Some questions that need answers

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Would you retain 19-year-old centre half Ross McCrorie in the first team squad?

Under pressure Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha’s claim that 19-year-old Ross McCrorie will become a special central defender. Pedro’s quote was, “McCrorie’s going to be one of the best centre-halves in history, not just for this club but for this country”. He has just been named in Scot Gemmill’s Scotland Under 21’s team for the double-header against England and Latvia. Now, he’ll represent the Young Scots in their UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualifiers next month.

I am all for playing young Ross in a regular back 3 consisting of Cardoso, Alves (when fit again) and McCrorie. He is a two-footed centre half who reads the game well and is a good tackler. Very decent in the air and is a respectable passer of the ball. Rangers have the opportunity to use this home produced talent who is fit, fast and the future of the ‘Gers as they don’t have enough money to buy the best quality required to guarantee winning the league.
Why do Rangers lose so many goals, even to poor sides?

Foderingham is pathetic in the air and too many shots go into our net without being stopped by him. Alves and Cardoso are both Portuguese and are poor in the air against bustling forwards and the opposing defenders at corners and free kicks. They also give away too many dangerous cheap fouls away around the Rangers penalty area. Then we have the wandering right back Tavernier to blame for loads of goals being scored against us. Wallace has been out of form for a long time now and it is time to change the way Rangers play. Pedro has to use the squad much better than he has been doing. We need a manager who knows what he is doing.
Should Tavernier be the right back in Pedro’s first 11?  

Dreadful tackler and very poor in the air. He is very often caught up the park and out of his proper defensive position, so Tavernier should never be played at right back. As far as I am concerned, he is either played at wing back or out of the side. Another reason why Rangers lose too many goals. He will eventually cost Pedro his job if he can’t see what I can.

Could Candeias do a job at left wing back for Rangers?  

I am advocating trying to see if Candeias could be used as a left-sided wing back, instead of playing attacking central midfielder Windass out of position on the left wing. With
Tavernier operating up and down the right wing, it could give us a better balance to the team.

Would Rangers be better playing an attacking 3 – 4 – 2 – 1 team?  

                                               Foderingham or Alnwick
                                       Cardoso         Alves            McCrorie
       Tavernier              Jack                   Rossiter (when fit)           Candeias
                                             Dorrans              Windass

If young Rossiter can keep himself fit, I would play him and Jack in all the away games together as a defensive unit, so that Dorrans (who has been mostly disappointing so far) can play as an attacking midfield player.

Is this Rangers team fit enough?  

Former Rangers manager Alex McLeish was considered for the Rangers managerial job before finally being overlooked for the struggling untried Portuguese born Caixinha.

He agrees with me that the Gers are not nearly fit enough to beat Celtic. This is the third time that the Gers went down to the Hoops in the last six months and it also highlights the hard work to be done if they are to re-establish themselves as genuine league contenders.

When the second goal went in, you could see clearly that Rangers didn’t have the legs or the stamina of Celtic. It happens against some of the lesser teams as well – diabolical!
Why is the support so divided over the board and the manager?

There is no doubt in my mind that Pedro Caixinha is a complete failure as the Rangers
manager. He talks like an amateur and his players are not fit enough to play in the SPFL. Half the board wanted him and the other half didn’t, so we only have to sack half of them.
Is Ibrox Noise too pessimistic at times?

When we eventually get a great manager in place at Ibrox, we will start being more optimistic. With Pedro, he doesn’t seem to learn from the mistakes he keeps making at Rangers – picking the wrong team with some dodgy tactics for a start.

Hopefully you will eventually learn to appreciate our honest and passionate views – exactly what you get from our team on Ibrox Noise. We support and love Rangers, and that is why we struggle with where things are right now. Many likeminded fans are exactly the same as us. Most fans don’t think his tactics are good enough for Rangers. When you cannot beat enough teams at Ibrox, you are getting something badly wrong.


  1. Does anyone notice tht the players dont look interested or sound happy. I cant put my finger on it but especially dorrans just looks uninterested when hes interviewd. Not all the players just some. I really hope they buck up and play for pedro and start getting tore in more.

  2. Good article. In answer to your questions.

    Would you retain 19-year-old centre half Ross McCrorie in the first team squad?
    I always believe, if your good enough, you should play. The wee fella was very much thrown into the deep end and did well, but with all young lads, they lack consistency. I would give him his chance, and can only hope he keeps producing.

