What should the board do now?

Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

The Rangers board took an inexcusably huge gamble by making untried Pedro Caixinha the new man to take over from another experimental ‘Gers manager in Mark Warburton.

If Ped the Ted is ever going to be a success at Ibrox, he must start winning a minimum of three games in a row – to have any semblance of success at a massive club like Rangers.

It is impossible for a Rangers manager to win the league if he cannot buy the right players to put on the park and then have the talent and common sense to choose the right ones to start the games.

This Rangers team are simply not fit enough for a start. Against a fast, fit, Celtic team, they look so slow in comparison and in almost every position. They have to up the fitness programme now.
We see the odd picture of them playing heady tennis – not good enough!

Walter Smith and Dick Advocaat used to win about seven out of nine games, draw one and usually lost one, but even that may still not be enough to win the league this year with Celtic seemingly capable of beating everybody so easily in the weak, appalling hustle and bustle of the poor footballing SPL.

We will never have a side to compete with Celtic and Aberdeen under the guidance of Pedro, if he doesn’t learn much quicker than he has so far. Personally, I don’t think he has got what it takes!

I am willing to go right out on a limb and make an honest opinion of my account of the disaster that I predict will happen to Rangers in the next catastrophic six weeks, while we wait for the team to gel together. I have no faith in the manager whatsoever – there I said it!

This is not the view of the other writers of Ibrox Noise, it is entirely me being a smart ass.

Many of our Ibrox Noise comments think Pedro deserves to receive a longer period in charge before he eventually gets the sack – why? If he doesn’t have what it takes, admit it and cut our losses. He talks a lot of rubbish and I find it very embarrassing.

I have been a blue nose for 60 years and I passionately love Rangers just as thousands (no millions of us do). I genuinely care what happens to us from week to week. It is full of highs and lows, and let’s be honest the last 6 years have been an absolute hell for us all.

This Friday we play against a very ordinary, tough, stuffy, hard-working Hamilton team away from home in another tense fixture that Rangers must now win. We will have to play much better than we did in our last 3 games to earn another 3 points, especially with the way we are playing at the moment.

We have a week off for more international games before we arrive at Perth to take on St Johnstone in another must win game, followed by the extremely important home match against 2nd placed Aberdeen.

If Pedro can win all 3 of these matches, it will place us in a much better position than we have been in for a long time and he will be given more time before the inevitable chop.

The panic button is not far away from being pushed, but I know it is coming, it is only a matter of time! Winning three games in a row has so far alluded this Rangers manager and he requires a five or six-wins-in-a-row run up to the Celtic Park game at the end of December, if he is to survive as the light blues boss.

We are 8 points behind already – do the board press the button now? – NO. They will bottle out of it rather than admit they got it all wrong – again! Will they wait until we are 16 points behind before getting shot of him? – YES. They can then say “The board gave him every chance to try and prove that he was the right man for the job”.

The Rangers fans cannot even trust the manager to pick the right side to put on the park. How many people would have started Pena against a fast Celtic team? Very few, if any! Tavernier was always getting the run-around from the excellent Sinclair and Hodson was totally terrorised by the brilliant Man City owned Roberts on the right wing.  

It is not all Pedro’s fault due to Mark Warburton signing too many players that were not good enough to wear a Rangers jersey. Pedro was forced to go for more quantity in recruitment rather than the quality of players a team the standard of the ‘Gers requires.

If we had brought in ex-Ranger Derek McInnes from Aberdeen he would have signed cheaper and better options as he is used to working with lower budgets and he can still whip Rangers to land his team a 2nd place in the league. If he had joined us, it makes us much stronger and leaves Aberdeen much weaker – a no brainer!

Oh – except to our current board who prefer to take unnecessary risks. If you want to gamble – go to Las Vegas and don’t dare gamble our season ticket money ever again. Please take Pedro with you – very soon!

This may all sound knee jerk but I think it’s safe to say we’re all a bit fed up at Ibrox Noise with how things are going. Where do you, the readers, stand?


