The end?


As we hinted at (but could not say who), Kenny Miller was banished to the youths over the past 24 hours following some kind of ‘uprising’ against manager Pedro Caixinha.

Quite simply this ‘reign’ is at an end. This is the fourth player now in three months (following Barrie McKay, Michael O’Halloran, and Harry Forrester) to be axed in this way, and frankly whoever is right and whoever is wrong in this shambles, Rangers fans deserve far better than the circus in front of them.

As Ibrox Noise has said from the start, Pedro was the wrong manager, but it falls on half the board who appointed him and not the man himself.

As my colleague Greg Roots pointed out – Caixinha’s win rate at Ibrox is about the same as he has had everywhere else and as such we are not getting any worse or better than he has ever done before.

But it beggars belief as to what drove certain board members to want this guy, because Rangers have fallen into absolute disarray over the past six months, with an escalation in the last three, and it all centres around the manager.

Is it right that some players have spoken out? It reeks of the Barry Ferguson and Paul Le Guen saga. We at the site have compared Pedro to PLG a few times, and events are chillingly echoing what happened over a decade ago.

We travel to Hamilton tonight, and a win would be nice, but the sooner we have a real manager the better – equally, as Richard said, the board who selected Caixinha have made a grave error and are accountable – he says they should resign, and it is hard to disagree with that.

We absolutely do not pin the blame on Pedro alone – the wrong appointment, and if one more Bear says ‘get behind the manager’ we have to wonder why?

The real question is how certain board members made a call that was in no sense in the interests of the football club they deign to run.

Pedro is not a bad man but he is the wrong man, and Rangers have wasted another six months thanks to appointing him.

What next?


  1. i think its the beginning of the end for pedro, all this crap talk about caravans, vegas and the scots players disrespecting him is his way of covering up what a shambles our team is, look at his record since he came its deplorable, look at his signings, pena? rubbish, dalcio? rubbish, herrera? slower than me, cardosa? no better than average, we need to get rid quickly and the next appointment must be the right one, we cant afford to keep wasting what money we have on trial managers with no track record to speak of.

  2. I have been sticking up for Pedro hoping that he could turn us around. I do believe he has improved us but dropping Miller is the final straw. Its got Barry/Le Guen written all over it. We obviously dont know whats happened behind closed doors but what we do know is that Kenny Miller is a model professional and any decision taken by him to undermine the manager must be for the betterment of Rangers FC. As i said i hoped Pedro would turn it round but this seems like the end. I heard through the grapevine that Stewart Robertson stated that when interviewing Warburton for the job Pedro really really impressed in his interview hence why they went for him when Warbs left. Could be a lot shi*e but that is what i heard. Whatever the outcome of this shamble we need to take our time and choose the next guy carefully. I think Ibrox Noise mentioned Karanka. He could be a brilliant choice but i think we need to go British this time round. Pardew or De Boer for me

  3. Thought it couldn't get any worse after warbs, but i was wrong. We need a British manager with a good track record, no excuses, not done on the cheap we have wasted enough time with these last two comedians. Pay for a good manager and thats what we'll get. Now ! WATP

  4. I got a cheeky reply when I gave my opinion on pedro the other day on this site. I notice not many give you cheeky replys. ..

    It was a mistake from day one as most of us know. Board has let us down big time imo this is on Robertson's head as he was the main guy responsible for the appointment in the 1st place. Huge mistake, massive gambe he didn't have to take. Better managers available at the time with a better pedigree.

    All that's happened now is our club getting dragged through the mud once again. Sick to back teeth of being the laughing stock of Scottish football. .

    4 players banished all be it not exactly star players except Kenny once was. Moh could have been if managed correctly in my opinion. All signs are the guy is lost and needs to go. We need to try convince Mcinness imo if not Tommy Wright would be my second choice. Again just my opinion.

    I will take a 3-0 defeat tonight against Hamilton if it means pedro is off in the morning. Don't like seeing us getting beat in any match but could sick it up for the greater good. #GETTOFEKPEDRO

    • can see where u are coming from, and agree that Pedro is a joke and his Mexican signings are a total waste of precious capital, but rather not get beat by anyone, have had enough defeats already this season. As it turns out we won 4 – 1 and unfortunately it was evident that he only showed pleasure when a fellow Portugese scored, no other celebrations for other scorers…think he has caused a massive rift in the dressing room and this together with his signings and his apparent lack of team fitness and results shows he has overstayed his welcome. No doubt the board will think everything is hunky dory after beating Hamilton. He needs to go right now. Get a British manager and use Kenny as an assistant he is a model pro.

