Pedro confirms two changes for Killie – 48 hours early


Pedro Caixinha has bewilderingly announced his team for Wednesday 48 hours early, in another idiotic stunt reminiscent of his last Kilmarnock farce.

After calling his players embarrassing, and claiming they embarrassed him, the club and the fans (you know, the players he actually signed himself), he then compounded the ongoing lunacy by confirming the same XI will line up at Ibrox to face Killie again, just like he did last time our team faced then-Lee McCulloch’s side.

Last time it sure did not work, and now Killie have a new manager to impress, and in his first clear signal to the board that he wants out, Pedro has told them again who will be in his team.

Other than Alnwick of course, who apparently has an injury, but would not have played anyway because it is not cup, and Fabio Cardoso who will miss the match through that appalling broken nose, it will be the same XI.

He said:

“I think I cannot count with Jak, the goalkeeper, because he felt one contusion in the arm, it was interesting for you to see Fabio’s face today; so if I can pick up the same XI, if all of them were available, all those guys who didn’t do the work, those are the ones who are going to start the match.”

So, Rangers to face Kilmarnock:


Foderingham; Tavernier, Alves, McCrorie, John; Windass, Jack, Dorrans, Candeias; Pena, Morelos.

And now we know!


  1. Yes, once again Kilmarnock can set their team up to get a result against us, especially now with Stevie Clarke running Killie, we have yet another hard task ahead on Wednesday.

    • No mate dont be daft it's time for 2 in a row again.
      Ibrox is like a fuking circus these days, And guess who's Coco???

  2. The job is just to big for pedro,I really wanted him to do well, but the expectation and the pressure of winning every game is starting to grind him down. He doesn't have the tactical nous to cope. Strong character though. Next appointment is imperative that the board get right and all agree on. Reading today what souness said that he wouldn't be surprised if Ally Mcoist got the job (personally) Nooooo. I would rather a big name manager with premier league and maybe international experience on there cv with a proven track record. Get the job at our prestigious club.

    • You going to pay for that?
      Brendan Rodgers is on £2.5m per year and it cost £5m for Celtic to release him from his Liverpool contract. Let's add in £2.5m to pay off Pedro and assistants and you're looking at £10m for a new manager like the one you describe.

      Where will that money come from?

  3. Hardly a surprise that our NO.1 goal keeper would come back in for the league game!! Also Fabio won'be able to olay with his fave x2 bigger than it was on sun morning!!! I also gaurentee that that starting 11 you put up will not ne the team that takes the field on weds!!!!

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