Broken nose: Motherwell striker claims HE was the victim…


Motherwell striker Ryan Bowman has taken the hilarity of comments like ‘it was not my fault, his head attacked my studs’ to a new level claiming Fabio Cardoso’s shattered nose was to blame for existing while the Steelman lived up to his team’s moniker and crushed it.

In truly comical deadpan mode, the forward has claimed that Cardoso’s face is to blame for being where it was, as opposed to the fact the striker led with his arm and clearly smashed the Portuguese in the coupon.

When even Chris Sutton describes a challenge as ‘unacceptable’ you sense it probably is.

Bowman hilariously said (with not a hint of irony):

“It’s the way I jump. I use my elbows for leverage. Most strikers do that. I outjumped him but his head hit my elbow.”

Poor Bowman’s elbow, being attacked like that by someone’s vicious noggin. Fabio should be ashamed of himself.

I would say he is lucky he escaped red but alas the stuff was all over him as he staggered off for treatment.

Get well soon Fabio.


  1. I aam afraid SCOTTISH football is 30 years behind the times and refs support that. Only Rangers and Celtic set out to play football as it is now played elsewhere in world. Take 11 players to game against old firm , close up shop and kick shit out of them. And they are allowed to do so. No wonder Scotland is now a joke. Rangers have got to sign a few heavies and next year try to work out how to play one style of football in Scotland and another in Europe.

  2. The referee was absolutely diabolical let them away with kicking our players all over the park there were two incidents when they followed through on tackles after the ball was released he let play go on because we were in possession if had went back and booked them one of them would have had a second yellow meaning red Saying that we were diabolical Pena is never a player and what more can be said about Windass Pedro must go now we are going nowhere with him as our manager

  3. Might upset everyone here but I watched the incident again. He didn't once look at the player, his eyes were fully on the ball. It looked just the same as his challenge on moult when his head got busted open. Don't get me wrong the ref was crap, I just think he was consistently inconsistent for both sides

  4. The tackle on morrellis in the first half was probably the most of all , the ball was on the ground and dinner managed to kick him above the kidneys and from behind not even a free kick , we lost the plot ,but who thought that it was a good idea to give the brother of an ex Motherwell player the referees job ? Imagined they done it to cellular, there would be calls for a judicial enquiry. They will not be a?lower to get AWAY with it in the final Brenda will have it on video for the ref to see before kick off.

    • The referee's brother played for Motherwell on loan from rangers. So what's your point?

      And in the other semi final Celtic had a penalty given against them that never should have been. The difference being that they went on to score 4 goals whereas rangers scored none. So again, what's your point?

      Send off bowman, send off alves. One a forward that didn't do a lot, the other a centre half. Motherwell would still have won.

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