  5. A lot of stories true or untrue floating about it has to stop, time for someone from the board to come out and speak to the fans tell them what the hell is going on.

  6. The board should pay and get rid of the men responsible for appointing Pedro as they don't know football and the hats clear. Both warb and Pedro were unnecessary even wreckless gambles! We need stability and sense. Bring football men with wisdom.

  7. It's time for someone from the board to come out and tell the fans what's happening with all those stories floating about true or untrue, it's not doing the name of Rangers Football Club any good at all.

    • I agree and that man is Dave King. Is he not the leader ? It's time he showed leadership and let us know what his plans are to sort this mess out.i think Pedro is out of his depth.His playing career was average and he got into management at a very young age of 28. His career win average is around 44% so not great. Time for Dave King to act.

  8. This is a vicious circle of chain of events before and after Warburtons time.

    Rangers did not have the strategical nous to build a side and nor did we have the money.

    Warburton's time was crucial in my eyes and Pedro has faced the force of that legacy.

    I tbink Ped was wrong at bringing in as many foreign boys as he did as i think Rangers are favoured with a truely British contingent like the warburton era, albeit under Ped go for better qaulity.

    I have to stress also that my obssrvation is that can Rangers financially afford and attract players to the renewing of the clubs footballing phyilosify? Our club football operatations cant be that big and i cant see us fullfilling the DOF role if financies and investment remain as current as they are.

    Player overhaul is needed again and i fear this is just a plaster on a long term wound.

    The club needs massive surgery and direction and unfortinatly wbile managers come and go the fans will always remain.

    If Pedro leaves who takes the reigns?

    Ill take Carlo Ancelloti the man likes a challenge why not? Rangers should be a club at war, lets be brave and test the water with some of the games best available coaches

    • Ancelotti earned £12m last season we are a club surviving on loans from directors. Pedro was the last throw of the dice financially, we will have to use season ticket money to simply stay alive from now on. It's the delusion like Ancelotti that is killing us just now and will in the future.

  9. FFS again every single day it's something. For me Kenny is wrong going to the press it's just not the Rangers way.
    I understand he's frustrated and thinks Pedro's a bawbag but it's not the way.

    Frank Dr Boer has pulled on the top he knows what's required.
    Kings got plenty hidden in offshore accounts, Dave time to dig again U and the board got thus wrong now get it sorted quick!!!

    • Normally when Rangers men go to the press its because they know there is no other way forward and they are very concerned about the club. He's got my support.

    • Rangers man?? Would a TRUE Rangers man have signed for the kiddie fiddlers?? I think not!
      Enough is enough, get Pedro out NOW, and Miller. This shambles is beyond embarrassing, never Rangers class and the Board members should hang their heads in shame

  10. Well said Ed, the end – sums it all up.

    Barry Ferguson couldn't stand what Le Guen was doing wrong with Rangers and now Kenny Miller can't take anymore sh*te decisions without opening up and telling him – is this ?history repeating itself?

    My short term suggestion is: Graeme Murty and Kenny Miller to steady the ship until a real good British style manager becomes available for the very difficult job of guiding them back to where they should be.

    Unfortunately, it will probably take another 3 or 4 years to properly compete with Celtic.

    Overtaking Aberdeen in the league should be quicker as they are very average with a much lower wage regime.

    I want Pedro out now – no matter what the result is tonight.

  11. ped go las vegas and fu**in stay in las vegas! supported gers for 40 years and never felt this bad. results is one thing, but becoming alaughig stock @ celtics expense is the ultimate 4 me. we the fans must demand the board ask walter to bring back the principals that struth laid down. If walter were to refuse we should demand souness mc liesh & mc Call be cosidered.Act now or 10 is invitable and will live n ther shadow for ye can't run a ciub commitedly from the other side of the world?

  12. All potential replacements for Pedro,even at 66/1,have left Europe in their caravans for Vegas.
    The dogs are quiet as they have blue noses.
    Seriously though, fn hell not again!

  13. THe worrying things who would be the right man ?

    I seriously think it needs to be a rangers s man. I don't think a British manager is enough. Look at the Bread man. We need to get this spot on when Pedro goes. I just don't know who wouldn't be right?

    My guess is Tommy the saints manager. I'm not sure if he's a rangers man though ?

    • I’m no fan of Tommy Wright, but I will say this: Celtic have been held to a draw on 5 ocassions the past season and this one. Celtic have also only conceeded 2+ goals on 4 ocassions over that timeframe. And only 1 manager has been able to do both – Tommy Wright.

      He wouldn’t be my first choice, but he would be at or near the top of my list if my first choice isn’t given the job.

