Has Bruno Alves created a massive problem for Rangers?


If one thing stood out head and shoulders above everything else last night, it was Bruno Alves’ leadership. This was his first proper appearance as Rangers captain in the continued absence of regular captain Lee Wallace, and having watched the Portuguese stopper’s sterling display, not only will Wallace be wary of Declan John’s ability to take his slot at left back, but now there is a serious case that the ex-Porto man is a strong shout for relieving him of the captaincy too.

It is a tough subject to broach – Wallace has carried himself, his role, his conduct in general with distinction and dignity, and we all know what he essentially gave up to remain at Ibrox.

It was with joy that he received the captaincy permanently in 2015, and it was well-earned and well-deserved, but with John’s impressive wing play on the left looking every inch as solid as his own, and Alves’ superb leadership qualities complimenting his own defensive prowess, there is only so much room for sentimentality at Ibrox.

We love Wallace. We respect him. We feel few have given Rangers more. And yet going by what we have seen at left back and in central defence recently, he really is looking vulnerable to losing both his place and his role.

We are not advocating him losing these, but we are in favour of the stronger options being preferred. It is obviously the same thing, but it is less than we wish to relegate Lee Wallace, and more we want and need to see Bruno Alves as captain.

The fact is the guy is a born leader. Sometimes he does get too involved on the pitch – a few too many stramashes see the Portuguese colossus get needlessly involved, in a manner a tad reminiscent of David Weir back in the day.

But both are and were leaders, and while we have said our piece on Weir’s coaching time at Ibrox, his playing days were respected and his leadership valuable – which is why Walter made him such a priority signing way back when.

Alves is clearly Pedro’s Weir, and is capable of being as much a captain as any of Rangers’ finest through the years.

Wallace needs to earn his place back. He cannot waltz back into the team and simply take John’s slot. He also has to prove he is worthy of retaining the captaincy – truthfully, Alves is the natural leader, a big guy everyone respects and who clearly organises those around him.

Last night we saw the real Bruno Alves. The real captain. It would really be best if he kept the armband.

The rest of the puzzle will hopefully fall into place, but for now, Wallace remains some way off a return and it is a slight moot point.


  1. Agree with article. Said at the start of the season Alves should be captain. He oozes class, and keeps his defenders in check if they are not pulling their weight or being caught out of position. Wallace, in my eyes, deserves all the credit in the world for his part in getting Rangers to where we want to be. But, Alves is a far better Captain who can cope with pressure and indeed the language barrier in respect of our foreign players. Albeit I love Lee Wallace, he should have to work hard and merit his return to the team, not just because he is captain.

  2. Ur captain should always be the loudest most experienced player. Wallace might have been a great servant to rangers but continuous service doesn’t make u automatically the captain

  3. would agree that alves takes over the captaincy, but i would restore wallace to the left back slot move John forward to replace windass, john is strong going forward but needs experience on the defending front

  4. Well U have to be diplomatic as the editor.
    Not me.
    The defending and organisation from big Bruno was top notch and IMO must retain the armband indefinitely.
    For me John is》》》》
    Better going forward.
    Puts in a better
    So he must stay in the team for me.
    Wallace's best way back in is the way Windass is playing,
    Wallace & John might the answer, but Josh can do no wrong in Pedro's eyes for some reason!!

  5. I have said this before, other professional clubs have done this, Liverpool is an example, West Ham too. Wallace should remain club captain, responsible for all off the field activities and as our official club captain. Alves should captain the playing side.

    • Alan..
      If Wallace isn't in the team surely he can't fill that role..
      Like your way of thinking and Dorrans would be my choice for the role.
      Honestly can't see Wallace keeping his place in the side now never mind after 2 transfer windows.
      His loyalty will never be in doubt, unfortunately his ability will be.

  6. I agree that Alves is more of a vocal leader and at this point in time would be my preferred captain. But theres room in our team for Wallace. Id be pushing you Declan on 1 to left wing & have Windass drop out for a week or 2. He seems to have dipped quite a bit recently, and theres no room for average in our team. Jack may need to bide his time too, a silly red card has seen him lose his spot while Holt made a great account of himself in the engine room. I felt he brought balance to the centre of the park and may just keep his spot for the cup semi.

  7. Actually keep Wallace as Captain and lets forge stronger liks with our Army loyalties so …..
    Army: Alves – Field Marshall (really a perfect title) , Cardoso – Attache to the Field Marshall Jack – Brigadier , Dorrans- General , – Colonel, Wallace – Captain, Then give our Air Force Lads a shout: Candelas – Wing Commander John -Lieutenant Wing Commander. Tavernier -Bombadier
    The Navy: Foderingham – Rear Admiral
    Engineer Corps: Holt – Combat Engineer
    Marines: Carlos Pena -Royal Marines Sniper
    SAS: Morelos Sniper
    Tactical Unit Commander : Pedro Caixinha
    Naval Subs: Hererra, McCrorieand Nemane
    Drone: Windass

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