3 million reasons why Pedro must go


As our loyal and devoted readers have probably noticed by now (we love you all, darlings, and thank you for your support over the years), we have 100% given up with Pedro. We rarely ever had faith in this guy, doubting his abilities from the off. Almost nine months now into the job (count them) and we have seen little to nothing to persuade us we were absolutely wrong.

But when we look back to the summer, there were big clues that this guy was a huge disaster already, and those clues were pretty glaring.

This summer Rangers spent around £3M on Carlos Pena, £1.25M on Eduardo Herrera and roughly the same on Fabio Cardoso. Essentially well over £5M.

Meanwhile, summer-long sagas over Graham Dorrans, Kenny McLean, Jamie Walker, Louis Moult and numerous others saw just one deal clinched – with Pedro apparently refusing to pay more than £600K for Walker or £300K for McLean.

See the problem here?

This is a manager who brought in players he knew personally, with no expense spared, with absolutely no idea if they would suit Scottish football. In Cardoso’s case he has not done terribly, in fairness to the lad, but he is clearly not Rangers standard.

Meanwhile, again, the tried and tested likes of Moult, McLean and Walker sat there getting frustrated watching guys like Pena come in for 10 times the price Rangers were unwilling to pay for them.

Those summer haggling sagas scream at us now. We would not pay a penny more for Walker or McLean, but happily threw millions at Guadalajara for Pena?

It is inexcusable, inexplicable, and what has the return for that close to £6M been?



And yet we know guys like Moult would have smashed their way through walls for us, as they do for their present clubs.

It stinks, it absolutely stinks. Naturally we do not know if the board refused to raise the bid for these SPL players, or Pedro did – but they seemed happy to back him for the shiny foreign expensive players. It lends the idea they would have too for the likes of Walker and McLean.

Just another reason why Rangers have wasted more time with yet another wrong manager.



  1. Good article guys we need this clown out now , the figures you mentioned and the obvious performances don't add up apart form the money Pedro and Mendes have made out of this, they have bluffed the board . Pena is a dud, Herrera doesn't even know which way to point !!! Cardoso is keen enough but lacks the basic quality and gets caught wrong side or flat footed most times . We need Rangers Men at Ibrox right now Mc McLeish as Manager and Billy Dodds or Alex Rae . We Need to put pressure on the Board to make this happen asap …

  2. I think there is a lot presumed in this article in terms of who decided what to pay for who.
    Last Friday we were going crazy about Pena. I thought he was rubbish on Sunday as well, maybe the big park isn't suited to a player who isn't blessed with pace and who never ventures outside the outer edges of the two penalty areas. Maybe he is best suited at the smaller, tighter playing areas where he has looked pretty good to me. He would be best playing away games and coming on as sub at the bigger grounds.
    Maybe we should have gone for British players, but they don't all work out, and people stick to what they know. Who did Advacaat buy? Seven Dutch players.
    And while we are on the subject, why didn't Dick buy Van Persie / Sneijder or Smith buy Larsson when offered? Because there are no chrystal balls kicking around.
    We all need to relax and let the guy get on with it, until the board find the ten million or so it will take to pay him off, and provide a budget for the new manager. I would love that to happen right away because even though he has did his best, he wasn't the correct appointment. If Robertson offered me the job, I think I might just accept, so we should never get too personal on the guy. He does seem to love the club.
    Until that happens though, me and the two boys will be there Wednesday and Saturday to cheer the boys in blue. No matter who fills the jerseys or picks the teams.

    • Sense said. You will be like over 35000 fans at Hampden hurting and tens of thousands throughout the world. We know things are wrong, appointments, player selection, players released, etc. but what is needed is for the board to secretly approach someone who they can trust, someone who will be the next manager, McLeish fits the bill, knowing he will be taking over, at the winter break, align players out of contract he wants, McLean, Walker, Charlie Adam, Naismith and potential loan players. This seems doom and gloom, but to me it will give us something to hope for next season.

  3. You can add Callum Patterson, Grant Hanley, Naismith, Berra and McCormack to the list of available Scots Pedro ignored..

