Rangers’ manager search; a done deal?


Speculation has grown today that Rangers have chosen their new manager and the appointment is as good as a done deal, sources claim.

Aberdeen’s Derek McInnes is said to be the new manager, with Rangers reportedly paying the compensation required to sever the Dons chief from his contract, and the announcement seemingly being in due course.

If these reports are accurate, it will have been a much quicker turnover than Rangers’ last manager vacancy, with interim Graeme Murty getting six matches in charge; this time that could be a lot less.

McInnes has been the hot favourite from the start, and has failed entirely to explicitly dismiss Rangers’ interest, making it clear enough that he was interested if the offer came in.

While some supporters have understandable reservations about him, if this new information comes to pass and McInnes does indeed take up the reins, we would consider it a very decent appointment indeed and would wish him the best of luck in his new role at Ibrox.


  1. Done deal really!!
    Where did that come from that big Throbber sutton?? If he told me it was sunny outside I would take a umbrella with me!!!!
    DOF saying we must take our time yesterday.
    5 days 976 applications that went well!!!!

  2. I think he is the correct choice. He has done a great job on 1/10 the budget of that lot and could do a very good job with more resources. he know exactly the type of player required the be successful in the SPL and that is what we need right now.
    And for everyone calling for Mcleish i would remind them where he came from before us and what did he go on to achieve after us? McInnes has a better CV at this point in his career than McLeish. He is the smart choice after the last 2 gambles.

    • Gonna stop talking nonsense eh! – He done a great job…Remind me what was great about it?

      Was it finishing second behind The worst Celtic team in years after bottling it?

      Was it the 5 years of doing nothing in Europe?

      Was it the one trophy in 5 years he got because Celtic were already knocked out?

      Was it the great achievment of finishing second when Hibs, Hearts and Rangers have been out the top flight and needing to rebuild?

      Gonna please fil me in because out of all the manager candidates he is the worst by a country mile..

    • McLeish won 7 trophies so far. Beat France home and away…beat them when O'Neil was in charge. He know how to beat them, McInnes hasn't got a clue. Tired of this "he's done a great job at Aberdeen" …how do you measure that…2nd when weren't even there. Two cup finals against them and lost them. Won a cup on penalty kicks!

      Yeah he's a born winner. He was offered £1m a year to manage Sunderland and bottled it on the basis he was concerned about the club changing ownership and him being out of a job…and walk away with at least £2m. If he's not prepared to take that risk he's never going to take the stress and pressure of being the Rangers manager.

      Furthermore is we pay £1 -1.5M compensation to get him then the board are truly incompetent and we will surely have to start questioning them much more closely.

      That money would probably pay for Pardews first years wages…and he would come for free.

      So if it is McInnes we will be hear again same time next year, right after the first old firm match arguing about who the next Rangers manager should be. He's not the man to challenge selic.

    • We jad decent scottish players when we beat france. Our team was equal to o'neils Celtic as well!! I wasn't sold on McInnes either but when you look at it it would be a good choice. Aberdeen were Mid Table at best when he arrived and now they have been 2nd to Celtic 4 years in row. Okay probably should have done better when RD was the scum boss!! Season before last they were in the title hunt up to 3 games left. I would take that right now. Last season second again when we returned to the top table and in the final of both cup comps!! Now if we did that we would of been happy, disappointed to lose but happy we got there and would look at it as progress!!! People complain that he hasn't beaten Celtic, well no one has in the last year and a half in Scotland so thays not an arguement!! At least he hasn't lost 9-0 to them.lile previous bosses of the sheep!! A year ago when Warbs left we all wanted DM whats changed!?

    • McLeish would be a disaster. he lost every game against Celtic in one season. from what I can remember that team also barely managed a shot. also we sacked him in his final season. the year he finished 3rd with a far better team

    • Big Blue you are a complete numpty. Here's a selection of Pardew's achievements at everywhere apart from Newcastle (although including a big controversy at Newcastle. The guy makes Pedro look conventional!)

      West Ham
      In the 2006–07 season, Pardew was criticised after seeing West Ham through their worst run of defeats in over 70 years which included an exit from the UEFA Cup to Palermo in the first round and a League Cup defeat to Chesterfield. West Ham's new owners stated their support for Pardew, but on 11 December 2006, following a 4–0 defeat away at Bolton Wanderers the previous weekend, Pardew was sacked by the club.