  1. Richard, I agree with you 100% Hedgerow doesn't cut it (no pun intended) he is an out and out zoomer and as you say some of his comments are an embarrassment. That said, the Board that appointed him need to act swiftly or they too, if not already, will have to move on as shareholders couldn't possible re-elect them. Which brings me to Mr King. Here is a guy that cannot attract serious investment to the club, perhaps due to previous? There lies a problem!

    The next 3 games will be make or break in my book for Hedgerow. Somehow, I feel it won't go his way!

    Hope I'm totally wrong!

    • Sadly, John, you are not wrong. There is no way that I can see Rangers winning the next three games. They might win one and draw two–and that will just about finish any tiny league challenge that we might have had.

    • Let's see how next three games go. 3 wins and we will more or less be in 2nd place. You say Mr King cannot attract serious investment. He has been prevented from doing so by a combination of Mike Ashley and Ally McCoist. Next AGM should sort all that out. However we have to prove to investors we are worth investing in. I first saw Rangers in 1957. Our worst moment was going into administration in 2010. An absolute disgrace. But brought about by Murrays bankers in first place and him selling to Craig Whyte. The wrong administrator was appointed and he sold out to wrong owners( Green) who in turn did dodgy deal with Ashley. All this is history now. Appointing Managers is not easy and board have not easy job. I am one who would like to see Pedro given chance. I realised at first game last season(Hamilton) that Warburton would fail. First game this season I was much more impressed. But we were done by a dreadful refereeing decision. This happens. Against Celtic we had 3rd choice left back out and rookie centre half. Our resources are slim and we don't have money to pay high wages for guys to sit on bench( like Celtic do). 20 years ago Fergus McCann rescued Celtic from bankruptcy. He was hated for years by their fans because he made them live within their means. King must do the same. Turning round off field is crucial. The writer of article is frequently pessimistic and frequently wrong! Now is the time. I forecast 3 wins on trot!

    • Yeah, spot on. We aren't going to get a quick fix. We need to build over 2/3 seasons. Are we better than last year? yes. Next year we have the possibility of signing walker and MacLean for free. Which hopefully means we can focus on strengthening defence/attack with our limited funds

    • I have to agree with Alan that we need to see how the next 3 league games go plus we also have the League cup semi final, the Aberdeen game will have to be rearranged.
      I have said in this forum many times that Caixinha should be allowed to complete the first cycle of games, to play all our league opponents and should we be adrift from those in 2nd place he must go.
      Rangers fans have to accept we are nowhere near catching Celtic and as hurtful as it is to write that, I also cannot see us get anywhere near them for some time.
      We all have input into this forum with each of us offering solutions, sacking managers, who we should appoint, what formation we should have, what players to sign or let go, etc., etc.
      What we need is stability; in the boardroom, which we now seem to have, in the coaching of young talent, from what we read also seems to be taking shape and in developing and recruiting players, in some cases we got players we wanted while we missed out on others.
      In my opinion Pedro has slightly more than 3 games to prove himself, I do have some sympathy in the fact he has twice been deprived of defenders through injuries and I won't judge him for Saturdays game as we don't have players who could cope with them.
      We need to come second this year, a cup trophy would be a bonus and whoever is in charge next season, if we do get into Europe must do our damdest to generate extra finances to start to claw back some of Rangers pride and successes.

    • Don't disagree with your logic Alan about the way forward but not with Pedro at the helm. He I should embarrassing the club and spat at the weekend was just another example. Not Rangers class and is clearly under pressure. Derek McInnes would be a more professional option within the sensible background approach that you suggest.

  2. When pedro signed I was very sceptical because u looked at his all round managerial stats n I think his win rate was like 44% alarm bells wer ringing, now at rangers u must win at least 80% of yur game over a season if u want to win the league n like warbs caixinha just isnt capable, my mate said to me on Tuesday night I wud start Pena on sat n I said I wouldn't cos he's not fit wat I wud do wud let him sit on the bench take in the atmosphere, hi intensity n hava a look of the pace the game flows n c the type of challenges he will endure then put him on at about 65 min now am no manger but that the way I saw it so how the hell did Pedro not. Windass as much use as a blunt chisel, dorrans must play higher up the park. Alnwick should b giving a chance no face in fod whatsoever Alnwick in every game I've watched has never put a foot wrong he must b giving a shot cos we concede far to many goals n if he changes keeper n it's still the case then it's a gd chance it's yur defence. I thot at the end of the window GERS shud have pushed the boat took the gamble n got all the players we wanted in moult,mcclean n walker n it's showing already that the squad is week and light in quality n we re not out of September yet so doesn't bode well for the rest of the campaign.
    GERS fans should ask themselves this do u have confidence in this manager n team goin away to the manks, the sheep,hivs,hearts n st Johnstone prob add Motherwell in that n coming away with 3 points? If no then that should make the boards mind up.
    Wud make a gd poll ibroxnoise.