  4. Agreed. Its always a gamble buying players or employing managers, will they fit in, if they are not from here will they adjust to the Scottish game. However what I cannot understand is firstly who sanctioned bringing Pedro in. We are not in a position whereby we can take a punt or gamble as we have limited resources and lets be frank, less than 4 years to get a league title won. Therefore why did we take that gamble on an absolute unknown who as far as I can see has nothing on his C.V to suggest he has 1. Knowledge of the scottish game and 2. A winner. The board cannot be accused of not backing the manager and hats off to them for doing that……….BUT having taken the gamble it appears we then look to take some more unneccessary risks with Pena and Herrera. Personally I do not put Carduso in the same bracket at least he is from the same continent. However where I cannot back the board is why take all these chances, we could have got McLean,Walker and Moult for less than Pena fee all of whom would have enhanced the team and all of which have been a success in this league, therefore the chances of them not being a success at RANGERS is lessened. This is what the board have to answer to and the next manager must be the RIGHT choice or its game over 10 IAR

  5. Pretty sure if the Progres debacle hadn't happened, the cash would have been forthcoming.
    That nonsense pretty much sewed up the purse strings, did it not?

    Agree with Mr Quintessential though. For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth, I'll still be pulling on the replica jersey this week and biting my knuckles.

    What else can you do? For all your preaching and outpourings, Mr Noise, I suspect Dave King and his board don't check the internet much.

  6. The board blindly followed Pedro, who understandably wanted to bring in some players he was familiar with. The lack of a scouting department ment the proper questions were not asked and has resulted in the money being poorly spent. That is the boards fault just as much as the managers.

    It was also the board that refused to pay the going rate for walker and McLean, like the Alan debacle they put in bids that they knew fine would not be accepted. Perhaps this is because they themselves had doubts following the euro humiliation.

    The biggest question of the summer buisiness is why McKay was sold without sourcing a replacement. Was that replacement Dalcio, a utter flop or was it supposed to be walker and the board wouldn't pay the money?

    All this not being held to ransom is garbage – both Herrera and Pena were not wanted by their clubs in Mexico due to sustained poor form – yet we handed over a relative fortune for them.

    We have nothing on the left wing, windass is a complete passenger in that role. This leaves the team very imbalanced and cancels out what appears to be pedros main tactic – to stretch teams using width and to put lots of crosses into the box. The other major problem with this tactic is morelos is not a target man and is too isolated allowing defenders to crowd him out.In the Motherwell game we continually threw aimless crosses or long balls with our one little man vs three tall Motherwell defenders.

  7. all ive read here in the comments is blind loyalty to a board who laugh in private, clueless decision makers. this is now a club that is not a step up to enhance a career for a player but a poisoned chalice to anyone with a slight tinge of a future. Mciness wont touch this with a bargepole. not exactly a winner at Aberdeen but then again they don't have a winning mentality either. they are happy being second. reality needs to be met here . there will be no Allardyce, De Boer, Mourinho type appointment. A mid table EPL team will pay and can afford £m's based on Sky money – Rangers cant afford what is here without loans. 5 years to prepare and 5 years wasted, plundered and mis managed.

  8. The team should take along hard look at themselves as they are playing to get the manager sacked which amounts to constructive dismissal under employment law and this thing about not sacking players is a total joke if you don't perform in your job you would some sort of consequence so why is it always pick on the manager when the team fail to perform they are employed by the club and right now it appears as though certain individuals are out to uderminds the manager because they don't agree with his tactics no player is bigger than the club we ran scared from the final because it mentions facing celtic come on is our fighting spirit let's kick on by beating Kilmarnock this weekend.

  9. I've been baffled ever since the appointment of Pedro. You can see he loves the idea of managing Rangers, it's just that he's not very good at it. Tactically, the team is easy to play against – folks grumbled about Warbs obsession with possession (and it did need to be occasionally more direct) but they wouldn't have been beaten on Sunday. Looking at the players brought in over summer, I'd have taken Dorrans and possibly Jack. None of the others seem any better than we had, many of them worse. I've been suspicious that Rob Kiernan had surgery over summer to make him shorter and then changed his name to Cardoso.
    Pedro was allegedly brought in last season to allow him to "assess the squad" – he should have concluded that two or three additions would have moved them comfortably to second (where they should have finished last season with the group of players at their disposal) and then built from there. However, he goes for wholesale change with mainly journeyman continentals who also love the idea of playing for a big club like Rangers. Sadly, they aren't very good at it either – and we're quids out of pocket to boot.

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