Who would replace Pedro?

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

I was wondering how my article about Pedro Caixinha would go down with our faithful Ibrox Noise family (as I like to think of us). I am pleasantly surprised how many of you agreed with almost everything I said about him.

Are you aware that Rangers have won only one league game at home so far this season, a 4-1 win over Dundee. How desperate is that? Losing to Hibernian and Celtic and drawing with Hearts are the other dreadful home results – with I’m afraid – more misery to follow.

Only half of the board wanted Ped the Ted as manager and the other half never wanted him in the first place. They have been exonerated for their opposition to his manic and potentially disastrous appointment. The other half who took the totally unnecessary gamble of risking the future of Rangers, they should be named, shamed and ashamed of themselves for being so stupid.

Should they resign? You bet your life they should! If you are incapable of making sensible decisions on behalf of the club you represent, you don’t deserve to retain your seat on the board.

They didn’t show any common sense with their chance-taking decision. It was not a case of handing over to a solid pair of hands from a tried and tested British style manager. Oh NO! That was too easy a decision to make. Let’s try something different, something out of the ordinary, well you got something very ordinary – a guy who can’t even win three games in a row in an extremely average SPL league.

Is Pedro turning out to be worse than Paul Le Guen and Ally McCoist – YES!

I didn’t judge Pedro for last Saturday’s game as due to so many injuries, we didn’t have the right back up players to cope with them. The sad thing is, this present team are so unfit and lacking in quality, fight and the lack of organisation is obvious.

By not signing Moult, McLean and Walker, it’s showing up already that the squad is far too weak and very light in quality. We’re not even out of September yet and it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the campaign.

The first thing that Pedro should have sorted out was our defence to make us much more difficult to defeat. He obviously thought he had achieved this with experienced Alves and the promising Cardoso, and just like Le Guen, he didn’t fully understand the way our poorer teams play their football.

What Pedro didn’t realise was the rough, tough and far too boisterous SPFL league. Teams like Motherwell, Ross County, Hamilton, Partick Thistle, St Johnstone, Dundee and Kilmarnock are full of lowly paid, get stuck in type of players, because they have no money to buy better players.

Then we have Aberdeen, Hearts and Hibernian who can afford slightly better players than the other 7 teams mentioned, but they can also stick the boot in when required.

Apart from Rangers and Celtic, most of the other sides forwards are usually tougher than our two Portuguese defenders and this is a major part of Rangers problems. Tavernier and Wallace are not good enough defending full backs for the SPFL, so the only way you can still pick them in your 1st eleven, is if you play with a back three and they are the two wing-backs.

This present Rangers team has to score two goals to win a game, because everybody scores at least one goal against us because of our poor defending. We cannot defend cross balls due to Foderingham’s lack of height or confidence. Why don’t they practice corners and free kicks at training every day until they eliminate this particular problem?

Should Alnwick be giving a chance in goals because we concede too many goals? In every game he’s played so far, he has never put a foot wrong and made some great saves. I thought he was outstanding against Partick Thistle and kept us in the game which we finally won 1 -3 after extra time.

I can’t see Rangers winning the next three games on our current form. We might win one or two and that will finish any league challenge that we hoped we had at the start of the season. We need to come second or third this year, and maybe scrape a cup trophy if possible. If we do get into Europe, we must do much better to generate extra finances.

At a club the size of Rangers you must win at least 80% of your games over a season if you want to win the league and Caixinha just isn’t capable of achieving anything like that amount of wins.

I would like to see a new manager appointed before the January window as it is almost over now. Disgraced in Europe and trailing badly in the league and we don’t look capable of beating any team convincibly.

The quickest and cheapest option is to give Graeme Murty a chance to steady the sinking ship, until a fully qualified British style manager can take over (names like Tommy Wright, Derek McInnes, Nigel Pearson and Sam Allardyce have been mentioned). I know it won’t be easy to source the right experienced manager of an extremely high calibre to replace Pedro, but we really don’t have an option. At least Murty will get the team fitter, better organised and add more fight out of the players.