      Charlton's form, however, quickly deteriorated and they were near the foot of the table after eight games without a win. After a 5–2 home defeat to Sheffield United, hundreds of supporters remained for more than an hour to condemn their manager, chanting, "We want Pardew out" and "We want our club back" after Charlton had slipped into the Championship's bottom three. On 22 November 2008, Pardew parted company with Charlton by mutual consent.

      Five months later, Pardew was dismissed by the club amidst reports of low staff morale and conflicts between Pardew and club chairman Nicola Cortese.

      Crystal Palace
      After a poor start to the 2016–17 season, and poor results overall in the 2016 calendar year, Pardew was sacked as manager on 22 December 2016; Palace had won only 6 matches of 36 played in 2016. They had won 1 in 11 and were placed 17th in the Premier League table at the time of his sacking. Palace chairman Steve Parish said Pardew's "expansive style of football hasn't worked", and, "Now we're going to wind the dial back the other way”

      Pardew has been involved in several controversial issues and events. In 2003, the BBC described him as being a "dangerous and distant animal" in the media, referring to his lack of public relations abilities, which has led him to making several rash comments.
      • On the opening day of the 2012–13 Premier League season against Tottenham Hotspur, Pardew pushed an official after an incident where the ball appeared to go over the touchline, but the referee deemed it to still be in play. Pardew later apologised, citing his behaviour as "ridiculous".
      •In January 2014, during the Premier League match against Manchester City, Pardew verbally abused opposition manager Manuel Pellegrini. Pellegrini initially confronted Pardew on the touchline and accused Pardew of frivolously contesting every decision by the referee and was trying to dishonestly deceive the officials even when it was an obvious decision in City's favour. After the initial skirmish, Pardew was caught on Sky Sports television cameras calling Pellegrini "a fucking old cunt". Pardew later apologised only after being confronted by journalists about his abusive language.
      •In March 2014, Pardew was sent to the stands after headbutting Hull City player David Meyler. The ball went out of play near Pardew and Meyler pushed past him to quickly resume play, at which point Pardew headbutted Meyler. Although Pardew apologised for his actions, he was fined £100,000 by Newcastle United and given a formal warning. On 11 March, the FA handed Pardew a three-game stadium ban with a touchline ban for a further four games. He was also fined £60,000 by the FA, in addition to the £100,000 fine from Newcastle United

    • Agree with William Hayes comments above and below. McInnes would be a massive mistake, as would McLiesh. I hear Jurgen Klinsman is available?

  3. I'm excited if it's McInnes, gets sir Walters approval and will have respect of the players, great appointment if true

  4. He’s one of the 3 I think would do the job. The fact that Aberdeen are a team 20 points behind Celtic on that buget. But yet we have a bigger budget he should over take them, or so I hope

  5. Hope this is a wind up,the media has picked him. McInnes couldn't do it when Delia was at Celtic, he's not the man!

  6. Don't know why, can't really put my finger on it, but just can't get excited about McInness. Still, that's about 200% better than I felt about Caixinha.
    Mon the Gers

  7. McInnes knows Scottish football. He turned St Johnstone into a tough team and he's turned Aberdeen around from a joke to the most consistent team bar Celtic in the Premiership. For the money we spent on Kiernan, Waghorn and Templeton. Anyone who expects Aberdeen to win the league with the gap in finances is in cartoon land.

  8. Here we are again, like bickering schoolchildren on whose ball it is or whose turn it is. We need to get real, we need to sit back and take a good look at ourselves as fans. How many of us just sit blowing hot air whinging about this and that, yet don’t contribute to how our club is run, and yes I am one. I have a season ticket go to all ages and supported Rangers for 60 years, lost shares in the Whyte/Green debacle.
    We allowed the board to select Warburton and Caixinha but we accept it ad now we argue with other fans moaning McInnes has done nothing, McLeish did nothing for us,McCall failed last time, etc.,etc
    First things first, in my opinion, we need the board to get it right. We end a structure I place, a hierarchy for the future,people in place to build on. Two, three and five year plans for the club, a structure in two years to develope the club to be at least in top 3, with a chance of European football, the 3rd year to be challenging to win the league and the 5 year plan to be making Murray Park begin to produce youth players capable of first team standard.
    I hope we bring not just a manager, but an infrastructure to Rangers, to get us back to where we belong, a leader not a chaser.
    I said when we were plunged into the depths of Scottish football, I hope in my lifetime I see Rangers win number 55 league championship. I am 63, have a few serious health issues, but I live in hope, the board get it right, the next manager gets it right and I see number 55+ championships come to Ibrox.

