Miller agent denies Pedro ‘injury’ claims


Kenny Miller’s agent has today controversially denied claims from Pedro Caixinha that his client is injured, and has instead suggested that his absence from the squad to face St Johnstone last week was a continuation of the ‘feud’.

After Miller was restored to senior training, it had seemed relations between he and the Portuguese had been repaired, but Dave Baldwin has claimed that Miller’s absence from the win in Perth was once again an omission from the squad, rather than Caixinha’s claim last week that the player ‘felt something’ in training.

He said:

“To make those accusations then leave Kenny out the squad and not say a word is embarrassing…”

And on Friday night’s absence:

“…and then do it again!”

Just when we hoped this off-field saga had been resolved, Miller’s representative has flat out denied the striker is injured – and he would have said this on Miller’s authority.

It appears, sadly, this ugly story has resumed just when the team were looking like some form might be manifesting itself.


  1. Used to really respect K.M. but to have an agent come out publicly with "He said" , "She said", "They said" is totally embarrassing.
    We don't know what has happened behind the signs and this latest rant from ????? only fuels speculation.
    But a senior player does not fall out of favour for NO REASON AT ALL.
    Wonder what K…. J…. from the D….y R…..d will make of it all? I'm told he has someone close on the inside or is that fake news?

  2. Time to get rid of KM. If his agent is speaking with his approval then that’s a disgrace. GTF Miller we don’t need this kind of crap. Be a fookin man and accept it. Stop going to the fookin press and airing you’re grievances. It does nothing but hurt the club and your reputation. The damage is now down. You’re finished at Rangers. As far I’m concerned, the support must always be for the manager, the team and the club. No individual should be allowed to bring the club into disrepute like he has

  3. Kenny has served us well over the years I will give him that, he's a hard working honest pro but never a top class player !! A journey man at best who lets not forget has played for them !!

    He's seems determined to ruin Pedro in my opinion, Wtf is that all about letting his agent come out with statements like that ?? After a good win up in Perth…

    No wonder Pedro is paranoid and am not his biggest fan but there is definitely a agenda against him not only in the media but within the club as well.

    Kenny if you were any Rangers man you should be shoulder to shoulder with Pedro and doing everything thing in your power to make sure he's a success, not feeding the media with negative press about our club that's what your doing !!

    A old Glasgow saying comes to mind, fly grass !!

  4. I'd condemn Miller to the under 20s till the end of the season then get him TF! To make a spat so public is disgraceful. I'm so disappointed in a player I had respected. Does Miller or his agent think he is bigger than the club? Does his agent think Miller should be picked every time? If his agent watched Miller, he would see that he has been rank rotten this season. That's why he ain't playing!
    To make this such a big issue before the semi final is in-excusable and he is attempting to cause a rift between the fans, Pedro, players and our club.
    Kenny, get you and your agent TF, you should be ashamed bringing embarrassment to our club and fans.

  5. Well if there was any chance of reconciliation I think that's that bridge well and truly burnt.
    It looks like he's not injured, as the troops have said his agent must have got his approval to do the washing in public yet again. Free transfer in January will put it all to sleep.
    Pedro dealing with it well tho, He's Injured, just stick to that till he's gone it deflates the issue.

    We'll all get a good laugh tonite then 4 long days till we join Hibs in the Final!!!!

  6. Totally agree with the comments above. Man up, shut up, or p off. This is helping no one. No previous issue with Miller other than the fact that he played for Celtic. Something that I personally cannot forgive. Time to go, simple as that

  7. I haven’t seen it anywhere that Miller said to release a statement. The statement actually said it was reference to enquiry’s from the press

  8. All the previous coments went from "if" to fact. We've no proof to anything that's been said or not. We're just adding fuel to a damp squid. Mon the Gers

  9. since when did we get money grabbing agents commenting on our club .Its all very well giving miller a character gee up,but keep your nose out of team business.

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