Rangers chief makes startling admission about decision


Rangers’ non-executive Alistair Johnston has today effectively admitted the sacking of Pedro Caixinha was indicative of a mistake of an appointment in the first place, or, in his words, an ‘institutional failure’, which is more or less the same thing.

The 69 year old ex-chairman was unofficially part of the divided board (he did not formally get ratified till June) which appointed Caixinha, but our understanding is he was one of the members who ultimately was against the Portuguese’s signature, and if anyone can be listened to regarding the disaster, it is he.

He said:

“The events of the last couple of weeks demonstrated institutional failure. It was a systemic problem and not just one we thought could be corrected easily with the current personnel.”

Reading between the lines ‘the events of the last eight months demonstrated…’

One could argue we are putting words in his mouth, but it is pretty evident that the appointment was a mistake – but a board can rarely ever admit it made a mistake in the first place, especially when the spokesperson himself is not one of those who did so.

He went on:

“You can’t not be disappointed after losing a manger after seven months, but the board had to reach a decision which was in the best interests of the club in the long run. If a decision was going to be made, it was better sooner rather than later.”

We have had our differences with Johnston over the years, but he most definitely was not part of the problem here and has most certainly been part of the solution.


  1. you stated part of a divided board who appointed pedro, wrong he didnt rejoin the board till june 2017, pedro appointed before that.

    • Hi Scott,

      You got us there, we mixed the timeline up with Gilligan who was there at the time and voted against Pedro. Johnston was against Pedro but you are correct – he did not get to cast a vote even though he was on scene unofficially around then.

      Thanks for the pointer.

      We do make mild mistakes now and then!


  2. From his comments it sounds like he's walked into the boardroom over the last few weeks/months and effectively read the riot act to his comrades and told them not to be so f*****g stupid again.

    McInnes it is then. Said today he was happy at Aberdeen (as you would expect) but notably didn't say anything like 'no im not interested in the Rangers job.'

    Baa baa to the sheep tomorrow. Hello, hello Rangers on Sunday 🙂

    • Why would McInnes want to take a step down? Aberdeen are going to finish 2nd and have a real go at the Europa League. Administration is on the cards again…if you are the same club(you aren't) that'll be 25 points and relegation. Or 10 points for the new club and a relegation battle.

      You aren't the people, just the most gullible ones.

  3. As i see it if we got most of the same people on the board and in the back rooms as before then we can never move forward same old stories same older people making it up as they did before new faces all round to let our great club grow,fans run club less out lay on old men taking huge amounts in wages and making crap decisions on the way we go forward stand up and be heard we could run our great club.

  4. any bears nterested should watch tonight's last leg on c4 , josh widdicome having dig @ celtic. needs postng.

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