    Why do Rangers lose so many goals, even to poor sides?
    Because our defence is absolutely gash. Cardoso is never a centre half. We need 2 strong big feck off, no nonsense men of steel in the middle who can header out for fun. We have never had that since Amoruso, even big Marvin Andrews. I've been saying for years our defence is shocking and the opposition are lapping it up. They know how to score against us.

    Should Tavernier be the right back in Pedro’s first 11?
    Tavenier just shouldn't be there full stop. He is very lazy and inconsistent and has caused over 50% of goals against us. His positional sense is disgraceful.

    Could Candeias do a job at left wing back for Rangers?
    A player, as well as others, that never turned up against the beggars. It's all well and good beating the bottom six teams, but I'm sorry, its not good enough for Rangers.

    Would Rangers be better playing an attacking 3 – 4 – 2 – 1 team?
    Our problem is the defence as well as attacking. At least we can gain points if the opposition doesn't score. We do not have the required players to defend our goal.

    Is this Rangers team fit enough?
    I remember our first game of the season against Motherwell. At 65 minutes, I saw Windass Bending over clutching his knees and breath very heavily. I said then, no way is he knackered already. But he was, most of the players were struggling. Since then, I have watch our players at the latter half of games and their legs are very heavy about 20 minutes before the game ends. Yes, I agree with big Eck, I don't think our players are fit enough.

    Why is the support so divided over the board and the manager?
    I think it's because one half of our support continues to be conned with the romance that we are better than we are and things will work out in the end with Pedro after giving him a bit of time. The other half are not being conned and can see clearly we are struggling in the league and it will not get better with the current players or management regime. After every defeat or draw, its the same old interviews saying things like "We should be doing better" or "We'll learn from our mistakes" or "We lost possession of the ball in key areas". Every single time! Just simply not good enough. No leadership, no fight, no bottle, no urgency, no respect for our supporters!

    Is Ibrox Noise too pessimistic at times?
    I've had my differences of opinion many times with Ibrox Noise, but in this case they have been spot on. We all want our team to be at the top and at least put a fight up with the beggars. Ibrox Noise is being realistic about our team, board and management to which I totally agree with. We are struggling and something has to be done about it before the beggars stretch another 30 points ahead before xmas! We are playing like a bottom six team.

    • Agreed, Jimbo. Right on all accounts.

      We won’t be 30 points by the break, but unless something changes, the gap will grow. We’re playing like a bottom 6 team, and we’ll be bottom 6 IMO unless something changes.

      Before the break, we still have to play Aberdeen (2x), St Johnstone (2x), Hibs away, and Celtic away. We also play Aberdeen, again, the first game after the break. If we lose half or more of those games, we’ll be battling to be in the top half of the table in March when the table splits.

  3. The only manager I can imagine the club affording and being able to achieve something with Pedro's assembled squad ( and that will undoubtedly be the situation) is Alex McLeish. He's been over the course and even got the job the first time under similar conditions. Of course the calibre of player he inherited back then is a thousand times better than what he would hypothetically take charge of now.

    If indeed Pedro is on his way out
    (and I genuinely hope he turns it around and proves everyone to be wrong) then the time for experimentation is over. Warburton and Caixinha prove that it requires esoteric knowledge to be a successful manager at rangers. McLeish has that and quite a few other plusses.

    • I think Murty would be a better manager at this point in time than McLeish. He understands the club, the Scottish League, and probably has a pretty good handle on the squad as well. He’s also shown his tactical nous in getting a result at Celtic Park last year in his first attempt, something both Warbs and Pedro haven’t come close to at any venue after multiple attempts each.

      He’s not the sexy pick, but if we’re going for results he’s the best option IMO. Bonus is he’s already under contract and available Immediately.

    • I honestly could not care what the score was.
      (1) Leicester has a budget approximately 5x-10x what we have. That they have a better talent in their youth program should not be a surprise as all the EPL teams are recruiting and buying youth players for, in some cases, more than what we’re paying for senior squad players!
      (2) Murty, in my mind proved last year he was up to the task. A bad result with the kids doesn’t change his performance with the senior team.
      (3) as head of youth development, his job is primarily to get the kids ready for the Sr team, not on winning games (although winning is never frowned upon). He’s done that job exceedingly well, and this year he’s taking a big risk by playing these games against other continental sides. Just because the results aren’t there at the first time of asking doesn’t mean he isn’t doing a good job, especially in light of point number 1.

