Rangers’ media blackout?


24 hours on and Rangers still have not put any Pedro Caixinha material from yesterday’s farcical press conference on display, leading to claims of a ‘media blackout’ from some quarters of the support.

Perhaps Rangers’ media team or Digital Content department was taking the day off, and who can blame them, but yesterday’s presser in which Pedro accused his players of everything under the sun has effectively not been endorsed by the club or its media channels who have skipped it entirely and instead focused on tomorrow’s clash with Steve Clarke’s Killie.

In truth, it is probably for the best – there is only so much lunacy us Rangers fans can take, and while we are sure the team and manager will get the right level of support at Ibrox tomorrow night, nevertheless the underlying grumbles about the situation at present are only going to grow.

But this is the first time we can remember a press conference by player or manager being completely ignored via all digital channels and not even being referred to in any sense officially.

To compound Pedro’s troubles, Clarke’s Killie will be out to impress their new manager, so while their team is hardly marquee, ‘new manager’ syndrome is a powerful incentive and Rangers will have their work cut out to secure all three points.


  1. some times things take time and pedro needs more time but in Scotland we need wins and lots of them he could be on his last legs next game we lose then Pedro is gone.

  2. The silence is deafening. Caixinha, the selection committee and King are all culpable of gross mismanagement of Rangers. Their weakness runs right through the club all the way to the team's performances on the pitch.
    Every one of them should look hard in a mirror and resign. None of them are Rangers standard.
    It has been dross in and dross out for too long and the fire in the belly of Rangers is being extinguished.
    Mark Allen really needs to show his mettle here and drive a Hurricane through our club and blow the lightweights out of Ibrox starting with the manager.

  3. I don't care what he has said or done, the fact is that we are far from the finished article and I still say that it is going to take at least 5 years to have this fixed Changing managers because we lose a few games along the way just prolongs that agony. You get rid of Pedro and then what? Who takes on the mantle of manager? If every Rangers fan were to cast a vote to get the manager they wanted and he was installed as manager, then what happens after after half a season and results are not going our way, do we just sack him as well? Fans need to get a grip on reality. Unless there is a miracle and we have mega millions invested in the club then we need to live with it.

  4. From the announcement Alves is to suffer a two game ban after the physical abuse we suffered on Sunday sums up that we should guide Pedro away from press conferences, other than to make a pre-written statement compiled by our media staff and refuse dialogue with any media.
    Our club is suffering badly, yet again, from negative press, total bias from all corners and moles within the club.
    Any Rangers fan present on Sunday at Hampden witnessed us being overpowered physically by Motherwell. I don’t for a minute think that it was all illegal, many were fair if solid challenges but, there were numerous tackles, challenges throughout the game deemed in FIFA guidelines seen to be ‘with intent’ or ‘excessive force’ and there were numerous individual challenges on Moreles that were unbelievable, an example when taken out, chopped down on the halfway line, the referee didn’t even give a foul. Robinson says Bowman is a clean player, few bookings, clean record, not a dirty player, well he led with his elbow on every challenge not just the two he clattered Cardoso with.
    It is time we closed up on all media coverage; the BBC are in contravention of their purpose already by giving our club no say, yet Cosgrove, English, McLaughlan, et al are given carte blanch verdicts to spout their bias bile against us, as do other tv and newspaper media.
    We as a football club need to begin to keep our business in-house, keep the fans informed and only supply the bare minimum we are contracted to do.
    A footnote; Sky are heading to be in the same boat as the BBC and BT (scumbag Sutton) with the loss of David Tanner and Neil McCann as the only true blues have now left.
    As Marvin Andrews said, we need to keep believing…. and keep schtum.

  5. Totally agree with everything Pedro said in the presser, he's spot on Scottish football has never evolved like alot of European counterparts and that is what is holding us back as a nation. There is a difference between being physical and strong to just pure brute force. Brendan Rodgers touched on the same point in an article the other week after we went out of the world cup, until we evolve our style and technical ability throughout every club in the country we are going to continue to lag behind.

    I personally feel this is what Pedro is trying to do with us but it's not going to happen overnight and we will take a few defeats in the process.

    There needs to be a level of perspective in all of this and the thought process of we are back in the premiership so we must be challenging for the tilt needs to stop. Purely spending alot in one window will not solve the problems the past years have created.

  6. Who gives a fuck ? What I give a fuck about is that Bruno Alves has just been offered a 2 match ban by the SFA compliance officer. Yer Bowman and every other Motherwell thug has got off Scott free.

    What a fucking joke. Aren’t we gonna stand upto this shite ? Instead of talking of media blackouts and swallowing the parochial/xenophobic Scottish press’ shite of trying to create a crisis at Rangers and destabilize us !!