  14. Enough is enough. It’s clear he lost the dressing room a long time ago, and the board isn’t going to let him replace Kenny Miller and all the other Scottish players in Jan. There’s no bridging this divide. Time to move on, and the sooner the better. Today, before the match, is the time to do it. No sense in letting this farce play out more than a minute longer than necessary as we all know how it ends. We need the points tonight, and a divided squad won’t deliver. It really is that simple.

  15. Miller like Ferguson before him has been around Ibrox long enough to know what is required of a player when they pull on the blue shirt, and I'm sure he could simply talk eno more of Pedro's nonsensical team talks and inept tactics, let alone the bang average dross that he has brought in – Pena, Dalcio, Herrera etc.
    The Board really do need to take full responsibility for this appointment, and heads should roll. Rangers needed an experienced manager to build the club back up from bottom to top. Pedro had never been around a club long enough to build anything – 2 years being his longest tenure. Rangers needed consistency – Pedro's 50% win record since taking over at Rangers is his personal best. Rangers needed a proven winner to instil the zRangers mentality into the squad – Pedro had no track record of success except for one title ion Mexico. His appointment still beggars belief! Within weeks anyone could see that he was a flake, a charlatan, a snake oil salesman – completely out of his depth. Everything he has done on and off the field since then has turned us into a laughing stock. I wouldn't even leave him in charge for Hamilton tonight. I'd put Kenny Miller in the dug out and tell Pedro to take his caravan to Vegas!
    The Board must bring in the likes of Smith and Souness to advise on the next appointment. If Walter can't be tempted to take back the reigns short term for one last time – then I'd go for Michael O'Neill – working wonders with Northern Ireland with a very limited group of players.

    • and where exactly is the money going to come from for these high level appointments? This is the problem, this desperate need to get straight to the top instead of realising that the club has to rebuild from scratch and overspending just is not the answer.

  16. This witch hunt for Pedro is pathetic and Kenny is a turncoat so don't forget that either, it's all speculation so lets get behind the team tonight and players need to show a positive reaction and us fans. WATP

    • Personally I think Kenny has made right that bad decision in his career. Alot of us support pedro but this appears to be the end, dropping ur vice captain means something is truly not right.

    • I'm going to absolutely forget your pathetic 'Turncoat' label – Miller has got more understanding than anyone else at Auchenhowie on what Rangers are about and what is required to be a player, be a team and put in a performance at Ibrox. If he is 'doing a Ferguson' then it's because he is a true blue. I've been forecasting Christmas as the decision date for Ped's future, but events this week will mean that the Board will be talking about his removal already. A win at Hamilton and a few decent results after that ,might buy Ped enough time to stay in position up to the next Parkhead game, but if Miller, Dorrans and the other home players are being made scapegoats, I don't think he will, or should, remain manager. Bringing this circus to an end has got to be the priority now.

    • I agree on all points Filled Field. The time to act is now.

      If Pedro is in charge of the game tonight, watch how many 50/50 balls we lose. The players will try hard enough when they have the ball, but they’re not going to push themselves chasing the ball in my opinion. Something to look for tonight…

    • Turncoat…really. We are behind the team tonight, as we always are but when a Rangers man goes against a manager we should surely give him the benefit of the doubt. He obviously feels PC is not taking the club forward and is trying to make that know ….on our behalf!

      It appears the manager has picked on two players ( Miller & Dorrans ) that we all know are like us Blue Noses does that not tell you something??????

  17. As I have written on numerous occasions, Pedro is not the right man but the board are the bigger problem. Unless they can be ousted then the next manager, whoever he is, will do roughly the same. It's about strategy and resources – our board has neither.

    • Exactly, the strategy seems to be to spend spend spend money that they don't have instead of growing slower. Surely the fans would understand that as long as there is a move forwards.

  18. Looks like he’s picking on the only players that know the club and Scottish football. I’ve always backed ped but time for him to go

  19. I'm sorry but the press and tv along with a minority of fans and of course former celtic players now pundits keep trying to stir up all the dirt and frenzy they can about rangers management, players all situations everything -these people are paranoid and terrified by anything good rangers manage to succeed in- in short maybe its the threat of nuclear war or their own pathetic little lives but you know pedros ok so are the players we are on track and stay quiet lets show the scum their worst fears are going to happen we are sevco lets down the opposition in style.

  20. forgot to add it will take years but worthwhile in the long run and all the sweeter in the present circumstances and by the way "The tattie famine is over the scum could buy and sell us 50 times over"So we are the poor people .the end is past we are sevco live with it.

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