There is no ambiguity here – Caixinha must be sacked – but when? Hearts recognized their mistake with Cathro early on, but took far too long to act upon their decision, and now Rangers have an expensive Ibrox board humiliating mistake on their hands with only one question – when to do the right thing?


  1. I agree he should be sacked immediately. I was willing to give him time but its clear he's not taking us forward and with the wasted signings of herrera and Pena that shows what a shambles of a manager he is. What about David moyes for manager ?

    • Why not you ask? Two reasons, firstly finance, and secondly you think someone like Moyes, allerdyce etc would go head to head with Rodgers , this Celtic team and the finances they have? Theyd fear for further damgae to their reputation. It would have to be an appointment from within, or else the likes of Wright

    • Moyes was a joke at Manchester United and his time at Everton saw them win nothing and play some of the most negative football ever! We can all say what we want about who should come and who should go but perhaps we are forgetting one thing. Where is the money coming from to pay off Pedro and his entourage! In terms of appointing a quality manager, someone like Allerdyce might just fancy having a go at Rodgers so long as they were given the financial support to bring in the necessary recruits.

  2. Whoever it is I'd like to see Alex Rae as part of a new management team.Listening to Alex's insight before, during and after our games make him my number 1. I rate him very highly.

  3. It would make more sense right now to go with an SPL manager rather than someone from down south, we need someone who knows our weaknesses so they can come in quickly and make the adjustments straight away to make us harder to beat. Bringing in someone from down south will just mean more time needed to assess and get the feel for things. McInnes is the obvious choice, it doesn't matter that he has done nothing with the sheep, he has done far more with them than Pedro has done with us and a substantially larger transfer kitty. McInnes didn't event get interviewed when we sacked the bread man so it could be that he wont even be considered.

  4. Please not murty he is just as bad, one lucky draw against the bheggars who never turned up for that game,we need somebody to come in and shore up at the back and make us hard to beat even if it means five across the middle,we have to stop giving away cheap goals.

  5. Tony pullis. Unhappy at West Brom and his team's have everything we lack. Not saying he would take job but is worth a shot

  6. Lets stop arsing about, lets start thinking big like Rangers should. Pearson, big Sam, why not ?. We need to do something now to make up for wasted time, no more excuses about no money this needs sorting now and it needs to be the right bloody man this time no more buggers we've never heard of !

  7. Sorry but I disagree with you all. You need a reality check. The guy has come in and had to build a squad of his own. Maybe you do not agree with who he has bought but money is tight and you get a lower standard of player for the money paid. Judging from the comments on here and other blogs it looks like you all want multi-million transfer deals and to buy a manager that has won everything going. Rangers fans yet again suffer from impatience, you get a new manager and you lose a few games and that is then the call for him to go, absolutely no foresight at all. If you all remember rightly many people have already said it would take at least 5 years to put things right yet after 5 months you want rid of the guy. Keep changing the manager and that figure of 5 years extends even further. Wait until the season is over with then see where we sit in the table.

    • We spent over 8million in the summer, that’s almost as much as hearts in the last 10 years and hibs prob in the last 20+ yet they were better than us at our own ground

  8. KLINSMANN? now that is a headline act, but still think walter souey or big eck any 2 from 3 as they know what's needed on and off the park.

  9. Frank De Boer & Butcher assistant for me.
    Both wore the blue shirt and both winners at our club and everywhere they played.
    King has over $150M stashed in offshore accounts, he sanctioned this fuking fiasco.
    So Dave time to get long arms and short pockets.