    • Thank God I'm not the only one who thinks Winsock should be given chance,wes is the worst rangers keeper I can remember in50years

  3. Well said that man, your not being a smart arse, your telling it like it is. He should never have got the job. I accept there is not a lot of money but really pedro was the best option ? My arse, he was bloody cheap and full of shite, an absolute embarrassment every time he opens his mouth. Get him out now, we're starting settle for second or even third rate shite at ibrox and i am totally fuckin fed up with it !lets get some pride back into being a Rangers supporter please WATP

  4. I could not agree more–Caixinho MUST GO ASAP. I have been saying this regularly ever since our humiliating defeat in Luxembourg. At that time all that we heard was that he had not had enough time, some players were still not fit, and, of course, that there had not been time for the team to gel. I have played in amateur teams who only trained two nights a week and the teams gelled a hell of a lot quickwer than it is taking Rangers–who STILL DO NOT LOOK FIT ENOUGH. O'Halloran has said that he required top do EXTRA TRAINING HIMSELF TO KEEP FIT–AND I BELIEVE HIM. This present team are unfit, lacking in quality and lacking in organisation. Playing people like the sloe Pena, the slow Miller and previously, the slow Krancjar against Celtic is asking for a hiding, which they duly are getting every time we meet them. It has got to stop. PLEASE SACK HIM NOW, RANGERS BOARD.

  5. A new manager MUST be appointed well before the January window–or our season will be over by Christmas. It is almost over right now. We are out of Europe, already trailing badly in the league, and do not look capable of beating ANY TEAMS CONVINCINGLY–not even Partick Thistle, who have almost no money!! We need another clear out of players who are clearly NOT GOOD ENOUGH–and we MUST bring in at least three top quality players. I doubt that will happen–so I will continue to make money by betting against Rangers to lose every time they meet Celtic. How sad is that??

  6. He's brought in 11 players. Lost to hibs drew with hearts. And two draws over 90 minutes with bottom team. Why waste more time and money. Admit mistake. Move on

    • Camch, fair comment, a massive mistake. The nonsense our manager spouts is embarrassing. While we have the present incumbents in charge expect nothing more than mediocrity. Wrong selection of managers when other one's available might make a velvet purse out of a pig's ear. I despair.

  7. I think you are right in stating that he had to go for quantity over quality because of the failures Warburton brought in last summer and we have paid for that.

    When you have 8 or 9 good players, you can gamble. We don't, so had to get quite a few in. Some have been good; Morelos, Jack, Cardoso, Candeias, apart from yesterday. Some have been average; Alves, Dorrans. Some have been poor; Pena, Dalcio. Some are not yet ready to be judged; Nemane, John. Sorry if I have missed anyone.

    But to sack the manager, you have to believe someone else could get better performances out of the same players. Those players are not leaving without a payoff we can't afford, so like last year we are stuck with them. Next summer we will lose Miller, Kranjcar, Danny Wilson, David Bates, Hodson?, maybe a couple of others whose contracts I don't know about.

    Replace them with Walker from Hearts, McLean from Aberdeen, Moult from Motherwell, all free; spend on 1 quality midfielder to boss the park and bring some youth like Barjonas, McCrorie, Atakayi, Rudden, Hardie etc through, we will look stronger.

    This is the future. We look to put together a stronger squad each year by replacing outgoing with younger, fitter, better players. We hope the manager gets it right.

