Five men who can replace Pedro Caixinha


With Pedro Caixinha’s Rangers future hanging by a thread, it is time to take a serious look at who can replace him. None of these left-field appointments which make no sense, no more of your Mark Warburtons or Pedro Caixinhas please – a real manager who knows Rangers, the SPL or both, and who can organise this honestly not atrocious squad into something akin to the sum of its parts.

Ibrox Noise takes you through a rogues’ gallery of our best options:

The easy and cheap option:

Graeme Murty and Kenny Miller. Miller will be absolutely disgusted at what is happening (having been treated like dirt) and quite honestly the guy is a total pro who would be a perfect assistant to the restored Graeme Murty. Is it good enough long term? Probably not. But it would bring a bit of order back to the club and my good friend Richard is correct to suggest it as a short term fix.

Tommy Wright:

His St Johnstone have punched well above their weight for seasons now. Sure, right now they basically are a bit mince, having lost momentum, but he is a manager who has admitted he has his eyes elsewhere and also admitted he would be delighted to be the Rangers manager. Another one who can organise his resources to get the most out of what he has.

Derek McInnes:

Scotland’s most sought after manager, arguably, McInnes has exploited Rangers’ absence from the SPL to become a firmly established best of the rest at Pittodrie. His Aberdeen have seized their chance and he has compiled an excellent team who justifiably sit second – he knows Rangers, he knows the SPL, and he would be a very good possibility.

Steve Robinson:

He has signed 18 players and nurtured them into essentially one point off third place inside 3 months. He can take no budget at all and get something out of it, and clearly his Motherwell players run through brick walls for him. Another fine option if Rangers’ board want to open their eyes.

Alex McLeish:

The traditional favourite – this option was given to the board directly in consultation with people who know Rangers and they ignored it. It might be time to listen now. Long term? Probably not – but Eck has an uncanny ability to give a 6-12 month boost to ailing teams and get them punching above their weight. It all then usually crumples after that but he could certainly take till the end of this season to get this team doing something worthwhile.

Sam Allardyce:

Think Bolton. Think Sam’s classic bruisers. That tough, midtable EPL Bolton team who played hard football and frequently damaged the big boys. Tell me that is not a bit of the dig Rangers need? He knows how to get modest resources organised and Rangers need that desperately.

Any more suggestions, folks?


  1. Bring Walter Smith back till end of season with John brown and Barry Ferguson as assistants! And before anyone says he is to old and can't come back for a third time just look at Bayern Munich that guy is 71 years old and it's his third spell! Walter and co would get this team winning and with the assistants get some fight and passion in and I honestly think we could go on and win the league with these guys in charge! Celtic and there overrated players and manager have had it far to easy and think they are better than they actually are! Time to stand up and show why we are the best and always will be! No surrender

    • I think you're living in cloud cuckoo land mate – Walter Smith would never accept the job in the currenty circumstance, with Celtic out of sight and no money to build a new team. Of course he would do better than Pedro with the same resources, but reality is that Celtic's team is far and away the best in Scotland. Why would he tarnish his own reputation and legacy on a beatan docket? The main issue is that we need the clucb to improve from top to bottom – we need a long term business plan to start reining in Celtic's financial advantage, little by little. Until we can get close to them as a business, we can forget about beating them on the park.

    • Celtic are 6 points ahead so I wouldn't say out of sight and if it's short term I think Walter would relish the challenge our team are way better than they are showing they've just need the right man to galvanise them! Given some cash in January I think he would come back in a heart beat a true rangers man like him of course he would he worked wonders before with next to no money compared to what Celtic where spending st the time!

    • Walter Smith would never touch it just now and he may be too old when we get the type of money for the type of players he would need as would any top manager none would touch the job just now,i would go for Graeme Murty and Kenny Miller they could work with what we got just now.

    • And what type of players would they attract? Who is going to want to play for them? No contacts no great managerial reputations? That's not a step forward that's just taking more risks with the unknown and hoping for the best! We need a proven manager at the top level with the balls and temperament etc to manage Glasgow rangers and there ain't any out there that would touch us just now and plus we couldn't payback that kind of money Walter would cost almost nothing he'd be doing it with his heart that's the difference!

