Major managerial contender odds change dramatically


Ibrox Noise favourite Tommy Wright’s odds have increased significantly since ex-manager Pedro Caixinha was sacked, and the St Johnstone manager has joined Club Brugge’s Michel Preud’homme on the 10-25/1 scale of odds for new Rangers boss.

The Perth boss has made no secret of his interest in the post, throwing his hat into the ring when Mark Warburton vacated Govan:

“I don’t think there’s anybody in a job or out of a job that wouldn’t want to take that call. Yeah I would take the call because it’s a big club but it’s all hypothetical. That call hasn’t happened as from other clubs it hasn’t happened so I’m still happy here.”

So the man has had one eye on events at Ibrox for some considerable time and with his Linfield background it is not surprising.

But the bookies do not seem to agree and have him varying in cost between 10/1 and a staggering 25/1.

For those who favour his minimalism and ability to organise modest resources (and ourselves and many of our readers do too), it may be a touch disappointing, but equally sources confirm Billy Davies is not in the frame at all yet his odds are as high as 7/1.

So take the numbers with a certain level of salt and we shall see what transpires.


  1. I wouldn’t have a problem. Look at what he’s done with O’Halloran. He would be like a new signing come January for us. We need to get bk to basics really

  2. Richard.
    As the editor of this site good luck mate ur going to hear some pish.
    Our DOF must be the 1 & only 1 that talks to King about the next appointment!
    Can't fuk up again!!!!

    • Hi Robbie,

      Richard isn't the editor but he's a highly valued member of the Ibrox Noise writing staff.


  3. We hear a these names banded about who will be the next rangers manager Graeme again throwing in the deep end and less he has intimate that he has no interest in the manager job full time I would give him first refusal no extra fees against club rangers man through & through knows the Scottish game give Graeme too December surely with wealth of experience within the club to give guidance am sure we could challenge for second place time to batten down the hatches and support each other
    To the rangers board please please consider your next move with great wisdom it may be the club last. No surrender WATP

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