    Alves v Kiernan. Jack v Halliday, Dorrans v Holt. Morelos v Garner. Herrera v Waghorn. Cardoso v Senderos. Candeias v Forrester. We can debate exact qualities, it's a judgement call. But if anybody honestly thinks the 7 coming in are not collectively better than the 7 who left, you need to go lie down and rest.

    • I agree with both of you for different reasons
      Those who are in v those who are out, in my own opinion are NOT overall better than the dross that left.

      Herrara and Eagborn both are capable but seldom produce

      Dorrans is a huge disappointment for me, Moreles is the only one I can give full praise to.

      The Board MUST shoulder the blame. To a degree Ashley's obstacles are not the only reason for the lack of investment The lack of progress is probably the most likely.

      Wes Foderingham, who told the board to give him an extension dear oh dear. Andy Gorams left foot had more ability and who should tell him that he should not take on strikers with his feet?

      Dorrans, McCrorrie, Jack, Hardie, Burt, Rossiter Barjonas, Miller, Moreles, krancjar, Along with MAYBE Taverner and Moult McCormack, Walker and McLean are capable of so much more than the ever loyal supporters of the Famous Glasgow Rangers are being made to watch every game.

      But for me, money is needed to be available and used soon and I don't see anything to be confident about and haven't over the past two years.

      We defended at home against the countries best strikers, inviting them to score, because our defence is rank fucking rotten and we are going to be until we get back to being proud to wear the jersey.

      Miller is a very good striker. But he is 37 and still one of our best. That should not be the case.

      Wallace should be playing in Edinburgh for Hearts or similar, not as Captain of Rangers.

      Start as Souness did Get a Leader in the defence and get a flipping defence before we disappear down a really crap league.

      Sorry Bud but I think I am witness to the worst Rangers team I have ever seen

      Boring and greeting faced I may be.

      But that is how I feel about the current situation at the team I have been watching since the 60s

      No fight No Stamina. No Gers fan should have to constantly be disappointed with this boards product.

      It is not good enough

    • Start as Souness did – If it was possible to get them, which it is not, England captain and England Goalie alone would cost £100M plus.

      I don't think things are perfect, but i do wish that all those screaming for Pedro's head and new players would cost their dreams and explain where the money is coming from.

      Pedro's head would cost at least £2Million, I suspect. A "decent CB would cost £5M and £1M a year over 4 years(if we are extremely lucky!!)
      Same for Goalie and CM. So that is £27 Million. Can somebody, anybody, please explain where £27 Million is coming from. Yes, you can find cheaper – we did. But people are moaning about what we got for £5 million over 11 players. It takes a lot of luck to get good people in cheaply.

      There is a reason Celtic are top of the league. History has shown that the richer team will win something like 95% of the time. Leicester are unusual. Nottingham Forest and Aston Villa, two European champions, played this season in the 2nd division, a european first. They have a lot more money than us and are down there. Leeds have been down there for years.

      I believe we will return to our rightful place. But it will take time. There are no quick wins. Aberdeen have failed against weak Celtic teams. St Johnstone have exceeded brilliantly, but with a counter attacking style we would not be able to implement at Ibrox. There is no proof that their manager could bring us to the promised land. How long would he get, 6 months? Then what? How long would the next guy get, then what? All the time building a highly paid squad who won't go anywhere unless paid off.

      Reality check guys. This is going to take time

  8. I never wanted Pedro, never did the vast majority of rangers fans. The board did and if anyone should face sack it's Robertson.

    But let's be real here. We spent money, but it's a drop in ocean compared to what's needed. The board took the worst possible option and has spent money we didn't have very poorly.

    Pedro needs to be given to Christmas, bit without major progress that's all the time we can afford.

    The real problem is the board. They don't have the money and are doing all they can to stop outside investment. But most fans are blind to this.

    • How could you or anyone have wanted him? Youd never even heard of him. He was hired because he had some knowledge of Scottish football having been a Celtic 'scout'

  9. Sadly I agree, we need a proven manager who knows what players work in Scottish football – we don't have enough funding to make mistakes (like our Mexican big money buys)! Time for change.

