Did SPL star know the truth about Pedro Caixinha?


When (current) Aberdeen manager Derek McInnes announced star midfielder Kenny McLean was not to sign a new deal and would be leaving Pittodrie in the summer, it was met with surprise in some quarters.

Not that he was leaving, but that McInnes not only announced it without a great deal of regret, and that he even mentioned selling the lad was not out of the question.

It was as if McLean knew-then Rangers’ manager Pedro Caixinha was about to be fired and there was an incredibly strong chance his current manager would be getting the gig.

For McLean to so easily reject a new deal following this summer’s failed attempt by Rangers to capture him, and for his manager to be borderline complicit in the affair, does hint at McLean and possibly McInnes himself knowing the changes were about to be afoot at Ibrox.

Obviously it is conjecture – and it is circumstantial – but it sure as heck is convenient at the very least, and it really would not be a huge surprise if McLean, and his boss, knew what was about to happen at Ibrox and started to make plans.

McInnes is the strong favourite to switch to Govan, but even if the ex-Rangers player does not make the trip, McLean is still certainly going to leave Aberdeen and presumably unless he wants on Celtic’s bench, Rangers is the only place he can go in Scotland.

And call us paranoid, and maybe we are, but we more than suspect he knows and knew that too.

We shall see!


  1. am i the only one who is a bit underwhelmed with the interest in mcinnes?, dont get me wrong if he does become manager i would love him to be successful, that goes without saying but i would like to see us aim a bit higher, i am not 100 % sure who it should be but we need to get the right man for the job not just give it to somebody who is scottish or has a rangers connection.

    • You're not the only one. I just can't get excited about the possibility of Derek M becoming our new manager. He was an excellent player but I view him as an average plus manager. I really want the decision deferred until we see how the players perform under Graeme Murty. Maybe til the January window or even til the end of the season. I don't like the idea of giving Aberdeen £1.5m. We'd be better employed spending that on an available manager(after properly assessing the market) and players. Definitely not excited by Pardew. To be honest, I'm just relieved that Pedro's gone. Mon the Gers

  2. I still think billy davies is best bet.
    Out of everyone who's been mentioned.
    The media have been slagging and dragging his name through the mud.
    WHY ???
    They haven't been supportive in the past only dragging our good name down so its not a surprise to hear they don't want billy.

  3. There seems to be very lackluster enthusiasm for any name mentioned for our club. The apprehension is obvious and just maybe we should relax and let Graeme Murty and JJ hold the reins over the next few weeks.
    Our next three games are against bottom six teams and then back to back with Aberdeen.
    We have a real opportunity to get some confidence back in the club and it was there to be seen at Murrayfield from players and fans alike.
    Lets hope Mark Allen sees it this way.
    PS. Names like Pardew are scary.

    • Nice to read some common sense. If we were to win next 5 games no one here would wish to see a new manager.

  4. Billy Davies has done next to nothing in terms of qualification for the job (one season at derby aside), he also has a fairly major drink problem. Does nobody wonder why he's been interviewed for numerous jobs down south yet no club will touch him?

  5. Davies has done nothing in the game to warrant being mentioned (one season at derby aside). He also has a fairly well documented drink problem. Does nobody wonder why he's been interviewed for every championship job going and yet no club will touch him?

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