    Watch we will win 6-0 the nite***

    • Moyes was a rangers fan but played for Celtic he wasn't a Celtic legend though. We appointed Kenny dalgleish as head scout in the 90s with a view to him becoming the next manager before he went to Newcastle and he was a Celtic legend. Who cares who someone supported o'halloran miller and caixinha was a scout for celtic

    • I care…this is a critical time for our club n you want Moyes seriously are you not well? Mccall should have got job before. We defo need someone that knows scottish game so either mccall or mcinnes would have improved our team on a fraction of the money that chinny has been given. Crackpot

    • I care…this is a critical time for our club n you want Moyes seriously are you not well? Mccall should have got job before. We defo need someone that knows scottish game so either mccall or mcinnes would have improved our team on a fraction of the money that chinny has been given. Crackpot

  10. Imo, the most pressing issue is the lack of progress behind the scenes. A few months back DK was advised that he was obliged to make an offer to buy the shares of other holders. Granted it was an incompetent ruling, but there has been no more said about this. Where do things stand in re to a share issue to raise capital? Again silence from the board re this. What's the delay in Puma delivering replica strips? 4months on and still no sign. I agree Pedro has to go, but the infrastructure needs to be right for a new manager regardless of who takes over. The board need to resolve these issues to make progress on the field. As an interim measure I would like Smith back until a long term replacement is secured.

  11. If we are to believe all that is going on and there is something going on, then it seems to be a pretty straight "taking sides" situation. Is Kenny being a dick? Is he being a dick because he thinks Pedro is a dick and Kenny is a true Rangers man protecting the club?

    Or is Ped being a dick because he's had his feathers ruffled and people aren't doing what he says?

    I am inclined to think Kenny is being a knob- if he was a Rangers man and a professional, he would be sucking it up, knuckling down and fighting for the jersey.
    With all the best will in the world, he ain't doing that. His body language and half-arsed press comments have been pathetic.

    The Board have appointed in good faith as part of a plan. Or "process" as Ped likes to call it. It hasn't gone to plan as he has had injury issues, the players he bought as "quality" haven't got to speed (Alves, Dorrans) and he has an unfortunate habit of doing press conferences while talking pish.
    Do a Fergie, for God's sake- let JJ do the pressers.

    If the Board is divided on him, then the writing may be on the wall, though it really shouldn't. He is still working out his best eleven and injuries are affecting that too.
    His biggest error was not getting in Walker or another left-winger, but that may well be because the Board did what they did to Warburton last January- "You've spent a shitload and you're not getting any more until you win something".
    For what it's worth, Walker would be here now were it not for Progres. Progres is the biggie. That's when Ped's peg lost its solidity.

    I would never wish a bad result on us- I hope we tank Hamilton tonight and Ped gets a chance to carry on with what he is trying to do.

    That said, I won't shed tears if he walks. Just take a deep breath and get ready to start again.

    As for a replacement? No win situation, to be honest. Can't be a Euro experiment again- been there, done that. "Scottish" manager? We won't get the likes of Souness. End of.

    If it was me? A couple of good old boys would be my choice. Alex Rae and Barry Ferguson between them. A double-act that would make it completely irrelevant if someone didn't speak English, then……. 🙂

  12. now Ped has banished Kenny Miller to the u20s….the mans a knob, said way back and check if u like that Ped would not see Hallowean. Give McLeish the reigns again, at least fitness and defending would be vastly improved and if we dont concede goals then we are hard to beat, right now I expect to flounder tonight at Hamilton, they will have a go, we will look at each other and say WTF as usual

  13. I disagree with one minor part of this article: Hearts cut Cathro shortly after their humiliating League Cup defeat. The writing was on the wall at that point, and they didn’t wait to drop to the bottom half of the league table before the board axes him. It could be argued that they should have axed him sooner, before the summer transfer window, but I think they wanted to see him bring in his own players and see what he could do with his own squad (not unlike Pedro, by the way). So they let him stay through the summer, until it became obvious he wasn’t going to be able to do the job.

    With Pedro, in my opinion, we’ve passed the point of no-return. Even if he wins tonight, the dressing room is divided, and a sizable group of players don’t want him as manager. He’s never going to get a string of results under these circumstances.

    For me, the time to act is today, before kick-off at Hamilton. There’s nothing to be gained from waiting any longer, and we’ve got 3 points on the line. Even if we somehow manage to secure a victory, it won’t unite the squad or make Pedro’s chances of future success any better. Time we cut our losses and start moving forward again.