  10. Finally Ibrox noise at its best totally agree. His main concern on Saturday should have been focusing his team on the second half not going toe to toe with brown, playing to the masses won't win us games. Pena was lorded as a box to box midfielder
    At this rate he struggles to cover a match box.
    I honestly can't see him lasting beyond Christmas
    With a Nike Strip deal in the offering would you
    Honesty trust him with any more funds ?

  11. Well done with this piece. I did jokingly say give the armband to Alves and play Hodson and got a reaction thank you. This is not knee jerk reaction this is fact. No more time for the team to gel, whatever that means its a completely new, different stlye mananger thats needed. Dont ask me who because i dont know who would come, but at least Murty started to turn a rotten bunch around. Thanks for trying but goodbye Pedro. Donkey.

  12. This is all very interesting comment. I'm with scotswhahae, I'd like to know who this this wonderus magical Manager who would replace Pedro, and where the many millions are gonna come from to buy all these much better players that are being talked about. The words sky and pie come to mind. I don't particularly like some of what I've seen but what we really need to find, is a magic money tree as that's as realistic as all these expensive stars appearing.

  13. The famous Glasgow Rangers has run through ma veins for more than 50 years and even though i sit thousands of miles away in South Africa it still absolutely destroys me watching that lot do us time and time again,if i have missed half a dozen games since we went down its a lot and to be honest on the park we just havent got it right.This season the quality has improved but the physicality and desire not to lose( and go on and win ugly if be) is just not there.I agree with previous comments.. pick the best from other spl teams and look for quality midfield and centre back enforcers..dorrans and Alves not the long term solution.As long as players like wes,tav,hodson,windass and pena are in the team im afraid we will always battle to put teams away.I wish Ped would prove us all wrong but at the moment a just can't see it!.. RTID

  14. Oh, and while I'm on a rant and maybe months out of time, a message to Mr King.
    I was delighted to witness the takeover by king and the demise of fat Mike but king said that people who criticise the board are not true fans and the true fans are the ones that show up at games home. Well fuck you. There are times I can't get to the games because of work commitments and distances travelling but I and my family put a lot of money through Rangers via different channels. And where is King now reassuring the fans of a better future. I know there is not a lot of investment but a wiser choice of manager would be surfice from a clueless board.

    • Club 1872 are supposed to be independent from the club , blazer chasers who are controlled by King , who reckons real fans should show up every week and pay their own way , practice what you preach .

  15. Many on here shout sack the manager and bring in an experienced one!! Where will we get a decent manager who will put his name on the line to try and assemble a decent side out of the slow, unfit, always injured players we have. The quick option is to give Murtly a chance show he's up to the task. I know Alex Ferguson got of to a poor start at M.U. But he at least had a pedigree.

  16. Still plenty of time to get 2nd and like it or not, that's the realistic target. Celtic didn't build their squad in a season and neither will we.

    We'll definitely improve a lot I believe, Pedro has brought in a bunch of players on long contracts and it's crazy to talk about sacking him this early.

  17. Listen Ibrox Noise. What is the next 3 games going To prove to anyone? Win lose or draw them all. Pedro hasn't proved it over past 6 months so three more games doest change anything. We've not put a proper run or wins together in a long time! It's not going to change all of a sudden.

  18. Pedro is a terrible manager, and there’s zero doubt remaining that he needs to go. Eventually.

    But… Pedro is the symptom, not the proverbial disease. Just like Warbs before him. The board is the real problem here IMO.

    Why did the board hire Pedro to begin with? What did they EVER see in this guy that said ‘winner’? And their plan with him was to give him a bunch of money to rip up the squad that Warbs put together and rebuild from the ground floor (not that it wasn’t needed, but that’s another issue). So now that Pedro has been found to be an amateur at best, and a fraud at worst, what is the board going to do? Fire him, bring in another manager, give him a ton of money, and he’ll rip up everything Pedro tried to do to improve our club.

    There’s no underlying strategy here by the board, and we’re spinning our wheels. We need to focus on improving 4-5 players per season across both transfer windows. Preferably players who are younger than Alves or Kranjcar etc and will have some sell-on value. And our manager should have a pedigree of improving the players in the squad. Take a few £2-3m players and turn them into £8-10m players. Rinse and repeat.