  2. Big Sam or pardew for me. They haven't managed teams capable of winning the league and winning the league with us will be a challenge in itself. Stopping 9 in a row would be the dream and if they managed that they would be forever remembered at our great club. It would be a life legacy to stop celtic at this point in time. Watp

  3. Frank De Boer would have to want to come but he's pulled on the jersey and think he would be brilliant at Rangers IMO.
    I know Palace didn't go well for him but there a lost cause. He won 3 titles as Ajax manager and speaks spanish.

    • Please no more taking chances on foreigners , whether they played for Rangers or not . Need a true Ger's man to sort this mess out ,there's plenty out there
      waiting on the call . Eck would be my choice and i've come round to thinking
      Billy Davis would do a good job .

    • Bill davis already thinks there is a conspiracy against him… I think he'd have a mental breakdown confronted with the intense coverage he'd get at rangers

  4. Frank De Boer would have to want to come but he's pulled on the jersey and think he would be brilliant at Rangers IMO.
    I know Palace didn't go well for him but there a lost cause. He won 3 titles as Ajax manager and speaks spanish.

  5. I'd like to see Harry Rednapp in place. Tommy Wright and McInnes are still gambles imo. Allerdyce a good shout too. Big Alex took us backwards with better squad. Not for me

  6. Fuck off Ibrox Noise !! Back the manager and back the team. We were booted and elbowed off the park yesterday by a disgraceful motherwell aided by a piss poor refereeing display.

    Why would be give these pricks in the media and from the east end ammunition by getting rid of Pedro. They would love nothing more than further instability at our club. They’ve had their crosshairs on him since he arrived. Don’t fall for their pish

    It will come good. We have the makings of a decent team. Back them

    • Totally agree with scott fuck them all from back stabbing media to everybody at BT Sport ! We should be backing Pedro

    • You're entitled to your opinion mate, but I don't have to like it. All of my Celtic-supporting colleagues are desperate for us to keep Pedro as manager, cos they know he's pish and Rodgers has the measure of him. Like us when Delia was in charge over there, although that guy actually had some pedigree.

    • Totally agree. Stop calling for the managers head. We where kicked and elbowed by a team full of thug. Support the manager and team or fuck off with the rest of the BT sports panel. MCoist And McCall call yourselves Rangers men but sit back and let fanny fuck Sutton slag our team off and do fuck all about it. Absolute disgrace.

  7. I am not sure how any manager could improve some of them. If we are going to change manager, and it's still a big if, then they cannot bring anyone in until January. They can improve the team by getting 11 on the pitch. That may be all that's needed. Add Hardie and a winger. Lose Windass and Pena (shouldn't be hard) and we could be significantly improved.

    Tell everybody that the new manager will be watching and if the feel they can't hack it in Scotland, get on the phone to their agent.

    I think Morelos has fight in him, but is up against 3 or 4 defenders on his own. Miller always drops deep. tell Hardie to stay up top, see if we can stretch teams and get intae them. Candeias always seems up for it, keep him. Tell Jack and Dorrans to get into the fight or ship out.

    I honestly think we have the makings of a team, but playing 2 men down is exhausting

  8. IF Pedro goes….koeman? Harry redknapp? Allardyce? All good names but Walter is the only 1 that's not a gamble. In the meantime, Hodson at rightback, Tav in front of him. Candieas on the left. Jack, Holt in midfield and dorrans in front of them feeding the buffalo! Windass and Pena? At home watching gazza, laudrup and albertz dvds and learn what it means to play for us! 🇬🇧

    • The young guy at right back with Ross County looks a cracking player , big , fast and powerful as well , would make a great signing with Tav playing in front of him in midfield roll .

  9. I said it when the Breadman run away, you cannot under estimate the pressure managing our club. Personally I don't think Derek McInnes would be able to take that pressure. He had a dodgy time down south and lets face it he's had not pressure from Rangers since he moved to Aberdeen. I can't see him as a Rangers manager he's simply not big enough. Don't forget he turned down Sunderland because he was unsure if the ownership would change and he would be out of a job. The rate for the job was reported to be £1m per year so were is the down side. If he got sacked at Christmas he would pocket around £3m. Yet he bottled it…his wife must have been going crazy! He's not big enough for Rangers.

    Our objective must be to win a title asap and get into some of that European money that lot are getting otherwise we will be in the darkness for years. So that's our focus, what we need is a man who knows the Scottish game and its psyche and who can personally coach individuals to perform their best and get us to where we need to be. I would go for Alex McLeish and give him Kenny Millar as his number 2. That with the signing of the two Scottish lads we have identified would get us into our winning ways.