    Tell them to ram their two game ban. Let’s go out there tomorrow and smash in a few goals and boot Killie all over the fucking park.

    • Scott…
      I think U should fill in for big Bruno tomorrow nite U certainly sound up for it!!?
      Get UR boots polished😎

    • Love it Scott. The only problem is, if Rangers players get physical, the SFA directive is to issue numerous yellow cards and if possible red cards AND of course tv evidence to scrutinise after the game is finished, just in case.
      You obviously forgot the SFA do not operate FIFA rules to accommodate Rangers getting an equal playing field. LOL.

  7. I still think we need to give Pedro a chance, he has shown he has passion for the Gers and can bring in some quality players. Bringing in so many new players was a gamble and off course all of them won't be what we expect. Tore Adre Flo was a classic example. Look at the dross that was there last season. If we get a new manager in every year because we loose games is only a step backwards each time. We have always had our backs against the wall, that will never change. Lest get behind the team and see where we are at the end of the season. Mclean in from Aderdoom, Jamie Walker in too and build from there. WATP

  8. Surely to God we can afford 800K in the next window for Moult, Walker, Maclean & Morgan.
    200K for each take it or leave it offers if not we'll have them for hehaw in the summer.

    Well fellow bears big Bruno 2 games stuck up him and blowman zilch!!
    Fuking Amazing how they hate the Rangers and all we stand for.
    We Do Not Choose We Are Chosen!!

    • Do you not think these players will get offers from England , lets face it we are competing with lower Championship and Division one clubs for players and still losing millions every year , a fact that most Rangers supporters choose to ignore .

  9. I've read a lot not just from this site but many others and there is understandably a lot of arguments for keeping Pedro or get rid. I am in the camp to keep him. I always felt that it would take at LEAST 3 transfer windows to get the team close to the finished article.
    Dave King and the other investors funded this transfer window and yes there are arguments it could have been spent better I agree.

    DK is now being chased to cough up £11 million for shares so no more transfer money from him. Not even enough in the coffers to get rid of Pedro and his coaches that is why we will keep him.

    January transfer window will be pre contracts or free transfers or very meager pay outs.

    The AGM in December should now give the board the missing votes they were looking for to try and raise funds from shares issue thanks to yours truly M Ashley. If sufficient funds and new investment is raised this will help with next summers transfer window along with new strip and shirt sponsor deals.

    I feel Pedro is very committed to the cause and would like to see him stay, remember this it will not be Pedro but The new DOF pulling the strings on future players.

    I am also pleased to see the younger players get there chance but, the demands of the fan's and the size of Rangers unless they are excellent and, lets be honest here not one could command a place week in week out in the first team just now purely because the first team is weak and lacking quality itself ie auld heid's a big Goughie,Brown, Laudrup, Weir, McAll enough said keep the faith and it will all come right in the end.

  10. Get Wallace in after injury, drop (from a large height, Windass) & play John instead. Drop Pena (from the same height as Windass!) & play Herrera to take the weight off Morelos who's being battered senseless every week- 4 4 2.

  11. Do I see common sense starting to prevail here ! have east fife got Kenny on that free yet?maybe if Kenny does his coaching badges etc he,d make a good manager for east fife perhaps a bit punditry and bobs yer uncle a happy bunny with some application he might make a good manager for someone. hes only 3 yrs younger than davie weir who may be interested in coming back to Scotland at a later time!!anyway pedro should get his shout to be fair on him he cant pick up a phone like Rodgers who could ask for 20 mill and probably buy his way out of trouble if need be mr king got one thing right celtic would never have got half their titles if we had been ok so in a round about way rangers need the time to build up again so lets enjoy it I'm sure pedro will enjoy it too if he gets to finish what he started.I believe hes an honest guy who wants everything for the club that we all want he does wear his heart on his sleeve and trying to make a fool of him isn't on at least everybody knows where they are with him and that's not weakness don't kid yourselves apart from that he makes a lot of sense and I wonder how many languages hes fluent in he speaks better English than half of Glasgow and he,s not the mug the press try to infer.

  12. The bitter stench of paranoia looms over these comments…

    When Tierney got lamped by Bowman we didn’t bat an eyelid, some even laughed, now he appears to have done the same thing to us and we are whinging and crying about how everything is so unfair.

    Grow a set. The “declining” of Alves ban is childish and simply a tool by which to rally the support and make us forget just how shit the shit pot is. Well done, now the SFA will hammer us whilst we slip lower and lower into the dregs of Scottish football and we’ll all be focused on how hard done by we are.

    Hook. Line. Sinker.

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