    For my money, Murty is the best possible appointment we could make. And he has an added bonus in understanding the SPL and knowing what it takes to win in this league. It’s not a coincidence that he’s the only manager we’ve had that took points off Celtic last year…

    • Forget players with sell on value we are not Selltic we need cheap players that want to stay with us and fight for the club.

    • Murty could very well be a future manager but not now please. Once he is finished with the youngsters he should go and manage a couple of clubs, develop his experience and come back to the Gers further down the line.What we need now is a manager who has experience and a strong cv with other clubs a proven track record ie.Tommy Wright,Derek McInness.
      The next appointment needs to be a success, we can't afford another failure.

  19. I, as multi previous similar posts on this forum will confirm, am firmly in the "get Ped out camp" as it has consistently, week in week out become blatantly apparent to anyone who really CARES to look that he is miles out his depth and simply does not posses the knowledge or experience to manage any medium to large sized football team, let alone The Famous,

    Saturdays team selection, display & result once again demonstrates that the board have a Duty of Care obligation to get rid of Ped NOW!

    I appreciate it wont be a stroll in the park to source an experienced manager of any reasonably high calibre to replace him but we really dont have an option, Find and get next guy in, give him rest of this season to GET THE TEAM FIT, evaluate quality, and keep his cards close to his chest on camera and let results on the park do the talking for a change

    No man is bigger than Rangers but appears to me the current PC/liberal crap approach that has poisoned society these days has lead to too many cutting this nugget slack when he does not deserve it while the majority of the very same people are content to concede that the likely outcome will be Ped getting his P45 further down the road

    Thats a great strategy in our efforts to stop the manky mob getting 10 cause lets be honest, NONE OF US COULD BEAR THAT CONCLUSION,

    We are where we are, we must acknowledge that, get him out and move on as doing he haw is not an option, its too important in all our lives for that, may be sad but it is TRUE


  20. Well beaten and onther thing Rangers can no longer take gambles in the market. Barton, Kranjcar and Pena are and were big gambles .

    The fans are all hopin n prayin that Pena is gonna come good but unfortunately Rangers don't have the time and despite some noticeable ability the guy doesn't have pace. Kranjcar, miller should also be released at the appropriate time.

    In terms of squad value in £'s Rangers are fooked long term.

    Which requires more shareholder investment which never is the amount that fans want to see.

    We have to write-off the next few years and give youngsters a chance.

    As paying good money yet failing to compete with our fiercist rvals is not paying off.

    We have to concede that Celtic might better 9 in a row, we are fraction of the club we once were, we cant buy our colours yet nor are we yet gaining from club potental. We are a club fighting within ourselves as history dictates that we must win win win and as Rangers rebuild is the correct strategical path to follow?

    Ive accepted that Celtic are on another planet from us. They can fill 10k more fans than us, rejuvenated the area, they have a sound business model, scouting network and a sqaud packed with finacial potential such as Dembele,Grifiths,Rogic,Armstrong, Sinclair,Bitton,Jozo,Tierny, Ralston will all go for £10M plus.

    Thats our realism lads

    We can't touch them

  21. got a bit of flack couple of months ago for stating that Pedro will not last past Hallowean, OK I was wrong cause its going to be quicker than that. No I'm not a smart arse Iam a realist, someone has already said we are slow and unfit, so tht part is easy change the training regime. Also got even more critics for suggesting that Barjonas and the like would do better cause they play for the jersey, well I still stand by that. Our manager lacks everything that previous managers of our great team have had including the breadman….CLASS

