Another massive call for Pedro – what should he do?


If there is one huge elephant in the Rangers room right now, it is the Kenny Miller shaped one.

From hero, to villain, to ‘hero’ again in the space of a few days, the 37-year old striker was seemingly dropped from the first team squad and forced into the youths, captaining as he did Graeme Murty’s lads in a 5-2 demolition of Brentford.

The fact is, and we recognise this on Ibrox Noise despite being huge fans and admirers of the player, that Miller’s form for the seniors this season has been less than vintage. Outstanding last season and contributing some colossal goals, Miller’s displays this season have been sub-par by his standards, and when we dared to point this out two months ago, we were met with some massive resistence – honest enough souls who slightly misunderstood the piece and ferociously defended the man with gusto.

We were pleased to see the response – despite the personal slurs aimed our way, it appeared fans were, like us, huge admirers of Miller and showed him great respect.

Until, that is, Pedro Caixinha dropped him.

Truth is, we will never know the real reason why. We do not know if there really was a bust up behind the scenes, whether Pedro was just unhappy about the placement of an armband, or whether he simply decided to give Miller a rest then put him in the youths to refocus his energies and regain his form.

Lest we forget, he actually appeared nurturing of his charge when explaining why he was axed for the Thistle cup tie – he simply wanted the man to put his feet up and forget football for a while.

This did not sound like the words of a manager who suddenly hated the player, but the words of one genuinely trying to man-manage him.

Unfortunately, the whole thing created quite a ruckus in the support, with fans taking sides believing it to be a fall out – and sadly two thirds took Pedro’s side without even knowing the facts while many slurred Miller with every profanity under the sun.

But when all is said and done, Pedro has a big call to make. We know about his dilemma in defence, with Big Bruno in action tonight against Switzerland (the big man finds himself on the bench), the ex-Cagliari man is surely unavailable for Friday, and ditto his junior team mate Ross McCrorie, away on duty with the Scottish youths.

But this attacking dilemma is straight-forward. Does Pedro start Kenny Miller as his number 10 (apologies for mixing our 9s and 10s up last time folks) given he is surely the best short term option there and show the world all is truly well with the former Derby striker?

Miller’s form has been off colour for a while and this enforced break could have brought his juices back – no one would be more keen to prove he has still got it than Kenny.

Or does Pedro persist with the utter flop that is Carlos Pena so far? The Mexican has been pretty miserable to this point, and it does seem to be a straight choice between the two for that slot despite the options Caixinha has.

There is of course the small caveat of Miller’s involvement in a court case right now, something which is likely to weigh on his mind a tad albeit he himself is not the accused, and his manager may wish to alleviate any variables which could affect his players by omitting him from the squad.

Equally though there would be no better way for Miller to take his mind off ugly off-pitch legal affairs by playing for his club and banging a goal or two in.

We would choose him, but of course, it is Pedro’s call.


  1. Miller is not the future so should be kept as an impact player from the bench or dropped altogether. We need Herrera, Pena and Morelos to gain more game time and build an understanding so we can assess which positions we need to strengthen in January.

    And as good as Miller had been for us, I'd prefer Hardie got his opportunity ahead of him now. Only in an injury crisis would I go back to Miller…we have to build for the future

  2. Only O’Halloran is a number 10. Penna is a number 6, so we should just look to play 2 up front atm. And Miller should train with the kids and only link up with the 1st team for movement drills etc, he has the experience and is an all round prob which he can pass on to the kids

  3. Morelos is twice as good when Miller plays. Herrera and Pena need to sort themselves out. Play Miller.

  4. I agree with BT, it is time to find out if Hardie is the answer, or needs to be released.

    I think he must be tried before release; don't want to watch a goalscorer do it for another club after we met him go.

    Let's find out. Rotate them all, we are not going to win the league this year but we can get ready for next year. I believe we have enough to beat the sheep anyway.

  5. Tough match…I'd go for experience, play Kenny! Hopefully bring on Herrera and Pena in 2nd half to give them more game time. Mon the Gers! WATP

  6. Both Pena and Herrera need more time and less criticism. Mexican football and the spl are completely different and neither was ever likely to settle quickly. Both have had little impact but have shown flashes of something.

    Personally this is why I wouldn't have done my shopping in Mexico.

  7. Put Herrera and Pena to be with the young guns, they might pick up some lessons.
    Kenny Miller, like Michael O'Halloran deserves better treatment and have the ability to improve the quality of the side in comparison to some of the guys who have shown zilch since arriving 🛬

  8. I really enjoyed your article Ed, you covered everything about Kenny Miller all at once.

    Personally, I would start Kenny for this Friday's MUST WIN, TV game for Ped the Ted.

    Graeme Murty making Kenny captain for the Brentford game, let everybody at Ibrox know exactly what he thought about Miller, and who's side he was on.

    I don't trust Pedro to run Rangers properly – he just doesn't have it – and I will keep reminding our readers until he is either sacked or he will walk away!

  9. The only issue I have with KM is his form and his wandering. No idea what all the palaver was with leaks and fallouts and until we know the details (which will probably never happen) that's how it should be.
    While Miller's attitude and words haven't quite suggested he has the battle fever on, I'm not sure they ever have.

    He is, however, never a number ten. He does not have the ball control or presence for it. He is good at scoring goals and my main beef has always been that he should stick to that, stay in and around the box and shoot a lot.

    I hate hate hate the "one man up" mentality pervasive in modern football. It's just rubbish. If it were me, right now, I would have Dorrans at 10 and Morelos up front with Herrera or even Hardie, with Pena and Miller on the bench.

    And it will probably get me pelters, but I think Windass would be a great number ten. Get John on the LW and one of the youngsters at LB- Thompson or Beerman.

    If I had my pick of the bunch it would be:
    Alnwick (why not?)
    Morelos Hardie/Herrera

    Bench: Pena, Miller, Kranjcar, Hodson, Foderingham, Barjonas, Herrera/Hardie.

    This assuming Alves, Rossiter and Jack are unavailable.

    Of course, this is Mental Ped, so who knows what we'll get.

    Whoever it is, I'll be shouting them on 100% and no doubt moaning a bit too.
    'Mon the Ped.

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