    Good bye Pedro.

  10. Out of the candidates you mention about potential rangers manager's in the future,ibrox noise,the best and by far the most outstanding candidate is big sam allardyce!This brigade who keep shouting bring back walter smith,when things go pearshaped at ibrox are needing to give it a rest!Sir walter has had his very successful 2 occasions as our manager!For god's sake,stop looking back the way all the time!The mans retired so let it stay that way!I also liked big red mcleish but again i don't think it would be right to canvass for him to come back either!We need to move on from all this!!They've had their time,so please think and give it a rest!!

    • Short term Walter smith would bring back some fight and pride back to our club I agreed don't look back but only when it concerns ex players! Name one manager capable of bringing pride and fight back to our club cis there is only on every man and he has done it twice already it's the best and most likely and reliable option we have right now and as I said short term until we get ourselves sorted!

  11. no more going back-not walter,mcleish etc.

    mcinnes has proven himself and is ex rangers.
    if we got him that would weaken aberdeen too.

    • If your worried about aberdeen then thats quite sad to hear! Mcinnes is not good enough to manage rangers he had the opportunity to win the league on delia last season in charge and he bottled it he threw that away that season so no way he had the bottle to manage rangers! Nor has any other manager in the spl we need to be feared again and in my opinion only one man that I think we realy do have a chance of getting to do that is Walter smith! Not one person on this forum has gave a better option it's a no brainer and if the board don't ask then you don't get it's as simple as that!

  12. Powerhouse 79,do you think big sam allardyce would bring fight and pride in our team??You bet he would!!Let wattie enjoy his retirement!Very well earned!!

    • Sam allardyce not for me and if Walter isn't keeping well then fair enough! We need someone temporary that's knows what we are about so if anyone id say Alex Rae and bomber brown till end of the season but I'd go all out to try get Sean dyche from Burnley for next season long term I think he has the potential to be a great manager and not a risk imo!

  13. Walter Smith isn't in the best of health. McLeish with Alex Rae and Barry Ferguson till the end of the season. Pedro will walk so won't cost us a bean to get rid.

    • Alex Rae without a single doubt. The man is way underrated by many. I'd definitely like to see him in a Rangers management team.

  14. Upon seeing your headline I thought for a second that Ped had been sacked.

    Gutted to find out it was only a headline to discuss whow could replace this fud.

    To me it beggars belief that's he's still in the job. He talks a good game but he just hasn't got s clue. I read a comment about how can pena still be on the park after 60 mins. I couldn't agree more the guy is fucking pish. Waste a money my 6 year old niece has got a better first touch ffs.

    Anyway that's beside the point I came here to make.
    Pedro gave the players from the Friday to the Tuesday off in the lead up to the cup semi. For me that was a massive mistake. All so he could catch a flight back to Portugal on the Friday night after the game to spend a couple days back home. SHOULD HAVE BEEN A ONE WAY TICKET. Why he didn't have them in on the Sunday one day off would be adequate in on the Sunday and give yourself TWO extra days to prepare the team. Obviously there have been loads of mistakes on his part but for me that's one of his biggest. Who knows if it would have made a difference given Motherwell's underhand tactics. Get Ped to Fuck now. Please can we start something to get banners chants n what ever it takes to get the board to listen.

  15. I would have Graeme Murty, aided by John Brown and Kenny Miller til the end of the season to give us time to find the right guy. Nacho would be involved as well. I can't believe that Pedro still has support, wanting to give him time?! There's none so blind as those who cannot see. He's now blaming the players. Definitely lost the dressing room. Mon the Gers

  16. Ronald de Boer and Barry Ferguson IMO would be a great addition to management they know the club and know what it's like to win titles and maybe have Kenny miller in a coaching role

  17. Warburton and Pedro are good coaches. What they are not is good MANAGERS. The training ground and the dugoot are two different beasts and its becoming more and more obvious the Portuguese is not up it. If Pedro is still (amazingly and unbelievably) still around in just over a months time the two games against Aberdeen will once and for all decide his fate.