  22. There is no ambiguity here – Caixhina must be sacked now! Hearts recognized their mistake with Cathro and acted. In what will be an expensive and humiliating climb down the Ibrox board must do the same and recognize their mistake. The decision to appoint Caixhina was as naive as Pedro's tactical nous. This is not a reaction to another defeat to Celtic – rather this is a calm collected conclusion based on everything Pedro's has done since his 'caravan' rolled up at Ibrox.
    1. Caixhina has presided now over the three most one sided old firm games ever, with Rangers performance in all three woeful
    2. Caixhina has no clue how to set up his team to make us hard to beat against Celtic despite Murphy having shown him how to do it.
    3. In general Caixhina is tactically naive and inept
    4. Caixhina has not managed 3 wins in a row in over 20 games
    5. Caixhina's win record at Rangers hovers around 50% – worryingly this is Pedro's career best – he thinks he's doing okay
    6. He has no talent for spotting a player – Cardosa, Candieas, Pena, Dalcio, Herrera.
    7. Pena will be his epitaph
    8. His pathetic attempts to play to the gallery to deflect from his own glaring inadequacies will no longer wash. He should have been right up the tunnel at half time working out with his players how to stop Scott Brown dominating the game rather than his undignified and pointless spat on the touch line.
    9. His man management skills are poor
    10. His media skills are non existent.
    11. He denounces Aberdeen as having peaked and being in decline, he riles every other manager in the league by saying that they all try harder against Rangers, he names his team 24 hours in advance, he places a fire sale sign on sale able assets – preferring the sound of his own voice to common sense
    12. His post match comments are incomprehensible – goodness knows what the players are to make of his team talks
    13. He has turned Rangers into a laughing stock in a very short time
    14. One rule for the Portuguese & Mexicans and another for the rest – Alves being allowed to go to Portugal for treatment on the eve of the old firm game, Pena's lack of fitness being tolerated etc
    15. The absence of anything in his locker as a manager to show that he has any ability at all to turn things around

    • You've summed it up very nicely Dexter. Pity the board can't bring themselves to say something inspiring. But the elephant in the room is the fact that we have a Director of Football. The point of having one is (apparently) that if we change manager then he can oversee a smooth transition. Is he seeing or hearing anything from the support? . When I started supporting the Gers I could rattle off what the team would be on the Saturday. So could all the supporters. That was because the manager knew his players and how to set them up. But now!!. Every week, we, the supporters, are going round in ever decreasing circles trying to predict what Pedro the gypsy is going to put on the park. It's turmoil and it shows in the results. It's time for the DOF to show his authority. Perhaps he's working away in the background lining up a replacement manager.(wishful thinking). We're Pedro's 5th team in 7 seasons(I think). He is a gypsy and I wish he would ride off out of Ibrox. I'm no fortune teller but I know he's a failure.
      Mon the Gers

    • I think number 12 is really important. He cannot get his message across properly in news conferences, how the hell is he doing it in training? It might explain why the players look as if they have no idea what they are supposed to be doing half the time

  23. Okay i have some issues. I have re watched the game (as knee jerk comments directly afterwards do nothing) Peña actually got in to some good positions and stopped Brown from getting space, Morelos being unable to stay onside was the problem (but he has scored goals so we wont complain about him). Then Miller replaced Peña and Brown found loads of space as Kenny ran round like a dog in the park!! Im not saying Peña had a great game but I do think he is being unfairly treated. Tavs had a decent game, no real danger came from his side during the game and he kept Sinclair quiet for the most part. Hodson…..well he is just shite and could be let go, he was only playing as 3 LB's were injured so not much we could do there. I am a Pedro backer and think he could well be the man to take us forward. I agree with your "next 3 games is important" though, failure to come away with at least 10 points could well be his death nail. Nothing happens over night, we as fans were spoiled during the 90's and early 2000's. Had what happened to us not happened then the story would no doubt be different but it did and we are still rebuilding. I looked back further than the last 2 seasons and felt that the worat thing to happen to us was winning the scsf against celtic as that forced them to change the coach, bringing in Rodgers who is above any coach currently in the spfl and took them to another level. I din't think DM is the man to replace Ped either as he couldnt get near to celtic in all the time we were away!! What makes you think he would with Rangers!??? Do I know what the solution is….NO but if we begin to be aclub that sacks when the going is tough we will go through 3 managers a season.

  24. we keep what we have manager and his back room team it is trying to make the players better so we can win games more often than not,do you think if we had a new manager things would be better wrong we bought the players we have now why for it is all we can offered they are just average at best and no manager going make them much better you need 30/50 million to catch Selltic not new managers better players we need but they cost plenty more than we have just now do not run before we can walk we have come a long way in a short time now let us catch the rest first and beat them game after game we will get back to where we once where but it is going take time Pedro can only work with the players he has and he is getting it better slow but sure give him time.