  4. Richard there is only one question that needs answering, and the Board need to answer it very soon – WHY IS CAIXHINA STILL THE RANGERS MANAGER? The second question is why was he ever appointed.
    Everything this man does embarrasses and diminishes our great club and its place in European football.
    The news coming out of Ibrox regarding his rant at homegrown players should be the final straw. I've said on this site for weeks that Caixhina shows clear favouritism to his Portuguese and Mexican imports. If Pena was Scottish he would be training on his own or with the kids by now for his lack of fitness.
    Pedro continually blames others for his own shortcomings. The pathetic attempt to deflect from his inept tactics by picking a pointless fight with Brown – and now complaining that other players didn't stick up for Morelos. Perhaps he hoped for a melee with one or two Rangers players sent off – that way he could blame the defeat on reduced numbers and rant about referees – rather than address another woeful old firm showing under his stewardship.
    Caixhina must go – and he must go now!

  5. I agree with most of your article Richard except I might consider swapping Tav and Dorrans around just to keep Tav further away from the full back mindset. Tav is talented with an eye for goal. I wouldn't persevere too long with Windass and if he couldn't instantly show that he can perform for much more than 30 minutes then he should be dropped. (For Barjonas perhaps). Having said that, is Windass in particular suffering from the Pedro training regime? But here we are again, trying to pick the team, because we have no faith in the manager. We no longer expect victories, there seems to be no plan for winning (bearing in mind that the game lasts for 90 mins). We just HOPE for a win. We HOPE Pedro will be a success. It doesn't matter how much we all hope. The players need confidence in the manager and feel confidence in themselves from the fans. This latest Pedro outburst is ridiculous. Sorry I'm ranting now.
    Mon the Gers

  6. Agree with most of what you say , think we can forget about Rossiter though . Think a better manager would be getting more out of Wilson , as he was a class act before he left for Liverpool and again when he returned to Hearts . Like to see him being tried at left back or defensive midfield to stiffen the back line . . Just read that James McArthur , Oliver McBurnie and Johnny Russell are available on frees at the end of the season , think they'd do a great turn for us !

  7. This site dors offer very immature and offer very simplistic solutions to complicated problems.

    As I have banged on for over a year now, our number one problem is the board. They don't have the funds or strategy required to bring the club back to where it should be. Not only do we need proper money, but it needs to be spent wisely as part of a long term plan. This board has enough money to maintain the club at its current level, but makes far too many costly mistakes and has absolutley no clue how to run the club.

    Not one rangers fan wanted Pedro. That's a fact. Not one football expert thought Pedro was the right man. But somehow the board decided it knew better. Even after the shambles of a start Pedro made, followed by the worst result in clubs history against a village team, the board didn't rethink. Instead they doubled down on the bet and gave Pedro money the club didn't actually have. That's fine if he was the right man and there would be a likely return on the investment. But what's happened here is the worst possible outcome. We can't afford for Pedro to fail, even though it seems increasingly unlikely he will succeed.

    Is this all pedros fault. Yes and no. He has made numerous tactical errors, demonstrated questionable judgement on recruitment and appears to lack the respect of several senior players – in particular the group of Scottish players. It may be that they are already looking beyond him. However in Pedros defence he did have to try and rebuild the team on the cheap. We did spend money we didn't have, but spread out thinly, instead of concentrated on a few players of real quality.
    Whilst some might say that was pedros choice, in reality he had little option. Many of Warburton signings simply were not of the required standard. We had a poor squad not just a poor team. Beyond this the club had no scouting department, which was an issue that should have been addressed as a priority. Good scouts find good players and help reduce the risks of recruitment. That is the fault of the board and again shows their poor judgment – they essentially let Pedro buy blind, at the very time when good recruitment was essential. It should also be remembered that the club publicly stated they would appoint a DOF before a manager to help with this very issue, the board has never explained why they abandoned this strategy. Yes we have one now, but too late to help with the vital recruitment.

    What the club needs is new leadership. That can only happen if King and co are forced aside and stop blocking outside investment. The board has coned many fans into believing that there is NOBODY else, that is a lie. Remember that several parties were interested when the club was in a far worse position – potentially owing 25m+ and in third division. Now club is back in the top flight it is entirley realistic that a major open share issue could raise the cash we desperately need.

