stab him in the back. would certainly get rid of the fish and chip/iron bru diet

  4. Derek mcinnes has done nothing Aberdeen the second best team in spl for all the years we have been out plus at the moment yet Wednesday night gave a fair reflection of him 3-0 at home he is not got it to challenge Celtic I really have no idea but don't like the names being branded as favourites we certainly need someone who has good track record and help if he can speak Portuguese the way things are left by Pedro

  5. This is easy, we need a safe pair of hands. Someone who know the club and Scottish football. We need someone who will make sure who ever plays in a Rangers jersey will beat every team in the league (except maybe one, in the short term). We are going into games against Motherwell and St Johnstone etc and not 100% confident we will win. That has to stop immediately! For me the man to achieve this is Alex McLeish. He will restore pride and passion and grid out results against the rest. I would back him that we could beat that lot at least one this season. Don't forget when he was here before he had a better record than the manager he was up against …O'Neil.

    As for McInnes he is simply not man enough for Rangers. He would buckle under the weight of the job. Furthermore he had time to take on that lot before Rogers arrived and didn't achieve anything. He was roundly criticised after Wednesday nights 0-3 for his poor tactics. He is not the man for us…he wouldn't last 12 months.

    • Alex McLeish another one who could not stay in a job many years have passed and football has changed look at the young up coming managers in the EPL and look for a hungary young up coming manager for us no old over the hills may not apply,but lets face it the board pick our next manager but it should be down to last three then the fans take a vote on it then the one man most agree on is the one.

    • McInnes had a fraction of the resources and came close to winning the league against Delta's Celtic. He also won a cup and stopped a few trebles which bases on resources he had no right to do.

      He's also got Aberdeen ahead of us despite a quarter of the budget and having to rebuild half his team.

      He deserves his chance.

      If not now, when….??????

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