    Also, I agree with E-Chef. The board is the ultimate problem here, and not just with Pedro’s hiring. There’s no underlying strategy and no roadmap to getting to where we want to be. I think fans would be willing to give the Board, and the next manager, a lot more time and flexibility, if such a plan was put forth. Even if it meant taking a step or two backwards in the short term. I’m my mind, we can’t just hire another manager and put all of our proverbial eggs in that basket; because what happens if we get the appointment wrong again? We would have to start over again in 6-12 months after several more millions have been wasted. We need to get the foundations of the club right before we do anything else.

    Lastly, I think Murty is our best choice for manager over the next few years. I’m not going to repeat the reasons again, but I think he can do a decent enough job in the dugout, and Mark Allen can run point on the transfers for the foreseeable future. If Kenny wants a career in management, he can either be Murty’s assistant or the head coach of the development team. In my opinion, Kenny should not be given free reign to manage Rangers as his first managerial appointment. His day will come, but it shouldn’t be until he’s got some more experience in the dugout.

  14. Agree with entire article with the following three exceptions – "the promising Cardoso", "Foderingham's lack of height" and giving "Murty a chance". Cardoso, whilst comfortable on the ball for a central defender, cannot defend. Foderingham's problem is not a lack of height, but an inability to command his box. Murty is totally unproven and, in terms of the support for Alex Rae (not from Ibrox Noise) have a look at his managerial track record.

  15. God you do like sticking the knife in. But look at it from his point of view. 1. Hibs game we should have been 3 up after 15 mins and they should have been down to 10 men. Instead when they equalised we had a man sent off( rescinded). No 2 ways the ref costs us 3 points.. 2. If we bought 3 players you suggest we would be in a better place but Pedro doesn't do negotiations. I suspect board is expecting to get them all in Jan.3. Wallace injured again. ( and John). 4. Kranjar, Miller, windass all on high wages and he is stuck with them.5. Murky? 6-1 says it all. We are rebuilding. You are right about Scottish football but do you want us just to be best of rest by kicking shit out of rest. Or do you not think we should be building to also compete in Europe? Look how other teams did in Europe this year. We will finish 2nd and buy further players next summer.

  16. So many people with no ambition wanting the likes of McInnes and Tommy Wright, (albeit that I like Wright), and wanting someone like Alex Rae as assistant! I guess you are settling for second place at best while the crowd in the East End disappear over the horizon! Sad fact of life whether we like it or not, Pedro was given £8m to rebuild a team. That is the same as Roberts value! We need investment, pure and simple. We need to have a share issue that switches the existing loans given by some of the Board and we need an additional £30m., to rebuild the team so we can seriously challenge Celtic. Right now it is not a logical expectation with the players we have to believe we can challenge for the title. What is more the biggest failures in the team just now are Dorrans and Pena, there is less excuse for Dorrans than for Pena in my book, the latter perhaps needing some time to adjust to British Football and our climate.

  17. If pedro was to leave his position as our manager then we have to appoint a manager who is capable of going head to head with brendan rodgers!Lets push the boat out!My choices would be big sam allardyce,chris coleman,alan pardew,michael o'neill,wee billy davies etc!All these managers i've mentioned are far better than derek mcinnes,tommy wright etc!We are glasgow rangers and should never be accepting mediocrity!IMHO derek mcinnes & tommy wright wouldn't be able to take on and beat brendan rodgers!

    • Billy Davis…disaster at Forest and he had been given £90m the first time he was there. McInnes I agree is not up to it. He's hanging on to be Aberdeen manager but he would not take the pressure at Ibrox. We need a quick and immediate fix so I'd go for McLeish.

