Rangers hit with double blow ahead of crunch Killie clash


On top of Bruno Alves’ suspension (regardless of how Rangers’ appeal pans out) Pedro Caixinha’s woes at Ibrox have deepened with the news he too has given a ban along with Motherwell counterpart Steve Robinson following their (admittedly comical) dismissal during the League Cup semi.

Rangers’ current captain was given a retrospective ban for two matches following his kick out at Louis Moult which prompted a strong response from an unknown spokesman at Ibrox apparently to STV, a response labelled a ‘statement’ by media channels but never actually appearing on any official club mediums, and which seemingly rejected the ‘offer’ of a two match ban for the Portuguese defender.

Meanwhile the man who brought him to Ibrox has been offered half of that deal – his ridiculous dismissal (we have been critical of Pedro to say the least, but the guy was defending Fabio Cardoso for heaven’s sake) earned him a one match touchline ban, but as yet no statement from the club backing him up or rejecting the offer so we are unsure if he will take his place in the dugout tonight or not.

Meanwhile with Rangers rejecting Alves’ ban, and presumably launching an appeal (which we will lose, it was a red – it was just inconsistent refereeing at best and we agree with the mysterious statement on that) the 35-year old should be in place in defence tonight alongside, mostly likely, Ross McCrorie.

There is a chance Danny Wilson will fill in for the injured Cardoso but probably not.

But back to basics – Rangers desperately need a comfortable win tonight. It is just unlikely Kilmarnock have read that script.


  1. On the subject of sunday I can see McGlennon sitting looking at the video and saying we cannot give those two Motherwell lads any retrospective cards or they will miss the final Cardoso should have known better than to stick his face in for a second time into bowmans leading elbow no case to answer and Moult only retaliated to a vicious attack from Alves no case to answer Alves guilty give him a ban as for Robinson saying that Pedro was a Fuc–ng Portuguese Pr–k thats not a racist remark its the truth. This is probably not far off how this was dealt with by the incompetent compliance officer and his cohorts Rangers should get the club lawyer to appear at the appeal with Alves the tims done this for Broon and he got away with it

  2. Without knowing exactly what Robinson said to idiot Caixinho, I can only guess that it was the truth–or close enough as makes no difference. Rangers are starting to embarrass us all by refusing to sack idiot Caixinho. The only people who want him to stay are Celtic fans, Hibs fans, Neil Lennon (of course!!!), Aberdeen fans and Derek McInnes who Pedro insulted very badly, and the players and fans of all other Scottish Premier Clubs who know that Rangers will be easy to beat if you play a physical game against them. Pedro is not used to that, and neither are half the Rangers team. So–with Pedro and the present Rangers squad–there is no chance of REAL PROGRESS–JUST MORE HUMILIATION. Get rid of the idiot right now Dave King. If you don't have the guts to do it–then it is YOU who should resign.

    • If said many a time, the board have painted us into a corner and no matter how poor Pedro is he won't be sacked anytime soon. We can't afford to pay him off, we can't afford a good replacement and we can't afford to sign another batch of players

      Pedro was an obvious mistake from day one, except to our clueless bunch of charlatans on the board. Only thing it's missing is Tim Burgess as a frontman.

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