Is Pedro Caixinha finally ready to do the right thing?


With star midfielder Graham Dorrans, a Pedro signing no less, today testifying that Rangers may indeed ‘miss’ Kenny Miller’s influence, could it be that the Portuguese manager is finally ready to end the stupid feud he has manufactured with the 37-year old and welcome him back into the fray.

With the absolute abysmal £3M failure of Carlos Pena (St Johnstone aside) fresh in the memory, yet another Rangers player or person formally associated with the club has come to Kenny’s defence, regaling the media of his professionalism and dedication, and just like Lee Wallace, has conceded there is a ‘situation’ there which requires resolving.

The fact is Kenny is a huge component of Rangers – he has always given his all, and there is only so long fans in favour of Pedro’s actions upon the forward (are there any left) can justify the ‘out of form’ nonsense as if Miller is incapable of regaining any.

Rangers are struggling these days. While the win in Perth bought Pedro some much-needed time, the disaster in Mount Florida quickly lost him it, and he could use bringing Rangers’ lieutenant back into the fold.

That said, with the absolutely bizarre events he has been responsible for recently, it could equally be that there is no chance whatsoever that this odd manager will relent on his stubbornness and restore Miller.

And the more that people defend Miller, the more Pedro will cast him out.

Let us hope not. 


  1. Everybody at Ibrox now knows that Pedro is useless. The captain Wallace took a chance by talking out in support for Kenny, Alves backed him, now Dorrans. They all know, it is so clear that Pedro is a failure – that even our board now know. It is only a matter of time.

    Pedro should do the decent thing – admit he did his best – which was not quite good enough for Rangers – but he may be good enough for another team – what about Partick Thistle?

  2. FFS Miller isn't the answer he's over the hill & been total gash all season.
    Pena has scored twice as many in less playing time that speaks volumes.
    Coaching job the way forward for Kenny now hopefully with the club.

    Hope it's with Frank Dr Bore and Alex Rae if Pedro walks away,

    Hope we win well tonight WATP

  3. Kenny is a 100% dedicated professional that can only benefit the squad with him being in n around training n match day squads n hope his professionalism will rub off on others n they see wat is expected of a rangers player. Frank de boer wud b another risk Cos again he wants to play a continental way n we just don't have the time for that. It's got to b a man that's. (A) been at the club before.
    (B) knows the league.
    (C) at the least British.
    The experiment period is over time to get a consistent team on the park that can eventually become a force n win the title, the time is now!!

    • That's what I mean by Rangers coaching team Blue, I don't care who he's played for he's been a A1 servant to our club, unfortunately he's 38 in a few weeks time and he's run out of gas.

      Frank managed Ajax to 3 titles in his first 3 years as manager.
      Don't see him being any sort of risk in fact the complete opposite with a VG proven record one that Dick Advocate himself would be proud off.
      Nothing wrong with foreign coaches mate!

      Dr Boer

  4. Big Sam would take the job in a minute, he knows how to build a team and get the best out of a average squad.

  5. Tried to change the whole philosophy of palace didn't wrk, didn't work at inter, yes in his homeland he was successful but as we see with see with a lot continental come to Scotland n trying to play tipy tapy football it doesn't wrk, u get no time on the ball here. For me that wud be another risk/project. We must stop 10iar.

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