Lee Wallace makes controversial claim about Pedro Caixinha


Lee Wallace has controversially weighed into the Kenny Miller saga with support for his senior colleague and a strong implied concession that there is a genuine ‘situation’ as opposed to the injury Pedro Caixinha claimed is keeping Miller from the first team.

The saga appeared to be at an end at the St Johnstone training session with the striker in attendance and seemingly restored to the first team squad, but his absence from the match day squad was dismissed by Caixinha as him ‘feeling something’ in training.

However, club captain Wallace has seemingly sided with Miller’s agent Dave Baldwin in claiming it is a ‘situation’ rather than fitness that is keeping the 37-year old striker out of the picture.

He said:

“I just hope that any situations can get resolved as quickly as possible.”

So yet another individual backs the notion that Miller is not injured, which only adds fuel to the fire of Caixinha’s claim that Miller is sidelined.

Wallace added:

“Speaking of my friend and of a team mate I can’t speak highly enough of what he’s done for my career. And the amount of learning I’ve done off a top professional, a real Rangers man, and I think I stressed around the time that he was due contract talks that we needed to keep Kenny at the club. He’s the type of person who’s going to drive everyone else on around him.”

Quite honestly this whole saga has become quite ridiculous – but it is telling that not a single individual has yet supported Caixinha’s version of events on this particular subject.

Rangers’ manager has gained a bit of a reputation for muddled media displays and dreadful man management, but nevertheless recent form does vindicate his approach and as long as Rangers continue to win and do so on Sunday, for example, his quirky and bizarre off-field displays, comments, and actions will be justified.

If Kenny Miller is to be some bizarre sacrificial lamb and Rangers’ results keep on improving, no man is bigger than the team and all that matters is cup progression or league points.

Pedro will be hoping the recent upturn will continue and justify his decisions.


  1. I am astounded by the amount of Rangers supporters who have taken Pedros' side of the story. Why? According to most comments, it is because Miller has been crap this season. He has played rotten, he is too old etc, what about – he is NOT GUILTY!

    Captain Wallace has stuck his chin out to defend Miller – what does that tell you?

    • Richard, I'm not a great fan of Pedro either. However, whilst I agree Pedro should have kept his poor statement of a leak to himself, it is shameful for Kenny's agent to come out publicly and slag off our club in the full knowledge the media wolves would feed on it for weeks.
      Instead of talking about the semi final, we have been talking about Miller all week and our club is getting dragged through the mud for what? Paranoia?
      I don't think Rangers supporters are supporting Pedro as such, but defending our club from Millers agent who shamefully slagged us off in public. I don't see Miller coming out to disagree with his agent either?!
      There is no proof our club has said that Miller was the leak. His agent should have approached the Rangers board for clarification in private.
      Wallace is not backing Miller publicly, he is just hoping the situation is solved so that they can get onto footballing matters. There is nothing in Wallace's statement to say Miller wasn't the leak or if he was injured. That information can only come from Miller and Pedro themselves.
      I'm not saying Miller is guilty of the leak, but if your saying Miller is "NOT GUILTY", please publish your proof to make such a bold statement? Because Wallace does not confirm Millers innocence!

  2. Well Lee might see himself boarding the same ship as Kenny in the near future,
    If our club is going to get back playing CL football the both of them won't be the only 2 embarking on that cruise!
    Doesn't matter who the player is if we can improve in any position would you as supporters want it any other way?? Loyalty or Quality!!?
    Good business in January for Rangers (Kenny Also) is Moult for Miller we improve and Motherwell get something instead of hehaw.
    Also wage bill stays the same.

    • I am seldom going to be astounded by a fellow Bears viewpoint on the topic of discussion.

      Wallace is backing a top friend, team mate and professional who is asst Captain of the Club he has dug out of the mire time and time again.
      He has been 'unpicked' in one of 2 scenarios. Firstly, there is a twat at the Club with an urge to pass out information about the club, players and the coaching staff to the media and opposition probably. This time last year I believe Wallace was suspect of the same crime
      Secondly the bold Pedro has issued a statement saying Kenny is injured.
      It appears that may be a possible Porky.

      I am not privy to either situation. And you like everyone else in the world will have a suspicion on both matters

      But back to the beginning. You are not wanting shot of both for other reasons.

      I can't agree on ANYTHING over Loyalty bud.

      I DO agree that Waldo is wasted. Along with Tav in a full back berth, both have pace and energy in abundance and in my opinion Waldo would form a tasty partnership with Declan John on the left.
      Miller for Moult? I imagine that would be acceptable to both parties.
      Be a bummer if Kenny scored the winner for the Steelmen at Hampden?

      No I personally think PEDRO has done the damage which is going to result in a great relationship with the Gers and KM ending in KM leaving on a sour note. This is a downright shame, or sham

      I have to hear PC give a press conference in which he hasn't looked like a totally inept man, he is an embarrassment to our Great Club and if funding and or sponsorship is not on its way before January I would suggest
      Pedro, King and Murray should Don the very shirts you discussed.

      Wallace and Miller HAVE been shite lately, but ffs remember what the guys have done before now.
      Might be time to move on, but no mate. Part of most of our heritage lies with Loyalty AND Quality

  3. Pedro should welcome Kenny back and have him on the bench for Sunday. If we are struggling, he’ll probably come off the bench with something to prove and nick us a goal.
    There is an argument that doing this would give the impression that a player is above the manager (a la Ferguson-Le Guen), but I believe Kenny would be professional enough to squash any such talk. Plus, Kenny won’t be getting his contract renewed so this isn’t a long term issue.
    The only other option is to sack Kenny on the spot. We can’t have an elongated Barton-esque saga putting the season in jeopardy.

    • I'd agree with you DC, because if the game goes into extra time and penalties, Kenny could prove vital.
      I also agree with the Ferguson-Le Guen comment. This does look as if something similar could be brewing. Kenny is good mates with Kris Boyd and Barry Ferguson (Both columnists for the media?!), who were both involved at that time, and I just hope they are not filling Kennys head full of crap to start a revolution as they did.
      It might be that Kenny is being fly and letting his agent and pals do all the bad mouthing in the national media to massage his own ego of being dropped from the squad. Pedro picks the team whether we like it or not, but if the team is winning without Kenny, how can we criticise?!

  4. The one person who can end all the unwelcome speculation and get everyone back to talking about the football on the park is Caixhina. He needs to come clean and say why a long standing servant such as Miller was humiliated by sending him to play with the kids – but all this nonsense suits Pedro who is a master at deflecting attention s away from his own inadequacies as a Manager. Better the press talk about Miller than focus too much on why after months in charge we're still waiting for Caixhina to string three wins in a row together. Pedro's problem is that Miller has played for a real Rangers manager and can no doubt see that Caixhina is a fake!

  5. I think Rangers are on the verge of losing the plot…Kenny just wants to play football…possibly frustrated at game time…kenny has nothing to prove…pedro has everything to prove…no harm to pedro…I hope he suceeds…but still think wrong man for this job…he has already fallen out with 3 players ohalloran, miller and halliday…think he might just be about there with waldo…think waldo like any other decent captain should speak up if he believes there is a strategy to move players from the club in this manner…if he wants them out fo it in a dignified, profesional way..

  6. Used to be that you were innocent until proven guilty. Pedro has subtly reversed that. Why is he saying KM is injured (feeling something), if he is in fact been punished for something.(We don't even know what that something is), At least half of the posters on here are saying he's guilty (of something) and should be demonized. I wonder if Caixinha doesn't get his own personal 3 in a row on Sunday if he'll still have so much approval. Mon the Gers

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