Could Rangers replace Kenny Miller with former Italian international?


With Kenny Miller looking like a goner at Ibrox (for right or wrong) there is definitely a vacancy for an experienced campaigner in his advanced position to help out the likes of Alfredo Morelos, Josh Windass, Aaron Nemane et al.

In short, Rangers could use a wily fox up front who still has a couple of years left in him, and would be a like for like replacement for Miller.

One such candidate is Italian international free agent Alessandro Diamanti. The 34 year old ex-Fiorentina striker has a very healthy scoring rate for a secondary striker, with a one in five rate in leagues such as Serie A and the English Premier League, and Rangers’ history with Italian players is not half bad when we consider the Porrinis, Gattusos and Negris of this world.

The 5ft 11” forward, who only last season managed an excellent 31 appearances for Palermo in Serie A with five assists for good measure, has been a free agent since August, and is as capable on the wings and advanced midfield as he is behind the front man.

He would be a fairly cost-effective solution for the ‘Miller Problem’ as it seems for sure, whoever’s side we take, Kenny Miller has played his last match at the club and his position requires replacing.

Diamanti has almost 20 caps for Italy and a good reputation in the sport – with plenty experience of the top flight of English football the forward would be more than prepared for the pace of football north of the border, and his extended time back home makes him a robust customer who could handle the ‘toughness’ of the SPL.

We know at Ibrox Noise we do scout players a lot – we get a little bit of stick for doing so. But is there any harm in pointing out available players on low cost who could do a job for us?

Diamanti certainly could.


  1. I would give Ibrox Noise the Rangers scouting job. You have came up with some very good players going for a song that would def strengthen our squad 10 fold.
    I don't even know what our Director of Football is even doing at Ibrox, I've not heard a thing from him, has anybody?

  2. Why would we be interested in a 34 year old ex Italian international?? He would be looking for a big wage and is probably past it. More importantly- we have Ryan Hardie! If Kenny miller is to be replaced then give Hardie the chance. He's a future international and doesn't deserve to be overlooked.

  3. Ryan Hardie would be a compliment,he certainly deserves to play numerous games for the first team. If Ped doesnt play Kenny then Ryan Hardie should be tried. herrera a nd Pena only deserve 30 minute second half games right now…and even then,would depend on how the game was going…

  4. Yes give youngsters a chance after all kenny has one draw back that's his age as far as I'm concerned he is every bit a hero as super ally not many players in our present team play for the jersey in fact only one as far as I can see yet gers fans are coming on to get rid off oh .sorry two players Wallace another one lots of fans are slagging (unreal)

  5. Hear is the harsh truth lads. Play the youngsters and we will be fighting in the bottom six at the end of the season. They are just not good enough. Hardy had a brilliant chance to win us the game against Hearts but failed. That, is when we need players!
    Hardy will never make it, he is not Rangers class, he is weak and easily pushed off the ball. He may survive in the lower leagues maybe. I'm also worried about McCrorie. He was gash against Hamilton and made many school boy mistakes.
    We are fighting to get as close to the beggars. He may have did alright against the beggars, but he did let Griffiths through for the second goal! Throwing youth who are not good enough is not the answer. We need experience, hard working, committed skilful warriors in every single game. We are struggling to get that standard now, throwing boys in will just make it worse!! Hardy our savior? Gimme a break!
    As for Kenny, we have no facts whatsoever regarding him and Pedro, so lets all keep our opinions to ourselves until we hear exactly what happened?!

    • Aldo, do you mean Kieran Tierney? He is a fantastic Scottish capped full back. He is a player doing it at top level and very little development required. He could make it at the EPL no question. Do you think McRorie is at that level? I didn't see him in the Scotland first team squad! If Tierney was making the same mistakes as McCrorie, do you think he'd be playing?, no chance.
      Please give me an example of a lesser talented player who plays at a top team like Rangers and gets development time and allowed to make mistakes like McRorie?
      If your good enough, you play regardless of age, just like Tierney, if not, back to the under 20s or leave. Pedro fecked up not bringing in another centre half in the summer, simple as that.

  6. I cant see why Herrera doesn't get more game time. He holds the ball well and links effectively with Morelos and Candeias. Take him off with fifteen to go, then let the boys make a name for themselves.

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