  25. Been saying it since day one, Ped is clueless and should never have been appointed, we have McCleish and Ferguson just chomping at the bit and would do a far better job, give these guys a chance as we have fuck all to lose now

  26. The board should let Pedro find his best team and then get the rest of the dead wood out the door and do not buy in 6 or 7 bring in 1 or 2 more let Pedro do it we can not keep sacking managers and there back room staff this costs alot of money Pedro must run his contract out then lets see where we are second first then top spot.

    • Manyana! Manyana!, A responsible and progressive attitude to adopt??

      The unavoidable and undisputable proof of this guys managerial, tactical, man management inadequacies are embarrassingly put on display for all to see on a weekly basis and its getting to the stage where the " Give him more time" camp are coming across as slightly disingenuous as 99% appear to acknowledge and concede that he will most likely ultimately get the bullet for those very same failings, which with the greatest respect is hardly a vote of confidence going forward or a fair way to treat the man himself

      The boys mince, doesn't have a scooby and the disastrous/regrettable records, thus far, show that to be a stone cold fact, nothing personal, but appears the stay camp are prepared to sit back and witness his inevitable suicide in installments over the next few weeks or months.


      If it was your son or brother in his current untenable position you would drag him out of Ibrox by the hair for his own welfare- Wouldn't You?


  27. I haven't re-watched it yet, but am planning to as I thought Pena was doing well linking up mid and top. The thing was he was flooded out of there as Dorrans was so, so deep. Like he was against Partick. I'd never really rated Dorrans before we went all ballistic over how amazing a signing he was, but at least I thought he was an attacking midfielder, not a defensive one like Jack, who was trying do it all. I know I'm not allowed to criticise Miller, but come on- when he came on all threat we had was extinguished completely.

    Hodson is awful at LB, just awful. And I've questioned before the team stamina – we seem to run out of steam every single game.

    I've been impressed with Tav this season, but he still gets caught out far too far upfield.

    I think we're improving from last season, but there are glaring problems at full-back and left-wing. Windass is a number 10, if anything.

    Where has Rossiter gone again? He would have been much better than Dorrans in there.

    I have always been proud of Rangers' refusal to change managers every couple of years and our record of loyalty. I don't think there is any chance of Pedro getting the boot any time soon.

    What I worry about is his patter- it's rubbish. He talks in riddles all the time, so how players are supposed to understand it is beyond me.
    His relationship with other managers and the media is not great and not looking to improve any time soon with his spouting.

    God forbid I cannot stand Tom English, but in his article yesterday pointing out Pedro's focus being on the wrong thing (the "elbow" and not the penalty or Thumbheid's nonsense) he actually wrote something I agreed with for the first time in… ever.

    Cellik are better than us at the moment. They are better than all the teams in Scotland at the moment. We have to measure ourselves against others just now, not them.

    My biggest disappointment on Saturday was the lack of fight. Apart from Morelos, Jack and maybe McRorie, we didn't bite them much. For a fan raised on Brown, Gough, Butcher, Ferguson (Ian and Barry), Gattuso, Ricksen, McCulloch…. that's where we miss for me. Jack is getting there and I think Rossiter has it in him too.

    Roll on Friday, though.

    • Agreed. Dorrans has been a major disappointment. Prefer Rossiter, but he is injured. Again. Not Ped's fault, either.
      Lack of fight is scary. We need a fighter in CM to go w Jack. Promote a kid, if we have one. Hodson may or may not be a decent RB, but not at LB again, please.

  28. Welcome to the Rangers hate page smh. Get a grip of yourselves and back the team win lose or draw, we were never going to beat Celtic on Saturday & we are bound to lose and draw more games so get used to it. We are still 2 or 3 years away from the finished article so ffs commit to a process instead of calling for heads as soon as things don't go our way.

  29. Big Sam would get us organised and make us competitive, he might fancy it and we should ask him. Well said John Graham! If we can't get big Sam I think we should stick with what we have, because Wright is a counter attacking manager and I don't think McInnes is good enough.

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