Rangers’ new manager has a problem


With Rangers now in the safe temporary hands of Graeme Murty and Jonatan Johansson, the search is most certainly on to find Pedro Caixinha’s permanent successor.

This morning, reports have appeared to have broken the hunt down to two men – the favourite, Derek McInnes, and the new contender, Alan Pardew.

The latter has been linked to Rangers for a long time, but in more of a fleeting passing context rather than genuine sincerity – but a national publication claims talks have taken place between his people and Rangers’ board.

How seriously we can take that is anyone’s guess – another outlet claimed talks had also taken place with Belgian Preud’homme which turned out to be a complete fiction, so do not be too believing of the media at this point.

But whoever it ends up being has a slight problem – all summer long Rangers were linked to Jamie Walker, Louis Moult, Kenny McLean and latterly, Lewis Morgan.

Four high-quality players from the SPFL who will not come cheap, McLean possibly aside. Will Rangers’ new manager continue those pursuits or is Rangers’ interest in these guys dead and buried with a new manager having their own ideas about who they want?

Rangers’ left wing issues continue to be a problem – Walker is a real solution, but it is possible the new boss will have no desire to bring him in and will have his own man for that slot.

Of course, in the case of McLean, should it be McInnes appointed, that deal is a 99% certainty for January.

But Morgan, Moult et al?

Less certain.

Rangers need quality additions, and frankly we do not mean average to above average like we currently have. The squad is ok, we admit that – but it is a distance off what Rangers should be.

When Rangers’ new manager arrives, he will demand the backing to bring in the kind of class Rangers deserve. But whether many of those four mentioned players fit into that category is anyone’s guess.

End of the day though, as long as we get the ammo to compete with Celtic toe to toe – yes, that is correct; if we are finally to get the right manager, we need the right money and the right players too, to challenge for the title.

Enough settling for second or third best – we appear to be going into the territory of a Rangers standard manager – we need Rangers standard players too.

Whether Morgan, Moult, McLean and Walker are is unknown.


  1. If it’s Mcinnes then I believe Moult would a target, taking into account they had a failed bid for him in summer. My first choice has always been Mcinnes, even before Warburton but if Pardew is serious then it will be a tough decision to make.

  2. Nonsense – all of them will be available to sign pre contracts on Jan 1st 2018 , Walker was offered to Rangers on deadline day as Hearts blinked first, Mclean is definitely leaving and if McInnes does get the job unless there has been a fall out he will walk on glass to come to us, Moult was touted at 1 million and while his stock has at least held and maybe even gone up then half that would be the most ,Morgan is the only none premiership player but he still had bids of 200k rejected by the club in the summer , and he might be the hardest to get as Celtic and at least 1 club from the EPl are believed to be sniffing around. So none of them will break the bank

    • Agreed. All are out of contract in the summer, so sign on pre-contracts Jan 1st then offer up to £200,000 for Moult. Rest can wait until next summer.

  3. Ma man yours and everyone else's here on IN heads going to be well and truly burst with this media circus that's about to prevail.
    Dark glasses & ear plugs required!!

  4. "Four high-quality players from the SPFL who will not come cheap, McLean possibly aside"??? Moult and walker are both out of contract in the summer so. How will they be expensive.. Even in January? And Lewis morgan is a youngster from St mirren – he won't exactly break the bank

  5. Pardew would be an excellent appointment he has all the right credentials to manage and coach Rangers , I'm not sure he could manage the circus that is the Old Firm , he seemed not to like that at Newcastle in fact was one of the reasons he left , but technically etc. …spot on . Mc Innes will ask for money if he gets the job I think he will want Moult and Mclean, Walker we will get anyway in the summer. The Boy Morgan is not what we need a the moment and I doubt Brenda will fancy him either Liewell might buy him out of spite the twat !!! Onwards …don't mention the last few months ..Just lets make sure at the AGM that we vote off those responsible WATP

    • Alan.
      Spot on mate don't listen to any of its all fuking bullshit.
      I honestly think we are taking a major risk on McInnes, he's got a 9% better strike rate than the guy we just got shot of.
      His record against the soap dodgers ooowf!!!
      But till we hear Allan & Kings short list, speculation will be non stop!!!

  6. Will it be the Manager's role to sign these players or will Mark Allen already be working on it? Was it not said that the DoF would take on this role once appointed?

  7. I get a sinking feeling at the suggestion of Pardew. Unstable, volatile, not great past record, and an anagram of his name says it all. 'WARPED'

  8. Pardew's record against Brenda is good. Played 9, won 3 drawn 3 lost 3. Given Pardew has almost always been managing a smaller team than Brenda it is a good stay that Brenda failed to win 6 out of 9 times against Pardew

    Does Pardew have a system that can frustrate Brenda and the manky mob, getting more out of this squad at the same time…?

  9. Ive spent hours sifting through the tinternet in a hope of seeing the apparent and god given talent and as such presumed and constantly hyped/reported possible valuable addition to Rangers in respect of Jamie Walker and the truth is I have found he haw that suggests this guy, with the greatest respect, is any better than average

    Nothing against the boy but there appears to be absolutely no evidence that he is any kind of answer for Rangers whereas Louis Moult & Kenny McLean, do certainly fall into that category in my opinion with Lewis Morgan a very good prospect also

    But its The Hearts boy, much more so than the others, that everyone appears to put first on the wanted list and I cant help wondering why? if I am looking in all the wrong places I would appreciate it if someone could direct me to any evidence that suggests that my concerns are unfounded

    There was a time we could afford a punt, but not these days unfortunately as we all know!


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