“It’s Pedros’s fault” – Rangers legend blames current manager


Former Rangers manager and legend Ally McCoist has disagreed with Pedro Caixinha’s assessment that the players were to blame for Sunday’s loss to Motherwell, instead claiming the manager himself takes ultimate responsibility.

Speaking on BT Sport, the former Rangers and Scotland striker was stunned, like most, to hear Caixinha assassinate his players in a press conference, and said that at the end of the day, the buck must always stop with the manager.

He said:

“He’s clearly disappointed in them. I can’t remember any previous manager doing it. I don’t remember a Rangers manager assassinating his own players.”

McCoist himself as manager struggled to ever take responsibility for his errors, but he equally never smeared his men.

He went on:

“But he’s not absolved himself of responsibility, he has said (in the past) the responsibility is his but what he’s done is publicly criticised his players, the men he picks and ultimately there’s no getting away from it, the responsibility is his because he picks the players.”

McCoist also said he is eager to see the reaction from the players come tomorrow night, with them either ‘rolling their sleeves up’ or not.

It is quite a sorry saga at the best of times, and come 19:45 tomorrow we will at least have some respite from the nonsense and can concentrate on 22 men kickin’ a baw.


  1. And this is any suprise. It’s not the 1st time he’s bad mouthed a player. Remember when Windass has that great game… yeh he did once… but then ped went on to crisise something’s He didn’t do… I’m still hoping for a new manager by the weekend

  2. Things are so bad that McCoist now looks like a managerial genius in comparison to Pedro!! In saying that. Has anyone realised that a Sheep/Thims draw tomorrow and a Gers win and Rangers are just 4 points off the top. Interesting games and times ahead.

  3. Let's wait for the annual accounts and the AGM ….King will hopefully get voted out….hedgerow will go too

    And yes I hear who replaces……

    Loads out there..believe me
    but King can't entice investors …RTID

    • there are NO investors willing to plug a sinking ship. Admin2 is a certainty . no sane person buys a sinking ship and allows their funds to be swallowed by debt. when will reality kick in ? living in the past is the biggest hurdle to moving on . 5 years of duds, 5 years of poor decisions, 5 years of deceit , probably 10 years of 2nd/3rd/4th best

  4. The blame for the players performance lies squarely on the donkeys shouder. He as the manager picks the players and should prepare them for each game. Pedro got his preparation wrong again and is publicly criticising his team to divert attention from himself. It's not a smart move. I think we will get a good reaction against Killie but that will just add to the roller coaster ride we are getting right now.Pedro, the weathers getting colder GO HOME.

    • Ranger draw with Killie at Ibrox,the wheels are coming off.Jack sent off again,Dorrans injured,Alves suspended.Don't see things improving in the near future.Type for Pedro to shake hands with Dave King and go back to Portugal.

  5. Pedro lost it with Scott Brown when he didn't know what to do about Celtic running all over a poor Rangers side and he did a similar thing about Motherwell being overly aggressive and got himself sent off.

    He watched from above and didn't know how to stop a mediocre poorly paid team take over control of the Hampden match.

    He simply doesn't have what it takes – he is full of shit and he even talks it.

    If he is still our manager for the next six weeks, Hibernian will be third in the league and then what?

  6. I reckon that the penny has finally and thankfully dropped with Ped, that his tea is oot at Ibrox, which probably comes as a major shock to him as he is basically wired to the moon and thinks he is the business and now has one eye on the door and the route to Glasgow airport pre-set on his sat-nav

    To publicly slag off and humiliate the players in his team, and I mean HIS TEAM, is a calculated suicide tactic from which even the likes of this Walter Mitty character cant bull shit his way out of paying the ultimate price, although I concede I have never come across an individual who was so naturally gifted when it comes to bull shitting the punters & Sso many so called "men in the know" but fortunately shit being shit it starts to stink after a while and that's exactly where we are today.

    I personally never rated the guy, based on his previous career best maximum 50% win rate alone from day 1 (+ he looks and acts like a 14 carrot git) and am mystified why ALL Gers fans were not equally concerned and vocal at that time as a blind man with a collie dug could see it simply wasn't going to work out.

    The board should hang their heads in shame for making such a pigs ear of it and really should consider their positions going forward because as a club we are currently at a very critical phase in our history and if they cant deliver and be part of the solution then they are, by definition, a part of the problem and should piss off

    The sickening thing (for me anyway!) is that our previous nugget (The Loaf) appeared to have a technically better squad and while he only knew 1 tactic, with which he bored the arse off us all, week in week out, he stuck to it, which at the end of the day is 1x tactic more than the current waste of space can muster, but fortunately, at long last, his time is up and will be gone in the VERY near future.

    Stability and traditional Rangers values, competitiveness, PRIDE & consistency, along with knowledge of our history and heritage are a must going forward and to that end the next Manager has to possess these vital attributes, along with a number 2 who can actually get the squad fit enough to perform for 90 minutes,

    Sounds easy doesn't it!, so why do I have a creeping dread that our current board could very well balls the whole thing up AGAIN and go for some foreign nonentity, with absolutely no pedigree, whose only talent in life is bumping their gums.

    Whoever the new Manager may be DK and his thus far apparently naive at best board/ colleagues will be judged on their ultimate appointment as much as the new Manager is and will find their cushy wee blazer & badge lifestyles becoming a nightmare if they get exposed for the mugs they are AGAIN

    They are merely temporary custodians of our beloved club and based on recent leadership abilities on the managerial appointment front, will be hounded out at the drop of a hat if they don't get the finger out and get it right for a change



  7. Pedro was a terrible appointment lots of us have said so since day one !! The board are 100% responsible for this and will feel the full force of the shareholders at the AGM if he is not sacked before I can promise that . They got it wrong and those responsible for his appointment should resign with him too . The Board needs new faces and opinions and more especially money . If we get a Proper Rangers Manager in ASAP we can still have a reasonable season … Mc McLeish & Alex Rae or Billy Dodds . GET IT DONE NOW PLEASE

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