    As regards a new manager if it comes to that sooner than later he must be Rangers minded and have the experience to handle this debacle with knowledge of the current football landscape in Scotland. McInnes is the obvious choice but it remains to be seen whether he would jump ship mid-season. If not then bringing in someone until the end of the season like Walter or McLeish (if he would take it) to steady the ship would give us breathing space to get McInnes (or A.N.Other) in.

  18. Rogues Gallery indeed! Are you at the wind-up? Allardyce? McLeish? Robinson? Murty and Miller?

    As far as I'm concerned there's only two sensible names on that list, I wanted McInnes in when Warburton left but for some reason this board just don't rate him or don't like him for some reason so I don't see it happening. As for Tommy Wright, maybe but I'm just not sure.

    I think Pedro will be there until the end of the season and we'll be looking for someone else come the summer and yet again we'll overlook McInnes in favour of god knows who.

  19. Steve Robinson? Lol all because he hit a win against Pedro's boys who don't even care or wanna play fir the badge, and Sam allerdyce? Lol yiur having a laugh man, we need Scottish manager and greame murty is good but he puts me off the fact his dad's a celtic man and so is he secretly, I want someone whos rangers! Derek's mcchinnes, alex mcleish, greame sounnes, pena and windass and taveneir really need to go, and why the hell is dalcio even here? Just fir fun by looks of it, getting sick of Pedro's pre/post interview chats, same ol same ol.

  20. Warburton was a cheap gamble by the club , it was worth a try but it didn't pay off so after that they should have made a statement as Celtic did , they brought in a proven manager , paid him double the players rate , he could have got 4 times that but Celtic are a good draw , they are run professionally , look after their players and staff , if Rangers were a dog I'd take it to the vets .Like or hate Ped , it doesn't matter , King hired him , he has no proven record and by all means most of the press in Portugal regard him as a chancer , King must go and he can keep his 30 million warchest , the club is a shambles and still getting run by charlatans

  21. Warburton was a cheap gamble by the club , it was worth a try but it didn't pay off so after that they should have made a statement as Celtic did , they brought in a proven manager , paid him double the players rate , he could have got 4 times that but Celtic are a good draw , they are run professionally , look after their players and staff , if Rangers were a dog I'd take it to the vets .Like or hate Ped , it doesn't matter , King hired him , he has no proven record and by all means most of the press in Portugal regard him as a chancer , King must go and he can keep his 30 million warchest , the club is a shambles and still getting run by charlatans

  22. My Celtic mates reckon Ped is the best manager Rangers have had in decades , screaming dogs outside caravans , us wanting to draw blood like Dracula against Motherwell and what stays in Vegas should stay in Vegas but some of our players don't like games in Vegas , our manager should be sectioned nevermind sacked , if I didn't love Rangers so much I'd laugh but I just want to cry

  23. It’s laughable to suggest Murty, short-term or otherwise. That Celtic DRAW has clouded so many people’s judgement. He was in charge for a month and lost against Dundee and ICT. You talk about no more risks and yet you want a man that has never had a full time gig as manager.
    Walter will not come back.
    Aberdeen will not even consider letting McInnes talk to us.
    Sam won’t be worth the money we’d have to pay him.
    Robsinson has been good for two months – in no way worth the risk.
    McLeish til the end of the season, then talk to Wright as he’d only have 1 year left on his contract.

    Pedro now has to win every game up to and including the Aberdeen double-header to simply give himself a stay of execution. That’s 7 games. All the best, Ped.

  24. I would take a punt on Billy Davies on a 12 month rolling contract, not sure why so many are against him. Failing that go for Gio with Murty as No.2

  25. RTID,I agree with you that billy davies is a very good manager/coach,as his record in the english championship and of course with motherwell in scotland,would testify to!!Its for lies about wee billy davies's personal life,that folk who haven't a clue,clearly don't want him for!Me,i would have him as our manager in a minute!!

  26. A Rangers man who always has his teams well organised defensively is Bobby Williamson and he has a better track record than Derek McInnes, having won the Scottish Cup with Kilmarnock and taken Hibs to a League Cup final. He developed outstanding young Scottish players at Easter Road and also won the Kenyan league championship as a manager. He has been out of Scottish football for a long time now but I think he would be a good caretaker boss until the end of the season. Bomber Brown or Alex Rae would be other Rangers men who could put some passion into the team. If we don't win our next seven or eight games in a row then it's time to change the manager. This can't go on!

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