How Miller’s absence may have led to this unexpected problem at Ibrox


Something which a number of Bears may have noticed of the past three matches is the sudden absence of any goals from previously on-fire Alfredo Morelos.

Sure, even the greatest strikers do have barren spells, that is a well documented occurrence in football, but the timing of Morelos’ is more than a touch of correlation with the similar absence of his team mate Kenny Miller.

Correlation, of course, is the study of relationships between variables – not necessarily the cause or reason, but certainly the existence of a cohesion between two aspects – one affects the other.

And Morelos’ loss of form has definitely timed itself more than a touch curiously with the (temporary) absence of Rangers’ veteran striker – indeed, the closest the Colombian came to scoring in Miller’s absence was during the 37-year old’s brief cameo at Ibrox v ‘them’ where his assist header nearly gave Morelos a fine goal but for Gordon’s superb save.

Many will point to his one on one at Firhill where he missed the (open) goal by inches as he bore down, but the fact is that one counted as a miss and it curiously lacked the conviction Morelos usually strikes with – quite why he hit it so early is a mystery as is the lack of attempt to round the keeper and steer it into an empty net.

However, getting back to the point and while we cannot say for certainly that Miller’s absence has caused a loss of form on the part of the young striker, there is definitely an argument in favour of it, especially such was his red-hot form until the League Cup clash in Maryhill which was his first without a goal in quite a period – and the first match without Miller in as long as we can remember.

Whether it is a compliment to Miller’s quality that his absence may have been felt by one player more than most or an acute criticism that the attack was unable to conjure up chances for Morelos in his absence is probably something we will find out the next time Kenny lines up behind Morelos – if he indeed ever does!

But it is of course worth remembering that while the ex-HJK man has not scored in a while, the rest of the team have amassed six goals in three matches which is a reasonable haul, even if the results themselves have been a tad patchy at best.

But the proof is always in the pudding and the next time we see Morelos and Miller together, should Morelos find his shooting boots again, if he has not already, it may just be that Miller provides more than just workrate for Rangers.


  1. He’s just isolated. Think there is more of a gap sinc Pena is lazy. I still say herearra will be a good partner for him if he brings his physical side out. Will create space for both of them

  2. What we need is a quality player alongside Morelos! Miller is no longer the threat that he once was and unless Hardie can make the grade, right now there is no one else. We need to choose our next permanent signings carefully. Lets also make sure that we secure the services of John on a permanent contract!

  3. The cold statistics prove that Miller scores his fair share of goals, is involved in plenty assists and has a very impressive work rate compared to vast majority of current team where he constantly drags defenders into areas they would rather not operate in & when you put all these together it,s plainly obvious that such a player would be a valuable member of any team and I don't doubt for a minute that he genuinely wants what's best for The Gers

    But he, like Dorrans, Jack, etc. is Scottish and as such uniquely up front and slightly cynical in nature and who can smell bullshit from a mile away and have recognised Mr Bean as a complete fraud and chancer who is taking Rangers nowhere but backwards

    Suspect Ped, is well aware of the Scottish contingents feelings as we are not very good at hiding contempt and disrespect for complete nuggets in Scotland which is why Ped, wants a team full of gullible foreigners, most of which are no better than players available here but unfortunately don't speak the language and cost a bleedin fortune into the bargain

    That aside, Morelos is a class striker who will go from strength to strength and while Millers inclusion on teamsheet would undoubtedly assist Morelos improvement process to a certain extent it's certainly not essential as the boy is going to get there on his own merits anyway, because he is that good and born to wear a number 9 shirt.


  4. Miller is a more intelligent player than a load of Rangers supporters don't appear to notice, He sees spaces appearing in the team and he feels it's his duty to fill some of them. Then he gets accused of playing all over the place and out of position.

    I didn't realise the amount of so called Rangers fans who have NEVER forgiven Kenny for a mistake he made in his earlier life. Celtic made him an offer he couldn't refuse as a family man and he is paying the consequences with some of the most narrow minded people amongst our support.

    If he is scoring important goals he's not too old to play for the 'Gers and if he hits a dry run, he is finished and well past his best – utter nonsense of course!

    Any forward can hit a bad scoring patch, no matter what age he is.

  5. Come on Richard, Miller is 37 years of age he couldn't help but show off with the dross he was playing with the last few years, his legs are gone and he's been running on fumes for the last little while, let's remember him favourably and move on. As a player he is yesterdays man! He'll be a good coach but we need a positive youth program. I'm getting tired saying it! WATP!!!

    • I think Richard is right.
      Kenny does a power of running, stretches defences and gets in behind them.
      Even if he doesnt score, he creates space and and unrest in defences.

  6. Morelos has had chances he's had two 1v1,'s to my memory against Partick and Hamilton CG made a good save in old firm he needs to keep plugging away and it'll come don't think it's to do with km TBH

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