  9. McInnes has shown no signs of being a winner just like Warburton and Pedro l can groundhog day coming all too soon if he becomes manager

    • I mate if McInnes gets the appointment we will be employing someone with a 9% better strike rate than Pedro's.
      So that's us up to a 60% strike rate manager.
      Don't think our support will wear that ever
      Surely our DOF can see the RANGERS jobs way above him ffs.

  10. Can't get excited about this. McInnes, Pardew? We're going down the same old second=hand road we've been down before. Easily satisfied and ending up with disappointment yet again. I don't have the answer, but would it not make sense to wait until we had the cash (next year)? to afford someone with class, then spend big time on him.

  11. Let me clarif my point. I was not criticizing McLeish. I was simply saying he done nothing BEFORE he moved to rangers. Fact.
    In his last season with less money than previously and probably close to today he didn't win anything and in fact the fans were protesting outside ibrox after we lost in the Scottish cup to hibs (in case you missed that fact William Hayes). I will be forever greatful for the memories he brought but he is not the future.
    Derek has won a cup. Been a solid second place behind that lot after having no where near the same resources!! That is called getting the best out of an average team, something we could use now.
    I'm not calling the guy world class but is someone like pardew seriously any better? It represents a bigger gamble. You would be bringing someone that is used to working with greater resources than us, expecting him to get more out of the team.
    And the point that we weren't in the league is null. It's not his fault and he was ahead of us last year, and this year.
    And if you look at how Sunderland are performing and the way that club has been run for years I think that was a smart choice by him.
    I'm genuinely surprised by the comments about him. McLeish didn't win trophies before us and was a success. Walter smith was only ever an assistant before us and was a success.
    Look at the history of these "class" managers we have brought in and it's indifferent.
    Young, hungry, Scottish have been successful in the past and I for one will be supporting him (or whoever) all the way until we are back where we belong.

  12. McInnes is the safest bet at the moment. His overall statistics are not particularly impressive and it seems that because a manager works within a budget at one team and does OK then it should follow that with a bigger budget then he should be able to do better. Flawed logic but as I say probably best to be safe and I cant really think of anyone else that we could afford. Overall better feeling than I had with the appointment of the last two numpties.

  13. If it is Derek McInnes, I wish him well!

    Even though I have my doubts about his ability to make Rangers great again.

  14. Well one thing is right we need a young manager not some old 50 pluse with his outdated views on how football should be played a young manager is what our club needs it it is Derek McInnes then he would be good for our club give him the tools and he would jump at the chance he wants to be a top man.

    • Really John 50+
      WTF's the BM manager last nite was a good bit older, and Sir Walter wasn't 21.
      U don't become a decent manager till your 45 ffs!!

    • Alec Beveridge,going on late 50s and heading into 60s Derek McInnes wil steady us learn board and fans to expect nothing more than second and may be a few cups a long the way,he will tell us how it is what we have and what it is we need,we all know Selltic are a bridge to far just now it will take to much money to catch them,but Derek McInnes will give us hope

  15. Most of the comments about McInnes are spot on guys he has done bugger all especially with Hibs Hearts and Delia at the Midden !! Please I do hope its not him we need a big hitter who gas either been there at Rangers Mc Liesh Walter or even Advocat with the assistants being those who will take over … As far as Mc Coist appointment correct it was written in his contract … as was the nearly 2 Mill he took in wages in the 3rd and 2nd Division .. Pardew or Big Sam for me or even De Boer

  16. A wee moan !! … sick of reading about the gushing performance by the Rotten Mob last night …Bayern Missing 6 of the First Team FFS !!!!

    • I think they rested 6 of them as they have a real test at the weekend, away game in the CL & u play UR second squad says it all.

      Did U hear that bell end Mutton BM are totally under the kosh,30 seconds later bank.
      Was crying till FT me.

    • I watched the game too and looking at it objectively; I thought it was a good match and they were unlucky not to get a draw. They probably deserved a point and several of the Bayern acknowledged as much. I think they're better to watch than most of us like to admit. I'm aware that they were missing some of their first team, but this is Bayern Munich we're talking about – not Progres whatstheirfuckingname again. Until we are able to beat that mob, and actually compete in European football our fans should just shup up about it, its embarassing!

  17. Its not so much that Celtic gave a good performance against BM reserves its more the ridiculous notion that Celtic fans think the are a CL team. They are basically shite when it comes to the CL and have been for years.

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