Could Rangers consider 42-year old outsider?


When Rangers last lost their manager in February, fans rallied for the likes of Derek McInnes, Alex McLeish, Tommy Wright and even Uncle Walter to come in, steady the ship, and bring Rangers back to the surface.

As it turned out, the diabolical Pedro Caixinha was chosen instead, in a disgraceful piece of neglect and risk taking that has cost Rangers dearly.

However, prior to his appointment, Rangers had a surprisingly safe pair of hands, guiding them through the pitfalls of not having a manager – that man was of course Graeme Murty.

Once again the Rangers Youth coach is at the helm, and having clearly learned a great deal from his first brief stint as interim coach, is doing a grand job second time around.

While his Rangers lads started slow at Murrayfield on Saturday, once King Kenny scored the first, there was no looking back and the visitors stormed out comfortable winners in the end against a reasonably in-form Hearts side (Edinburgh derby loss notwithstanding).

So Murty’s second debut really went rather well, thanks very much, and there is just a little murmur, even if not a strong one, that Rangers could do worse than he as manager.

Murty has had seven matches in charge of Rangers – he has only lost two of them. And if his start this time around is anything to go by, he could well be a very safe pair of hands indeed.

He spoke magnificently pre-match at the weekend, and clearly has taken on board his experience of last time. And equally the players played for him once that first goal went in. Yes, the early stages of the match lacked direction and passion, but once Lafferty put the hosts in front, the fire in the away belly got going.

And that ability to fight back was immense – this team has done it before, for the last manager, at Hamilton. But Hamilton are mince, to put it kindly – Hearts are gaining some momentum.

Murty for manager? An Ibrox Noise poll has him as one of the least favoured options but truth be told he has not let us down any time he has been called upon.

He probably will not even be in the board’s consideration, and in many ways that is fair enough – but Ibrox Noise expresses its thanks to him for taking the temporary role, carrying it well, and even getting his men to play a bit.

But if the unlikely happens and Murty gets the job – would he really be that bad?


  1. Personally I would like Rangers to get there next manager and the manager after that in this next appointment…. Get a proven manager – i.e. Not Mcleish, McInnes, etc but a proven manager who know all the ins and outs of football management AND make Murty his assistant. All with a view of Murty learning the ropes of management (whilst bring what he is good at presently), then when the manager is finished Murty steps up as manager. A la Souness and Uncle Wattie.

  2. I'm glad to see a positive response to the stability and confidence Graeme Murty presently brings to our club which I have elaborated on previously.
    HE IS getting results and has a knowledge of every player at Ibrox.
    Why don't we LET GRAEME CHOOSE AN ASSISTANT to add to JJ IF he thinks it necessary and give the man the job until JAN 1st 2018 at least.
    He is full of motivation and has a bubbling personality but don't misunderstand these attributes as a weakness. They are strengths.
    I think he deserves this opportunity on an ongoing basis.
    Let Mark Allen look around by all means but if he keeps his focus on Graeme he might just be seeing the man he is looking for.

  3. THIS has nothing to do with the managers position its in regard to Jacks sending off the referee issued a yellow card to him and Broadfoot then after being called over by the fourth official he then issues a red card to Jack for the same offence I personally have never seen this happen in football before,is it in the rule book enabling a referee to take such action also if the fourth official was so observant why didnt Broadfoot get a red card for stamping on Jacks foot not once but three times Then again its us we are talking about

  4. Personally i like murty and when he took charge of the team last time around we got a treat at ibrox against hamilton 6 nil which was exceptional at the time but i still dont think he is ready to be full time manager just yet. I could see him being a very good second to (out of all the names put forward to so far) Tommy Wright.

  5. This is the most important managerial appointment since Willie Waddell. Before hime we tried several people and selic where on an easy path to 9 in a row…yes some of us live through that time as a kid. Not a great time believe me. If we don't get this appointment right then we could have a similar situation as the are on that road again but this time it will be more than 9. Waddell turned Rangers around and gave everyone belief, we need someone to do the same now.

    The safest option both financially and in terms of creating belief in our squad, getting to 2nd this season and beating them is McLeish. We cannot take anymore risks. He doesn't need to be in for ever but he will get us to were we need to go and quickly.

  6. As I have previously mentioned on this site, Murty may be the least obvious and least fancied but he has experience albeit minimal in the Manager's chair! Graeme Murty has done the Club proud when it mattered, give him the job until the end of the season with JJ as assistant. He's a much safer bet than the Aberdeen manager or any of the other so called front runners. There's a rumour Big Sam is considering going on I'm a celebrity get me out of here! Enough said?

  7. It would be sensible to find out. Unless Mark Allen has had someone up his sleeve for a while then wait until at least the January transfer window and see how Graeme handles things. We could save £1.5m. Mon the Gers

  8. Graeme Murty being appointed would make my day.

    As for Ryan Jack, imagine if Michael O'Halloron being afforded the chance to play as often as Jack and being sent off 3 THREE times.

    Id hunt him

  9. Hamilton were mince? Fair enough. But Hearts? Also mince. 16 year old playing for them in midfield, Three regulars missing. Cannot judge Murty on one game.

  10. I have total respect for Murty. He has done a great job but…he's the U20's coach. This is the most critical managerial appointment and we cannot take anymore risks.

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