    Is Pedro the man, probably not. But the real faults lie above him
    and without addressing them we are doomed to repeat. We need better leadership, better strategy and proper money before even thinking of managerial change. Do you really think this board would get it right?

    • Preach it E-Chef! 100% agree.

      What passes for long term thinking is how we should line up next Saturday. It’s ridiculous. No planning, and no strategy, and 100% agree. You would make a better Chariman than King. Just sayin…

      Lastly, regarding the funds needed, yes we need significant investment into the club. But we have to be real here – UEFA will limit the amount of external investment that can be made into the playing squad through FFP regulations. A year or two outside of Europe may actually help us more long term if we can make those investments in scouting, write-downs of bad contracts, etc. Clear the decks, so to speak, and set the foundation for permanant and continued success.

      My biggest fear isn’t losing to Celtic, or even losing out on Europa League again. It’s that the Board fires Pedro and simply ‘solves’ the problem by hiring another manager and throwing more money at rebuilding the squad. 1/2 of the squad need to be replaced, again, and without an overarching strategy we run a very high risk that the new manager will just squander the funds just as Pedro and Warburton have done.

    • Board stopping outside investment? What are you talking about. The board sought to change rules to allow this but were prevented from doing so by Ashley's mob, oh and Super Ally not voting. Next AGM will hopefully sort this.

    • Alan, that isn't true I'm afraid. The board have prevented listing of shares on any open exchange, this means that shares can only be traded privately by existing shareholders.

      In a sense you are right that the board have used this strategy to prevent Ashley from increasing his shareholding.

      However this also stops any outside investor from being able to buy shares. They can only buy shares from existing shareholders who are willing to sell.

      Nobody is going to invest in a company where they can't buy a controlling interest or have any say in the way the company is run. Remember that the authorities have criticised the board for acting improperly over this very issue.

      Beyond all This, the boards actions have left a lot of small holding individuals who bought shares in the last shareholding, with shares that are essentially worthless. Note that King did not make the offer to buy these that LEGALLY he had to. Essentially he has screwed these People, who are mainly fans of the club.

  8. when you make a mistake its made even worse when you are not man enough to admit your mistake and do something about it, pedro never was and never will be rangers managerial class and the board deep down know this but wont admit there mistake, we lack leadership right from the top down, with all the dodgy buisness men who have tarnished the name of rangers it makes it even harder to get good investors, you would think these rich men who buy european clubs to get champions league exposure would realise a cheaper alternative would be to buy rangers and invest about 20-30m, you only have to better one team to qualify! going back to pedro, the man who appointed him should now sack him and hand his own resignation in at the same time!

  9. Look what today's headlines are doing to us? Exactly what they want doubt and mistrust word after word. I'm firmly behind Caixinha and his men regrardless!!!!!

  10. Look we beat we dust our self down and get ready for next game any player that is not with manager then manager can make him sit it out and go with players that are with him Pedro needs time like any manager think of it if we win a cup and second that would be the way forward let pedro do his job.

  11. McCrorie is only a year younger than Kieran Tierney, who has 90 senior appearances – you're talking as if he's too young to play, when he's already miles behind other people his age (in terms of appearances and game time).

    He'll turn 20 this season, so if he doesn't play now then next season he's 21 and if he hasn't broken into a mediocre defence by then, I doubt he will. On the other hand, he's only got a contract until the end of next season – if he's genuinely good then he'll leave for free if he hasn't had game time, or Celtic will take him for a nominal fee.

  12. When we can't afford genuine quality we have to look at players who will be committed, athletic and a have good understanding of what Scottish football is all about. We bring a foreign manager who can't adapt who proceeds to load us up with several foreign imports. For the money spent on Pena & Herrera (circa £4m), we could've had Kenny McLean, Jamie Walker & Louis Moult. Pedro's remit in coming in at the last quarter of last season was to assess the squad & develop an understanding of what was required to challenge 'Tic's dominance. He's failed on all fronts. Pena, Cardoso & Herrera have made no difference & very little contribution. Add them to the remaining mix of Warb flops – Tavernier, Windass, Hodson and it doesn't take a genius to see that we would again struggle to make any inroads on a League challenge. Derek McInnes was the obvious choice as manager – his Dons side totally dominated 'Tic in last seasons' cup final until running out of steam in tbe 2nd half. The board members who appointed Ped should fall on their swords – they're ultimately responsible for the continuing debacle that surrounds our great Club!

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