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The two opposites of the Kenny Miller saga were on display today as while his agent was once again attacking Rangers, or Pedro Caixinha, for ‘trashing his reputation’, the two were all smiles during a Charity Foundation event in which some fans got to meet the entire first team squad (goalkeepers aside, curiously) and watch them train.

Special mention was made of Miller by one of the starry-eyed supporters whose highlight was meeting the striker in person along with his manager, which provided more than a bizarre contrast to the nonsense elsewhere pertaining to the murky story which refuses to go away.

In all fairness, Dave Baldwin, aforementioned agent, clarified that his criticism was Rangers’ timing in ditching Miller one day after confirming there was an internal leak, without explaining why.

Now, if we nitpick here, Caixinha did give a clarification before the Partick cup tie, in which he wanted Miller to put his feet up, spend time with his family and forget about football. A little vague, but it does hint at his needing some time away.

But it was clearly an explanation – whether a satisfying one or not is for you to judge.

Meanwhile Miller was doing what Miller does best, being a consummate pro and meeting and greeting the fortunate fans who got that chance to spend time with the entire squad and management.

Personally, we would rather focus on he and the rest of the first teamers all gathering for a frankly feelgood piece of PR – it made the supporters’ day, and would have been something they will remember forever, but unfortunately the press will focus more on Baldwin’s latest rant.

Another little caveat is that, like yesterday, anything he says will be authorised by his client – after all, he pays the man to represent him. So maybe Miller does feel thoroughly aggrieved at his name being tarnished – although following feedback on the site and online of late, his reputation among supporters is not as bad as it was following the initial story breaking two or three weeks ago and a lot of fans seem to have his back again.

He can count this site among them. Which is not to say we oppose Pedro, or the club on this matter (if there are indeed ‘sides’) – but we do support Rangers men and when there is no evidence that one of the players, who has given us so much, is in the wrong, it would be wrong to condemn them.

We would also much rather praise the club for the initiative with the fans. The kind of feelgood story we welcome and admire.

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  1. I really think it's time the club acted like a decent employer and came out and made a proper statement.

    I don't think Millers agent has helped him, but any sensible person should see the truth in his words.

    From McCoist,McDowell,McCall,Barton ,Warburton, Hill to Miller there is a pattern of the club acting in a really horrible and improper way to employees it no longer wants. The most disturbing part is the way the club uses the media to turn sections of the support against employee's in a shamefully pathetic attempt to force then to quit instead of paying them to go.

    I'm ashamed of this, like I'm ashamed when I hear scum continuing to sign songs that dirty the name of decent fans.

    The club used to be better than this, and can be again- if the board do decent thing and go themselves.

  2. "In fairness", Really!!If David Baldwin has a problem in relation with his client, he should then go to the Rangers board in private and seek clarification. He should not act like an immature child and go to social media and slag our club off, in full knowledge that it would make the national media to cause further embarrassment. Unacceptable and inexcusable
    I don't see Kenny Miller coming out and condemning his agent for such stupidity, why is that then?!
    No one at Rangers has said Miller was the leak, but paranoid Baldwin is attempting to put 2+2 together without knowing the facts! What did Miller tell him?!
    We should be focusing on the semi-final, not Kenny Millers ego and his agents childish public rant!

  3. I would find it hard to believe that Miller would deliberately leak something. Doesn't seem his style and would surely have happened before if it was. But as the article says, his agent is not likely to speak without permission. If Miller is not the leak, he should shut his agent up.

    Pedro has made a bit of a rod for his back in claiming there is a leak. He should substantiate this. he could clam up and hope it will go away, but he doesn't look good that way.

    It's a pity this has happened, like many I have a lot of time for Miller, although I feel his time on the pitch has come and gone. No league goals this season.

    Sort it out please, Rangers

  4. For a ton of years clubs have been blighted with these asshole agents it's time for players to speak for themselves if kenny feels he has been wronged and is not leaking information from Ibrox then speak up we trust in you kenny but don't but don't stay silent we deserve the truth for once coming from our club

  5. Why put the responsibility on the individual. Rangers should come out and officially comment – name Miller as the leak or clear the air and exonerate him from blame. Whatever Miller says he is in a no win, and the skeptics will say 'well he would say that'. Personally I feel his dignified silence speaks volumes about the player and his integrity. Caixhina is out of his depth and his man management skills are zero. Remember this all started with Caixhina behaving like a child and accusing the Scottish based players of not making him feeling welcome. Pedro is fond of talking about respect – but you have to earn it. It doesn't come automatically because some idiot is daft enough to give you the top job – and Pedro so far has done nothing in his entire managerial career to date to earn it. Under Smith Rangers operated on and off the park with a bit of dignity and class. I can't be the only Gers supporter pining for a return to those days.

    • 100% correct Dexter. This could all be cleared up with a simple statement of fact. How can a decent board of directors stand bye and allow our reputation to be further sullied.

    • I'm with you Dexter. You're spot on. Oh for a Walter Smith type leader. Still mystified about the role of the Director of Football. Shouldn't Mark Allen be taking charge of the situation? Looking forward to Sunday. Mon the Gers

  6. Whatever agents say or do it’s all for one purpose. To make themselves and/or their clients more money. If he was really professional he should have said nothing. If he did it without Kennys permission than Kenny should fire him. If he did it with Kennys permission then Rangers should fire Kenny. But agents are like lawyers they do what they do to make money regardless of right or wrong.

  7. Kenny Miller has been one of our worst players this season by far , I think he has had an argument with Ped and someone has leaked it to the press .But he is a a true gentleman and professional and everyone with half a brain would know he wouldn't run our club down to the press . The club should come out and make a statement but won't because it would be too much effort , where's the transparency King promised ? Nevermind the £30 mill

  8. Me I'm sick to the back teeth of this whole ongoing he said she said pish.
    For me Kenny has been total gash this season and doesn't deserve his place in the side on football merit.
    Fuk Kenny Fuk his agent there both embarrassing our great club, for me they both speak as one.
    Forget them we have a SF on Sunday and hopefully a stepping stone putting our great club back where it truely belongs, let's all of us concentrate on that and get behind the Team & Manager…

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