    • While ur at it… Lennon maybe the worst anti rangers guy… but he’s a good manager, sadly we don’t have any legends that are like him

  18. Oh so many so called fans are quick to preso the panic button as to are board members when things are not going right it's high time players should be held to account for pxxx poor performances by them once a mangers puts his best eleven players across the touchline he expects those players to play to their ability in every match but who do we choose to dump our managerror just like Ross county Birmingham City we went British before wit has Warburton it didn't work you need a manager who's ethos matches the club the players need to accept responcability the club captain should be helping achieve what the manager wants and the players shouldn't openlyou criticise the manager it uderminds the dressing room
    Unless thats what the club want which in my mind is constructive dismissal we don't want to be one of these clubs who go through several managers as a club we must have had what 7/8 managers in the clubs history it's high time the board backed their manager 100% instead
    Half hearted our financial position
    Doesn't help us neither does other clubs attitude towards us my choice for manager if we were to drop Pedro is big Sam or Harry redknapp or bring back Walter I deffenately would not bring big eck back murky has got it in him the under 20 aren't playing that we'll atry present to be honest I think we should back Pedro for the season you gave him a coach who was suppose to help him I think we need a fitness coach to get the team sharpened up maybe a trip to Gullane sands like the old days

  19. Aitor Katana, ex Real Madrid and Middlesbrough. Best mate of Mourinho and availavle.

    Carlo Ancelotti – the best European coach freely available who knows UK football. Expensive option but would challenge Rodgers

    Ryan Giggs- would be another big gamble but I know he'll be a top manager for someone soon

    Michael O'Neill- outstanding record at International football which is tougher than club football as you are forced to work with the players given to you.

  20. Henning Berg is available……remember him? Remember when his Liega Warsa team slaughtered the filth upside down only to be put out of Europe on a technicality of an unregistered player?
    Michael O'Neil…..hmmmmm!
    Remember Brenda was a decent Swansea manager at their level and a flop at Liverpool. He won Hee Haw down south!
    It's a tough call given the financial situation to rid Hedgerow and his enterage, coaching staff and Latinos who in the main have been Gladys Knight.
    Berg would have been my appointment pre loaf, perhaps too late now as he's probably not the right one to sort out 6 years of mess…. in particular the players loaf and Hedgerow have left us with.
    But DK better get his finger out ( and cash) and sort this circus out!!

  21. Almost every single one of you should be embarrassed to call yourself fans. So deluded its no real.some of The names being banded about here are a joke to. This man had 4 weeks tops to build a team get his message and training across. Hes given youth a chance and we have improved vastly from british born warbuton. We have lost 2 games 1 of which we were robbed. Ancellotti 😂😂 get aff the crack pipe.

    • YOU git aff the crack pipe. "Improved vastly" HOW exactly? Defence is as pish as ever, the only difference i can see is we have better players but we play worse football.
      We've lost 2 games but we've been rubbish for 70 percent of the ones we've won or drawn.
      "4 weeks tops" — classic. He arrived when? What month is it now?

    • 56 % win rate.Not really an improvement. Pedros previous win rate while managing his previous teams was 44%. Not great. Time to ring the changes. Not Graeme Murty,Moyes or big Eck and definitely not big Sam. Let's have a Scottish manager.Bring in Derek McInnes, he could be the next Walter Smith,mid the board backs him with cash.Proper cash.If Dave King can't supply it, he should walk away and let someone else try.

  22. We can all speculate as to who should take over if we were to get rid of Pedro but what manager is going to take on a club who runs scared from its opposition the bad press the club has being getting has being affecting our winning mentality instead of making us stronger it is causing rifts right now our senior players should be helping the manager instead of ripping the heart out of the team by in fighting between the players the manager and the media and the supporters it would matter who was in charge we must find our winning mentality and start winning games we should never loose at home or away even with the ref against us we should be winning the games against lesser opposition and giving our biggest rivals the game that shows we are back but no players are unable to kill off the opposition because they are mentally weak and thats not the manager fault that's down to each individual to give there all for the club once a mangers puts his best eleven on that pitch he can do not more so let's getc behind the club and the manager and get our team winning regularly if we were to get rid of Pedro bring back Walter Smith and Lee as his number two

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