Pedro drops surprising selection hint for Friday

Pedro drops surprising selection hint for Friday

Surprisingly, Pedro Caixinha has dropped a major selection hint for Friday, suggesting that despite his being away on international duty and only-recently recovered from injury, senior defender Bruno Alves is not only available for selection on Friday but may actually start.

Most fans, ourselves included, were pretty convinced the ex-Zenit man’s late arrival back from world cup duty would inevitably lead to his being absent from the clash with Tommy Wright’s men, but Caixinha has instead suggested his lack of playing time against Switzerland means he is fresh and ready to take his starting place at McDiarmid.

He said:

“He will be arriving in Scotland today, definitely will be training with the group tomorrow, and he will be able to be with us on Friday.”

Pedro added that there had been doubt over his ability to be ready if he had played on his travels, but that is now a non-issue:

“Without receiving minutes he can be with us, he maybe can start also on Friday.”

Although we do wish Pedro would stop telegraphing his starters to opponents all the time.

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  1. Bruno hasnt kicked a baw & isnt deserving of a 1st team place. With alves continued to lose soft goal & id rather see mcCrorie start with Cardoso or wilson.

    • What? Are you a Rangers supporter? You would rather see a boy replace a man? Bruno was just selected for a world cup qualifying team. Do watch football?

  2. Why don't we let Pedro do his job, he knows his players better than all you so called experts and why don't we do our job and support the bears instead of all this criticism just for a change

  3. Like it or not,Ped is currently the Rangers Manager & as such picks his team, that's the way it should be because ultimately he alone will be judged on results, no problems with that

    However constantly & publicly letting the cat out the bag about starting 11 a few days before a game is unproductive & naive (at best)and can only help the opposition re- their tactical preparations

    Under Walter you never knew the team for real until 2pm on the Saturday and lets be honest, his squad were a hell of a lot superior to the current "second fiddles good enough for us" effort, so why does he constantly stick out his chin when he also constantly gets a solid right hook for doing it?


  4. Alves just does not have quality players round about him. He cannot run the defence himself. The soft goals are coming from Cardosa, McRorie and Bates. Alves is a quality player and he should be Captain.

    • McCrorie? The boy has been excellent in every game I've watched him in. Not sure why you've tarred him with the others in this post?

  5. Andy, did you watch the Hamilton game? The lad was found wanting big time. In the shellic game, he had a hand in both of their goals.
    Now, I like the lad and he does show some potential, but we cannot afford to have a centre half in the first team that will leak goals week in, week out (Albeit Cardosa seems to being a good job of that!). I would put McCrorie back into the development squad or put him out on loan because a club the size of Rangers and the pressure/demands of the job could break the wee fellas confidence, especially when 50,000 Rangers fans howling/booing (and they will!) at him for continually making mistakes, just wont be fair on him. We need to nurture and protect him and other young potential players like him.
    I was saying without Alves, we're very lightweight in that position, however, I would throw out Cardosa, Wilson and Bates, they simply do not have the talent/ability we need in the Centre Half position.

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